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Chapter 708: We Won’t See It!

Chapter 708: We Won’t See It!

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That was completely different.

[He knows that I don’t have much time left. He knows that our million troops don’t have much time left!]

[His interfering did decide the result of the war!]

[His side is winning!]

"You don’t believe it? As long as I am here, Iron Peak is an iron shield!" Ye Xiao spoke blandly, "No matter how many men you have, one million or ten million, you can’t break Iron Peak as long as I am holding it. You know that."

Wenren Chuchu humphed, "Maybe! You are on your own after all. The reason why you can still hold it is you. You keep supplying the dan beads. We have over a dozen times more men than you are. How many dan beads can you make for them? Even if you do have enough dan beads to consume, would you really use them up?"

"Your personal strength is what our men fear for. And you are not that invincible like they said. The rumor describes you as a god. But I know what you are! You are not that strong. I am sure it is somebody else who destroyed the two sects within one day. It can’t be you. Even Song Jue couldn’t do that. Not to mention you."

Ye Xiao smiled, "You are lying to yourself. Different people have different views about my personal strength. But what they said about my power, that is true! As long as I want to, I can use most of the forces in the martial world by one order!"

He stared at Wenren Chuchu with sharp eyes, "I can use that! Those men are all tough men who can kill among millions of enemies… You don’t have such power. You can’t defend yourself."

Wenren Chuchu was quiet.

She couldn’t deny it.

Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall did have the power!

As long as he made an order, and offer something like supreme dan beads as an reward, the entire martial world would boil for him!

The fever it could come with scared Wenren Chuchu!

Kingdom of Lan-Feng definitely didn’t have such power.

She doubted that the dan beads he had used on the soldiers these days could already drive countless men in martial world to fight for him!

"So, if you push it too hard, say if you destroy the wall of Iron Peak, I may go mad. That is reasonable." Ye Xiao spoke blandly.

He sounded peaceful, but in face his words were full of threats!

Wenren Chuchu humphed and said, "You can get the men in martial world to work for you. So what? Kingdom of Chen is going to the end. We still have the chance to defeat you."

She actually admitted defeated by saying so.

She regretted right after saying it.

However, it was spilt milk.

Ye Xiao smiled, "Look. I came here and it is done. We will win. I just need to stay here for half a month and my father’s northern army will arrive at Iron Peak."

"Do you think you can break Iron Peak within half a month?" Ye Xiao smiled, "Break Iron Peak that was defended by me!"

Wenren Chuchu’s face turned pale.

[Can we? In half a month?]

[Nobody knows. But I am sure about one thing. We are losing. Even if we can break Iron Peak, it will cost us four hundred thousand men!]

That was a huge number of loss!

Even Wenren Jianyin, Kingdom of Lan-Feng couldn’t take it!

"Let’s say even if you break through Iron Peak. So what? It is not Chen-Xing City behind Iron Peak! Maybe it is the iron fists of the Northern Army!"

Ye Xiao was eased. He said, "It seemed we are losing it so far. However, your men are all tired. I can assure you, even if you can break through, you will have no more than nine hundred thousand men left. Northern Army will only do a rushing to defeat you!"

"Even though they have you to support them, so what? Do you think you can stop my father?" Ye Xiao kept pushing. "Maybe you don’t know much about my father. He is in Dream Origin Stage. As long as you make attacks, my father will return a strike for sure. Who loses the fight who dies in the battle. You know what that means to you?"

Wenren Chuchu gritted with her teeth. "Speed is too important in war! Northern Army is dozens of thousand miles away. As long as we…"

"That is only what you want to believe…" Ye Xiao reached out a finger, long and pale, waved in front of her, "You are not the only one who know the importance of speed. My father is War God of Chen. He knows it well. Northern Army has sent their men over when they knew I was coming here. Not a lot. They just sent about sixty thousand men. Well… it has been seven days since they left for here! That means they are no further than eight thousand miles from us now! Ten day! That is all they need to get here!"

"There are more coming after them."

He continued, "You know what it means."

Wenren Chuchu took a long breath. She spoke blandly, "How do I know you are bragging or not? You think you can scare me?"

"Well. There is no need to argue. Truth speaks for me." Ye Xiao was casual. He wasn’t nervous at all. He said, "You can just wait and see. Let’s see who is the one still laughs after!"

Her eyes became sharp and she said blandly, "Sure!"

Of course he was trying to scare him. He didn’t know where Northern Army was. Sixty thousand men? He made it up to fool her.

However, that was only thing he could do now.

Would Wenren Chuchu be scared? He didn’t care that much.

"Look. What I said, I said it for the position I stand for. It annoys us both. I apologize. Princess, what do you want? You are not coming for a quarrel, are you?" Ye Xiao half closed his eyes.

"Of course not." Wernen Chuchu sighed and said, "Feng Monarch, hmm, no, Lord Ye, I believe you know something. No matter which side wins this war, no matter who conquers the world, you and me, we are not going to witness it."

Ye Xiao was quiet.

She was right. It was the truth.

Maybe he could still witness the victory in this battlefield. However, he would never see who got the world at the end.

He should be in Qing-Yun Realm by then.