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Chapter 706: Princess Came For Visit!

Chapter 706: Princess Came For Visit!

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"Get off! All of you! Get off now!" Ye Xiao raged up with anger. "How many times did I tell you? One tea cup of this water will recover one good man! How many men do you think need this vat of water? Unbelievable! Un-f*ckin-believable! Go get some regular things back now! Unless you want me to kick you the hell out and stop giving you shxt! Go!"

Generals promised and then left right away.

They got away as soon as they heard Ye Xiao might not give them the water.

"These guys…" Ye Xiao felt annoyed. "I only have several vats of it. They actually brought their vats to take the water. That was impressing. I wonder how their heads all be filled with shxt like this…"

Song Jue laughed. "Everybody wants more… Humph!"

Suddenly, he frowned. Ye Xiao noticed something too. They both raised up their heads and looked to the sky.

They were looking at somewhere high.

Song Jue suddenly emitted murderous qi. "Bodacious!"

He jumped up and prepared to rush out.

"Wait!" A soft voice sounded, "I mean you no harm."

A white shadow appeared in the dark.

Wenren Chuchu!

"Princess Lan-Feng?" Song Jue was happy. "You can wear out iron shoes in fruitless search, and yet by a lucky chance you may find the lost thing without even looking for it. Since you come to us by yourself, don’t blame us for being merciless. It is just perfect to catch you and warm my nephew’s bed!"

Ye Xiao’s forehead was cold with sweat.

He really didn’t thought of doing that. Even if he did think of it, he wouldn’t dare to make the girl do it.

He might get his p*nis cut off, as well as his… head…

"Commander Ye, I am here to talk." Wenren Chuchu looked at Ye Xiao’s face and spoke in a soft voice, "Can we?"

Song Jue hurriedly gave Ye Xiao a hint by a blink. He didn’t want Ye Xiao to stay with the girl alone. [She is dangerous! You are not her rival at the moment. Do not do anything stupid…]

Ye Xiao looked into Wenren Chuchu’s eyes.

Wenren Chuchu looked back at him blandly.

There was a sense of softness and sorrow deep in her eyes.

Ye Xiao sighed and shook his head. "Uncle Song, please go give the guys this water and walk around the walls. I need to speak with her for a while."

"Urh?" Song Jue couldn’t believe it.

"It’s fine." Ye Xiao smiled. "We know each other."

Song Jue was shocked.

When Wenren Chuchu heard that, she nearly lost control of her tears. She gritted with her teeth and she started shaking.

Song Jue was capable. He had been observing her, so he knew something was wrong about her. He then smiled strangely and said, "Fine. I have other business to take care of anyway. Just be safe. We are at war. She is the enemy."

Then he left. When he was at the door, he murmured to himself, "Oh my nephew is good. A princess… He actually hooked up with a princess… Wow. I am admiring him now…"

Then he just disappeared.

The words ‘hook up’ made Wenren Chuchu blush. She wanted to explain, but Song Jue had gone away. She didn’t have anybody to explain to.

She felt embarrassed so she humphed and said, "You will get what you deserve!"

"Princess, please." Ye Xiao reached out his hand and smiled. "There is nowhere quiet enough though. Shall we go to my bedroom?"

That was a normal situation.

There wouldn’t be any quiet place in the battlefield!

Even he was the commander, all he had was a tent, a bigger one. He slept and ate inside it.

However, what Ye Xiao said was kind of ambiguous.

Especially after Song Jue said ‘hook up’. If he said ‘my tent’ or ‘my office’, it would be better. However, he said ‘bedroom’, although they all referred to the same place.

He did use ‘bedroom’!

Wenren Chuchu blushed. She said, "Prick!"

However, one had to head down under other’s eaves. She was here asking for a conversation. She knew he was being skittish, but she had to endure it!

When they got to Ye Xiao’s ‘bedroom’, she was relieved.

It wasn’t the ‘bedroom’ she imagined at all.

Most of the premises in Iron Peak were destructed because of the war. They turned them into guarding appliance. However, there were several rooms left. Ye Xiao could have lived in one, however, he gave them to the wounded men.

As long as one was cured, he should move out and leave the room for others. There used to be some badly injured men who had to occupy the room for a long time. Thanks to Ye Xiao’s magic water, the rooms were enough to hold all injured men!

What Ye Xiao did for the army begot great respect from the soldiers.

Certainly, a commander should at least have a tent.

His tent was spacious. There was a wood screen in the middle of the tent. The inner part was his bedroom, while the other was his office. It was simple but decent.

"Please." Ye Xiao smiled and said, "Princess, what can I do for you? You came in the darkness of the night."

Wenren Chuchu gritted with her teeth as she stared at Ye Xiao. Her gaze became complicated. She said, "I have to confirm one thing. Should I call you Feng Monarch, or Commander Ye?"

Ye Xiao stayed calm. He laughed and casually spoke, "Princess, that is a funny question. You see, that is just a code that we all need to be living in this world. Birds fly over leaving shadows while men should leave fame after…"

"Stop!" Wenren Chuchu was speechless. She interrupted him from making a long speech. "Truth is right in front of my eyes. Don’t ever deny it. I just cannot believe this. Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall, who has long been famous in the history, turns out to be a foppish young lord, the useless son of Ye Nantian, the Great General Ye!"