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Chapter 711: Ashamed!

Chapter 711: Ashamed!

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Ye Xiao’s eyes flashed with an icy glow. "I think you know what I will do if you violate our agreement. You know me. The worst situation is that we give up protecting anybody. It won’t be that difficult to let those men die. Not for me, at least. Right?"

Wenren Chuchu was emotional at the moment. She didn’t really put that in mind, even though it was obviously a threat.

She looked at Ye Xiao and spoke in a low voice, "You are an honorable man."

Those she wanted to protect were all her own kin, who were all close to her. The people Ye Xiao wanted to protect were all not related to him at all, even though some might say they were brothers to him.

As they compared to each other, she was the more selfish one. That was obvious.

"I am a man!" Ye Xiao said.

"Yes," Wenren Chuchu said, "you are a real man."

She stood up and said, "Brother Ye, I will keep my promise. Don’t worry!"

Ye Xiao said, "I am a man. A real man. A man should always keep his words. You know I do!"

She smiled. "I was not sure about it, but now I know you will!"

She then didn’t stay any longer as she jumped out and left.

"You and me, let’s meet in the Qing-Yun Realm. Commander Ye, take care. Don’t forget the deal between us. And remember the Regeneration Ink Lotus…"

Her voice faded away.

Ye Xiao sighed. What he had worried the most before he could leave was just solved in such a trivial manner. He had been worrying about those disabled men who had been following his father for so many years. He didn’t know what to do for them after his father, Song Jue and he left this world!

The healthy ones were not to be worried about. They could earn their own good livings after all.

The problem laid on those who had contributed a lot but ended up disabled. Their lives would end with miseries.

He had thought about assigning them under Ling-Bao Hall’s leadership. It was practical, but the men themselves wouldn’t want it. They could be guards or servants in the House of Ye, but not in other places! It would be a disgrace!

Now that he had made such a deal with Wenren Chuchu, he could be relieved.

However, he couldn’t help thinking about the conversation earlier. She said, ‘You are a real man!’ Well that… that was a bit… ambiguous…

[I am a real man?]

[Hahaha… how do you know such a private thing of me?]

He was lost in carnal thoughts immediately…

If Wenren Chuchu got to see the face of him now, she would definitely beat the hell out of him hard again, knowing he was such an ignoble man!

Why was it again? Because that was what she had done to him back to the old days!

That was his most painful memory!

"The girl left?" Song Jue entered the tent.

He guessed Wenren Chuchu was incredible in martial arts, so he didn’t really go far. He kept hanging around nearby to observe the tent. When he saw Wenren Chuchu left, he returned and made sure everything was fine.

He thought that Ye Xiao might not be able to defeat Wenren Chuchu. Surely, he couldn’t defeat her. She was an of heir of the Misty Cloud Palace after all.

She had been using some special method to hide her true capability. Even Song Jue couldn’t clearly see through her, even though he was in a higher level.

"She’s gone," Ye Xiao said.

"Gone?" Song Jue looked at Ye Xiao. "What did she want?"

"She came to have some private talk with me. Nothing important." Ye Xiao said, "Just preparation and arrangements. Nothing about this war."

Then he told Song Jue everything.

Song Jue was surprised. "That’s all?"

Ye Xiao said, "That’s it."

"She came so late at night just to talk about that?" Song Jue couldn’t believe it. "She came to the enemy’s place? At night? To see you? And talk about that?"

Ye Xiao frowned. "Is it not trifle, is it? Those are the people she cares the most. Her parents and her brothers and sisters. That is more than important to her…"

Song Jue sneered. "Even though it is that important to her, why can’t she just pick another time? Or another place? Did she have to came to your room late at night? That was a huge risk! She took the risk for all those sh*t?"

Ye Xiao couldn’t understand it. "Then why did she come? I would love to hear your opinion!"

"I thought you are smart, yet you turn out to be a fool. She came to you so late at night, because she wanted to see you!" Song Jue looked at him disappointedly. "You fool! Fool!"

"To see me?" Ye Xiao was confused. "Why? What do you mean?"

"To see your pretty face! F*ck!" Song Jue said with anger, "God damn it! You are usually a clever kid. Why are you acting like a f*cking moron now? You actually know nothing about girls? You have been with many girls! One on your left, the other on your right! How can you not see that?"

Ye Xiao felt wronged.

[What do you mean I have been with many girls? What do you mean one left one right!]

[I have lived two lives…]

[And I only experienced one girl… And she was my maid… And she started it on me…]

[I was cultivating Pure Yang Martial Arts. How did I know about girls?]

[You must be kidding…]

Song Jue humphed, "And you call yourself a foppish young lord… You’re humiliating those foppish lords! You dishonored the ‘three lords in town’!"

Ye Xiao was speechless.

[I am living my second life here and I can’t even be a qualified foppish young lord… And can’t you stop talking about ‘three lords in town’ now…]

"Is it true that the stupider you are, the more girls like you! Unbelievable…" Song Jue waved his head and kept his hands behind. He walked out and murmured, "Princess Yue-Er, the mysterious girl Bing-Er, now the princess of the enemy… Heavens… What a lucky bastard…"

He left and kept sighing.