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Chapter 707: Disclaim!

Chapter 707: Disclaim!

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She looked at Ye Xiao with coldness in her eyes. She slowly said, "Being reviled as a stupid young lord but doing nothing to stop it. However, secretly, you have built an enormous empire of yourself that shocked the entire world. Nobody truly recognized your true identity and your capability… It is not so difficult to imagine though. Son of the great Ye Nantian, how could you be a complete retard? However, I have to say, Ye Xiao, you are hiding so deep."

Ye Xiao laughed. "That is not all. I am a dan-maker, a physician too. You always need to hide some ace cards. Showing everything you have to the world is to expose yourself to the death."

When he said ‘physician’, Wenren Chuchu blushed. It reminded her the day when her clothes was taken off and he touched her so as to cure her.

She still felt like there was a big warm hand touching her soft belly…

Her mind was wandering and she completely ignored the rest of Ye Xiao’s ‘ace card’ theory.

"Physician… Humph!" She returned to her senses and smartly skipped this ambiguous topic. "Who would know that Feng Monarch with an ordinary face is actually like this. How unexpected."

Ye Xiao raised the eyebrows and said, "What about it? Am I not handsome?"

Wenren Chuchu was annoyed. "Handsome your ass!"

He had seen her naked, and she didn’t know who he really was until this moment. He asked her if he was handsome. She must be wonderful in self-restraint. Otherwise, she would have swayed her sword to him!

Ye Xiao laughed loudly. He didn’t take it as offense.

Wenren Chuchu felt more troubled. Finally, she made sure that he was Feng Monarch, the man she had known for a long time. He looked completely different at the moment, but he was Feng Zhiling for sure!

However, she felt weak.

"It is you! It has always been you!" She sighed.

"Sure." Ye Xiao smiled. "I guess it doesn’t surprise you that much."

Wenren Chuchu nodded with a muddy mind in head.

It didn’t surprise her.

She knew Feng Zhiling was showing a fake face all the time. She knew that he would show his real face someday. He even changed his body, but it wasn’t such a surprising thing for her, as she was a cultivator in Qing-Yun Realm. It might be unbelievable for people in Land of Han-Yang though.

After a while, she finally calmed down. She looked strong and steady again.

"I mean. You are doing so well in Ling-Bao Hall. Why join the war?" Wenren Chuchu couldn’t understand it. "Don’t you know you are already a figure beyond all kingdoms in the world? Ling-Bao Hall is an independent force. Why come to this place? Why get into the trouble that you don’t need to?"

She truly couldn’t think it through.

Apparently, for her, Feng Zhiling, well, Ye Xiao now, was in an even higher position than herself. She was a princess in the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, and she was in a super sect in Qing-Yun Realm. However, because she thought so highly of him, she couldn’t understand why Ye Xiao would do this.

"Different people stand different positions, have different views and different responsibilities." Ye Xiao solemnly spoke, "The world is in a mess. What we should do now is to end the disturbance and return a peaceful world for the people!"

Wenren Chuchu sneered at him. "What a great dream. What? You want to be a hero? Do you even believe what you just said yourself?"

"It doesn’t matter if I believe it or not. Nor you. What matters is that I am here now." Ye Xiao spoke with great countenance, "For the peaceful world, for the lives of the people, I will do whatever I can to bring happiness back to the world."

"You!" Wenren Chuchu was annoyed.

He talked useless things and didn’t give her any of the response she wanted. However, that was fine. The problem was that she felt weak facing this man.

She couldn’t rage up with anger. She was filled with weakness. [He saved my life twice!]

[After he saved me and fell into a despairing situation, I left…]

Now they met again. Her heart was full of complicated emotions. There was something sticking right in her heart. The guilt. It became heavier and heavier in her heart!

"I guess you are close to breaking through the bound of this world." She looked at him and said, "I guess all that you need is an opportunity. One particular moment and you will rush up to Qing-Yun Realm. I know it. You know it…"

"That means you are leaving this world. Is that why you want to do something for this world? Or do you want to leave your fame in this place?" She looked at Ye Xiao with confusion, "However, I don’t think you should create your own legend in the battlefield. Am I right…"

Ye Xiao spoke with righteousness, "Why shouldn’t I? I am a cultivator. Shouldn’t I devote myself to the world, to the people, to my country?"

"…" Wenren Chuchu was speechless now.

[Are you insane? Can’t you just talk like a mentally healthy man?]


Ye Xiao was helpless though. [You are right. But I can’t tell you the truth! The truth is… my biggest secret… My ace card…]

[I will never tell you a damn thing.]

"The war here has been in such circumstances. It should be ended earlier. Because of you, it took more time. Do you really want to interfere more in this thing?" Wenren Chuchu asked, "There is not much time left for you. Isn’t it?"

Ye Xiao was solemn. "That’s right. Look what it is now. Do you still want to go on with it? My interfering defines the finality, doesn’t it?"

"It seems you and your men doesn’t have much time left either?" He looked at her, smiling blandly.

He was almost repeating what she just said.

However, there was a difference. She knew it.

Wenren Chuchu was talking about him!

However, Ye Xiao was talking about her and the men on her side!