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Chapter 705: Enough!

Chapter 705: Enough!

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"Do you know what we should fear the most? Feng Monarch are giving dan beads to heal the soldiers. He hasn’t started to fight in the battle yet. If we piss him off and he rushes over, imagine, will our camp become another lake that he makes?"

Another general stared at the general who made the suggestion and spoke in anger, "I can assure you that this lake will drown us all. If we do it as you suggest, that is what ends up on us. That means… you, how smart, dig a huge hole but we are the ones die in it!"

"You will die too! You dig the hole and you die in it yourself. You better bury yourself too!" The other generals stared at the general who made the suggestion. They wished they could punch the wit out of him.

To stay with a fool like that was too dangerous…

He felt embarrassed, so his face turned red. He murmured, "I was just saying… I won’t really do it… I am not a fool…"

"Shhh…" The others glanced at him.

[Not a fool? Really?]

[You sure?]

"Calm the fxck down, all of you. What are you yelling for. The priority is to think of a way to solve this situation. Isn’t it? Do we need anybody to keep telling how horrible, how strong, and how significant Feng Monarch is?" Wenren Jianyin made a deep sigh.

Their commander was pissed. The generals didn’t dare to say more. They looked like having astriction.

[This should be a fair battle between two kingdoms. How could we predict such a thing?]

[It should be a fair fight. As simple as that. But such a man just showed up in our way like this, at this important moment.]

[I thought it was a terrible thing to face Ye Nantian’s son and those assassins. Unexpectedly, that was not the biggest nightmare. We are actually fighting against the living legend in the world.]

[We can’t kill him. We can’t defeat him. We can’t mess with him. We don’t want to piss him. We just wait and see his soldiers coming back again and again after refreshing.]

[All they need to do is to stay alive. That will make them stay fully prepared and vigorous at all time. It only takes them a short time to recover from any wounds.]

[We can’t stop them from resting. That’s impossible.]

[We need to let our men rest no matter how many groups we divide them!]

[We don’t have guys like Feng Monarch. We don’t have those magical dan beads!]

[Different soldiers have different lives!]

Wounded soldiers were carried away from the battle. Many soldiers died under that wall…

Some soldiers were still breathing when the others were carrying them, but they eventually died beside their brothers because of the severe injury.

However, in the Kingdom of Chen’s side, soldiers were cured no matter how bad they were hurt!

Kingdom of Lan-Feng kept losing their men, while Kingdom of Chen lost none!

"Sound the horn! Retreat!"

Wenren Jianyin confirmed it after a longer observation. [I saw some men get seriously injured, but then come out like nothing ever happened to them…]

[Lots of them!]

He sighed.

He knew that he couldn’t go on this fight anymore. If he wanted to sacrifice his men, he should better have something to sacrifice for. It was meaningless now. He was just wasting his soldiers.

As the horns sounded, the army of Kingdom of Lan-Feng retreated like ebb tide.

Night had come.

The fight lasted for a whole day. If the Kingdom of Lan-Feng didn’t notice what went on with the Kingdom of Chen’s side, it would last much longer!

At the moment, it was silent both outside and inside the Iron Peak.

People moaned from time to time.

Medics were busy dealing with the damaged soldiers in the camp of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng.

A white shadow flew out and disappeared in the darkness outside. It was moving to the tower.

Ye Xiao was making the vats of magical water.

Generals were waiting outside, standing in a row.

Everybody got a bucket in the hand. Big buckets. Bigger than their waists. They just wanted to get more of that water.

It was amazing.

No matter how bad one was hurt, one bowl of this water would bring them back to vigor.

Some slightly injured men just took some water and rested for a while, and then they were good for the fight!


It was a miracle!

Who didn’t want more!

"Stay back, general! I am here first!" A general was trying to get closer.

"Why don’t you step back? Who saw you come earlier? Don’t even try to lie!" Somebody was annoyed.

"Hmm… Come on. I got lots of wounded ones!"

"B*llshit! We have knocked off a million men today. We all have lots of wounded ones!"

"Damn it! I am being nice to you more than enough! Just get away and cut your sh*t!"

"Damn you! What? You want a fight? I would love to!"


Several generals fiercely stared at each other, like they would begin a fight at any second.

However, it wasn’t a special case. They fought for the water all day.

Nobody would give in when it concerned the magic water!

Song Jue got in with dark face. He scolded them immediately, "Shut the fxck up, all of you! You pieces of shxt! God damn it! What is this? You actually want to start a fight against your own brother? What? All those filthy words come out of your mouth? You think you are tough? Fxck! Are you really so eager to die now?"

The generals just stood there listening to General Song who spoke with filthy words… They were embarrassed…

[And you are scolding us huh? You are the one who are being rude here!]

Song Jue shouted, "Heavens and hell! You bastards! How dare you yell those words in front of me? For just a bit of that water? Enough is enough! Can’t you show the manner of a man? Hold the demeanor, will you? Fxck this shxt! I have seen enough of you!"

The other generals were embarrassed!

[I guess you have said enough filthy words yourself. That is enough for us anyway.]

However, Song Jue was powerful and fierce. They all knew it. No matter what he said, they had to just listen.

At this moment, Ye Xiao got out. "It’s done. Get ready for the water… Holy heavens and hell! Fxck!"

Commander Ye started the filthy words campaign too. He was angry. "You bastards! Can’t you see how much water I made? You actually carried some huge vats over… What the hell you think you are doing?"

The generals giggled, "Please, forgive us, Commander! Too many brothers got hurt… Well… Urh…"