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Chapter 709: Deal!

Chapter 709: Deal!

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"We are not going to see the victory in this mortal world anyway." Wenren Chuchu looked worried and sad. "We know what we are trying to do… but… you have to admit. All things here are not our business anymore."

"We want to do something. We want to take the ones we love with us… However, that is only a hope, a dream, something we can never get done." She was grieving.

Ye Xiao stayed silent and then said, "That’s right. I feel the same."

"Things aren’t going to just go as you wish in life." He stood up and spoke with profound gaze, "From the moment one is born to the end of his life, many things have to be abandoned… Some people have been with us since we were kids. When we grow up and go ahead to our goals step by step, we are getting further and further from these people.

"Maybe when we looked around, they are already gone. However, they represent the period of your most valuable time… They are the closest friends you have. You don’t want to lose them, you want to go back to them, but you will have to give up everything you have worked so hard for. You decide to go ahead alone. You are bound to be lonely. We never like to be alone. That is why we seek for friends on the way to our dream. They become our friends and they may accompany us till the end of our lives…

"What is ironic is that… when you reach a certain point, sadly, you will find that the people around you are all strangers…

"Those who accompany you to the end are all strangers."

"We can’t take the ones we love with us. Because we aren’t able to." He sighed. "So, we should just give up whatever we should. It seems cruel, but we have to do it. We can’t give up on the great future for mediocrity. We give up things so that we get new ones."

Wenren Chuchu sighed. "Right."

"You and I, we are in opposite sides this battle. However, we have the same amount of time left. We both will miss the result," she said.

"That is why I want to know why are you here?" Ye Xiao said.

"Well in fact, I want to make a deal with you." Wenren Chuchu took a deep breath. She smiled. "I believe you would love to make this deal with me."

"Deal?" Ye Xiao frowned. He looked at her and said, "What are you giving to me, Princess?"

It should be a normal question, yet because of the way he spoke it, it sounded a bit evil somehow.

It felt like… he was asking for the girl’s pretty body.

Wenren Chuchu blushed and shouted, "Can you just talk like a grown-up man?"

"What do you mean like a grown-up man? I should talk this way, don’t you think?" Ye Xiao said, "Don’t you remember that I am Lord Xiao of Chen, head of the three foppish lords in town? As a foppish immoral young lord, I should definitely talk in this way. Otherwise, it will ruin my title!"

Wenren Chuchu started to feel headache.

[This is helpless. How can he keep talking nonsense. He is even worse in his real appearance.]

She really wanted to ask him this. ‘Your stupid title makes you the law here? Head of the stupid lords, huh? Is that really a good title for you?’

"Brother Ye, if you keep doing this, I will have to leave," she coldly spoke.

"Fine." Ye Xiao immediately changed. Suddenly, he became a solemn commander of an army. "Your highness, please tell me want you want. Time flies. There is not much time to waste."

She was impressed by how fast he actually changed himself into the current status. She sighed.

[He is so... I don’t know whether he is telling the truth or not. I don’t know why, but it feels comfortable that he is acting so seriously now…]

Her heart was beating heavily and she nearly lost control of it.

There was a special and strange emotion filling in her heart. She was terrified but also happy… How complicated.

She wanted to stay there doing nothing, but also wanted leave immediately.

"It is simple for you and me, this deal." She gasped and said, "Look… Since you and me, neither of us can see the result to this war, and we both have people we care a lot in this world… why don’t we make a deal."

Ye Xiao stared at him. "Oh? What deal should we make?"

"I have somebody I care about here. Even though I have to leave the world forever, they will always be the ones I care the most… It is my responsibility that I can never let down." Wenren Chuchu’s eyes look gloomy. She said, "I want them to live safely. I want them to live happy lives…"

"I want them… to live without pain and tear…"

"They are my father, my mother, and my…" She sighed and slowly spoke.

She spoke several names, and she sounded full of emotion. "I know I will never meet them again in the future… I don’t know… Maybe I will suddenly die someday in the Qing-Yun Realm. I hope before I leave them, or before I die, I can do more for them. I want to make arrangement on everything I can. I want to do what a daughter should do for them.

"The deal I want you to make is… If Kingdom of Chen wins this war, you will keep these people alive.

"That is what I want from you."

She didn’t wait for Ye Xiao’s response. She continued, "And I can make the same promise for you. I will protect the ones you care about, who can’t leave with you… If the Kingdom of Lan-Feng wins, I will keep them safe!"

"You promise, and I promise too."

She looked up and stared at Ye Xiao. "We will both leave this world, but we both have enough power to protect some people in the world!

"I believe we can!

"That is what I want. A deal! A deal that benefits both you and me!"

She spoke with eagerness.

As a daughter, what she asked for was to take care of her parents. She knew she would leave her parents, so she just wanted to do more for them. She wanted to do whatever she could before it was too late… She wanted to do something before her parents died, also before she died…

It was hard to explain.

"A deal…" Ye Xiao spoke and then closed his eyes.

Apparently, Wenren Chuchu had people she loved in the world. He did too!

Zuo Wuji, Lan Langlang, Prince Hua-Yang, Princess Hua-Yang—they were all his cared for!

Once he left, what would their lives be?