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Chapter 704: Lousy Idea!

Chapter 704: Lousy Idea!

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Song Jue looked weird all of a sudden. He said, "I haven’t figure out the reason about it either. I admire Xiao Monarch, a hundred and twenty percent. In fact, you father wasn’t so sad about Xiao Monarch’s death… When you were born, he wanted to name you Ye Xiao, not Xiao (笑), but Xiao (霄) as clouds. I don’t know why it ended up the name you have now. Maybe he wants you to be a great man like Xiao Monarch, shocking the world, traveling the universe…"

Ye Xiao didn’t dig on this question.

However, he still thought that there must be a reason for this. Ye Nantian knew there was a man named Ye Xiao, yet he still insisted to name his own son the same name. Ye Xiao believed he has a special reason for that!

Such thing was supposed to be abstained after all.

The attack of Kingdom of Lan-Feng ended in the shouts. This was the ninth attack in the day!

It ended temporarily, and it would come again!

Every attack was in full power like storms.

Ye Xiao got his men to take out the vat and started to boil water in the vats. He threw two dan beads into each vat.

The wounded men would drink a bowl of the water and then went to rest.

Ye Xiao was rich, but he couldn’t spend more than this.

Those who weren’t hurt but only tired only got to take turns to rest.

Only those who were injured badly had the chance to drink the water of dan. If everybody drank the water freely, Ye Xiao would use up every dan he had left.

In the other side.

Wenren Jianyin was looking at the Iron Peak. He was holding a binocle. He looked confused.

"They are being attacked so frequently, but… It doesn’t feel right?" He frowned.

"It feels strange, but I can’t tell what it is." A general with big beard was also confused.

Wenren Chuchu stood aside, wearing a suit of white clothes. She was quiet, lost in thoughts.

The fight had been ongoing for a long time. It was apparently wrong. It was strange. However, she couldn’t figure out what went wrong exactly.

"Two hundred thousand men at once, we have stricken nine times. They should have all been exhausted even if they are all iron men. But… their soldiers on the wall… Why are they still so fierce and strong? They can’t feel tired? This is impossible. It can’t be true."

"We have been fighting the Kingdom of Chen for hundreds of years. Since when have we seen such an army in the Kingdom of Chen?" Wenren Jianyin frowned and said, "There must be something happening to them."

Wenren Chuchu frowned. She said, "Hmm. I am familiar with some men on their side. They definitely got damaged in the previous attacks. But… after two more waves of attacks, they climbed up on the wall again. I can’t even see the wounds on them. They are even more vigorous after…"

"True! That’s right!" A general held a binocle and nodded. "Their soldiers too. They got hurt but then came out like nothing ever happened.!"

Wenren Jianyin’s face turned dark.

"I am afraid Feng Monarch has attended this war. That is real." Wenren Jianyin said, "I believe, only Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall has dan beads that can work like that! He may be using much better dan beads than we can imagine!"

"That’s right. Only Feng Monarch can do this!" Wenren Chuchu looked gloomy. She said, "Wounded soldiers, as long as they are breathing, he can bring them back to full recovery, even strengthen them with his dan beads. Only he has that many dan beads to support their army!"

The other generals were all scared. "Does it mean… we are fighting an army that can never die? That… How do we win? Feng Monarch doesn’t even show up in the battle. He just keeps giving dan beads to his soldiers and we will be dragged off!"

They looked at each other and couldn’t say more.

[No matter how we damage their men, as long as they are still breathing, they will return to perfection after a short time. They can keep fighting against us without losing any energy.]

[Look how hard we are working on this to hurt them. After we are exhausted fighting them down, they rise again vigorously…]

[The only thing that will happen to us is that we get killed!]

[If this goes on unchanged, not to mention one million men, even ten million men will die out!]

[Reality is cruel. What should we do to deal with this?]

They couldn’t think of anything practical at all!

"The only thing we can do is to send somebody to assassinate Feng Monarch in their place. It will solve all problems!"

One general made such a suggestion after being lost in thoughts for a long time.

Well. He was right. If they could get Feng Monarch killed like that, every problem would be solved!

However, as he finished his suggestion, all the others looked at him like looking at a fool.

[He must be crazy!]

[He is insane. Otherwise, how can he propose such a ‘wonderful’ suggestion?]

"What? Why looking at me like that?" The general was confused. [I think it is a good method!]

"You are really good! How can you come up with such a lousy idea?" Another general sneered, "Let’s just ignore the fact that Feng Monarch has a strong intention of retaliation. Think about it. Those men who offered a huge money to put his head on reward. Billions! Yet they all died because Feng Zhiling paid a huge fortune to revenge! Assassins of the entire world went to kill for him…"

"Let’s say it can be ignored. He is a recognized rival to Master Bai. Remember? Who can kill him? Two great sects wanted to kill him. Well. Where are they now? They were wiped out within one day. The mountains got swept out. And he even created a lake!"

"Tell me. Who do we send for this? Who can kill him? Or how many men do we send out for his life? A walking god’s life?"

"Don’t forget Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian and Liu Changjun! We don’t even have one man who is as good as Ning Biluo on our side. You actually want to assassinate Feng Monarch? Are you out of your mind?"