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Chapter 702: Different Perspectives

Chapter 702: Different Perspectives

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General Lan was doing a good job guarding the south; the grassland folks were wiped out in the north…

The four sides of Kingdom of Chen, only one side was in danger.

Kingdom of Lan-Feng was the only hope.

If they couldn’t take down Iron Peak before Ye Nantian came and go directly to the Chen-Xing City, they would fail after all that had been done.

Their entire kingdom spent so much to prepare for this war, however, if they lost the battle eventually, they would bear the shame forever, as they were the ones who wanted this so badly!

However, this was not Wenren Jianyin’s biggest concern. He would love to sacrifice himself for the war after all.

The biggest problem to him was that the Grassland Folks were all wiped out. The coming decades, the Kingdom of Chen would totally be free from the stress of the north. In other words, Ye Nantian’s Northern Army could go to other sides from now on. The Kingdom of Chen had an invincible army and lots of money for military acts. It would be easy for them to conquer the entire world!

If he didn’t seize the opportunity and destroyed the Kingdom of Chen this time, it wouldn’t take long for the Kingdom of Chen to destroy Kingdom of Lan-Feng!

He had to do this for him, for his country, and for his people. That was why he had to be crazy about this!

If he could break Iron Peak, he would win a bright future for his kingdom!

The cruel fight was started by his order.

In fact, he wanted to arrange all his man to attack the Iron Peak and take it down once and for all. However, he had to do this wave shape formation… taking turns to attack… Iron Peak was not a small tower. There were three sides he could attack, however, Two hundred thousand men standing there would fill the space up!

If he sent more people to crowd up at once, his men would crowd together and became easy targets to the archers…

Ye Xiao was watching the enemies attacking one wave after another. He was shocked.

He, however, wasn’t surprised by the horrible attack. In fact…

Soul power gathered in the air and Boundless Space absorbed it all. The energy was like rivers running to the ocean, running into Brother Egg. The patterns on its eggshell was getting clearer and clearer. Mountains, rivers, stars, animals… images showed up on the shell…

There were some starlights on the shell too.

All these things proved that Brother Egg was growing!

Actually, Brother Egg was quite close to hatching.

It was obvious. It only needed more gatherings.

However, Ye Xiao didn’t feel happy about it at all!

It took men’s lives to feed it!

Lives of good men!

Men of the Kingdom of Chen or men of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, they were all warriors with nerves!

However, their soul became this power, which was like some cheap Chinese cabbages, abandoned and collected.

No, they weren’t even as valuable as cabbages! They were free to waste!

Ye Xiao couldn’t understand it. Why?

Why would the kingdoms have to destroy each other? No matter how hard it was, they were so eager to kill other kings. Could they escape the day when they were buried into the dust decades later by killing other kingdoms? And yet no matter how hard they tried to put their kingdom together, it would collapse in the future, sooner or later.

History went on while kingdoms fell and fell after another!

Those generals in the battle might have a better reason. They wanted to be remembered because of a wonderful victory they had. However, what good did it have for the soldiers? They were so innocent!

"If people all think this way, then everybody just stay at home and sleep till the world ends. How about that? Just hold our wives and kids. Don’t worry about making money. Don’t ever go out to work." Song Jue sneered.

"You think I am wrong about it?" Ye Xiao was shocked.

He believed he was right. If there was no war in the world, people would only live in peace and the world would be better!

"Of course you are wrong. Pah. You are just not making any sense!" Song Jue spat and looked at Ye Xiao. "Look. You are young. I don’t know where the hell you get these stupid thoughts from. You are purely viewing all this from the perspective of a god, like we are all ants.

"Your thoughts, your views, and your mind, they are all the same stupid. You are truly son of Ye Nantian. When you father just came to Land of Han-Yang, he had the same thoughts. After staying here for all these years, he finally understands it. You kid, you are nothing but naive and young!

"For you, all that they are fighting for, all that they are willing to sacrifice for, means nothing! Why would you have such a thought anyway? I think you are putting yourself too high. You see this in a shamefully high perspective.

"Who do you think you are? Huh? Who do you think you are judging?

"People are in different positions, living different lives. How can you just put them in the same spot?

"Don’t be mad. Let me ask you this. You work so hard, you cultivate, you fight, you snatch, you do sh*ts, for what? What do you want in the first place? Look. Think about it. Deep inside you, what makes you different from the men you spoke of? Are you really that different?"

Song Jue sneered at Ye Xiao, "You are smart enough to know that in the eyes of those gods in Human Realm Upon Heavens, those great figures in Qing-Yun Realm mean nothing. No matter how hard they work, if they can’t break the boundary of Qing-Yun Realm, they are nothing different as those lying under the dust!"

Ye Xiao stayed silent. Suddenly, he spoke in a deep voice, "That’s right. I put myself too high! I judge others while ignoring the same truth about myself! I am naive and young!"

He was enlightened. Eventually, it all turned bright in his heart.

Different perspectives made different views on the same thing.

One hundred gold might mean life for beggars, but it might not be much for regular people—all in all, it was better than nothing. For the rich, it was nothing!

They have different perspectives. That is why.

Ye Xiao just foolishly ignored other people’s perspectives, and he made a judgement according to the perspective of himself only.