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Chapter 710: Important People!

Chapter 710: Important People!

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Nobody knew how things would develop in the future.

The result of this battle would only be revealed at the end, and nobody could foresee it.

One thing was sure though. Even though Ye Xiao could bring victory to the Kingdom of Chen in this battle, he wouldn’t know which kingdom would eventually win the war and conquer the world!

[When I leave, father, Uncle Song, Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian would all come with me. Could the Kingdom of Chen rule the world without my father?]

[It can’t be sure!]

[As long as the Kingdom of Chen was fine, people he cared for would be fine. What if the Kingdom of Chen was destroyed? It was a possible thing in the future!]

[It seems this is a good deal to make?]

"Okay." Ye Xiao made the decision. "I promise!"

Wenren Chuchu’s eyes lit up. She said, "Deal?"

"Deal!" Ye Xiao nodded.

They looked at each other and both of them felt relieved. They both had put down the burden in their hearts.

Just like Wenren Chuchu said, it was quite easy for them to keep some people safe in the world.

She was the princess of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. That was an important position. Ye Xiao was not bad. As Ye Xiao or Feng Zhiling, he could totally keep some people alive!

Even though they were people of the opposing kingdoms, it wouldn’t be a problem. He could just make the promise as he wished.

"Thanks." Wenren Chuchu was sincerely grateful and full of emotion.

"One question. I want to know, if it weren’t me, where would you go to make the deal with?" Ye Xiao asked, "There should be some other figures you can talk to, right?"

Wenren Chuchu was blank.


She answered, "I saw you, then I came up with this idea… I wouldn’t talk to others. I simply don’t trust others."

Ye Xiao was shocked.

[So you don’t trust other, but you trust me like this?]


[We are in opposite kingdoms. How can you be so sure about this?]

"Let’s just keep the promises. I can finally put down the burden in my mind. One can think of dreams and lives as long as one survives." Wenren Chuchu said, "I have bothered you for such a long time. My apologies, Commander Ye. I won’t stay any longer. I shouldn’t waste more of your time."

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "So you are leaving now?"

Wenren Chuchu humphed, "Are you, Commander, going to keep me, a young girl stay?"

‘Commander’, ‘young girl’, that meant something!

Ye Xiao laughed. "I thought you came to me to discuss about when you will retreat. Look how it disappointed me. I must have overestimated myself."

Wenren Chuchu was shocked. She didn’t have time to reply, yet Ye Xiao said, "Don’t you think there has already been too many people who died? You come for me, to do what you can to keep the men you love safe, leaving them the opportunity to live. Why can’t you just do more for your people?"

Wenren Chuchu sighed and said, "It is never my decision to make!"

"You too. Can you really make the decision? I know you have given the army lots of money as Feng Monarch. You attend this war because you don’t want the Kingdom of Chen fall. You don’t want innocent people die, however, we are not omnipotent. There are some things we can’t do. Look. Do not have that idea, I am telling you."

"A lot people died, huh? Look, listen, there are a lot!" She looked gloomy and she sighed. "But you know what? For thousands of years, how many people died in the battle every year?"

That was true. People died in the battle for thousands of years.

That was a lot. That was countless.

Ten million men died this year. Think about thousands of years…

There should be over thousands of billions of men who died in the war!

They all have purposes. They stood for different positions. They all had faith. However, they all eventually lost their lives.

Like Wenren Chuchu said, there were always things they couldn’t do, no matter how powerful they were. Sometimes, they could do something, but the evilness of human beings stopped them!

What they did next was to make a list to each other, with names on it.

Wenren Chuchu put on the names of her father, her mother, her uncle and her brothers and sisters…

When Wenren Chuchu saw Ye Xiao’s list, she was stunned.

She looked at Ye Xiao with complicated countenance.

Names she gave included all her own kins. She didn’t put on many names. More people to protect, more difficult to protect after all. Only her father, mother and her brothers and sisters, even half-blooded ones could not get on the list!

On Ye Xiao’s list, there were much more names. Zuo Wuji and Lan Langlang were surely in. Wenren Chuchu didn’t even hear about most of the others.

She had a wonderful intelligence system. If she didn’t hear about some of the names, those must be the least important ones, but they were on the list.

"Commander Ye, who are these people, if you don’t mind me asking? This is a big number. To protect more people in the enemy kingdom, the more difficult it will be!" She pointed at those names and said, "Are they close to you?"

"Relax. I won’t make it too difficult for you. They are all my father’s men. Most of them are disabled… It won’t be a difficult thing for you to protect them, princess. For your country, these men are the least important ones. They play the inessential roles in the war… No matter what, I don’t want these men to die in the war."

"I put their names on this list because I hope that when they unluckily need to be protected, you can offer what they want. They have sacrificed too much… I don’t want their lives to end in misery. That would be too cruel for them."

He spoke in a deep voice, "I haven’t finished the list yet. I can’t remember them all. I will add more names on it and no matter what happens, I will give you the completed one."

"I will keep my word, and I hope you will keep yours."