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Chapter 712: Fire Attack!

Chapter 712: Fire Attack!

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Ye Xiao was blank. He stayed in the tent for a long time.

[Is it true? That she just wanted to see me? The deal was just an excuse?]


[This is… somehow… well… unbelievable?]

The next day, the Kingdom of Lan-Feng didn’t make the attack again. However, their men kept moving and moving. They were all cutting woods…

Trees and even bushes… They kept gathering woods from everywhere, mountains and forests.

It was baffling at the beginning, yet they finally figured out what Wenren Jianyin was planning.

He was planning on the dumbest way to attack.

Fire attack!

All they were doing was to gather as many woods as they could and pile them behind the wall of Iron Peak.

They didn’t need to care about how the wind blew, or how many woods they had. They just lit up the fire under the wall and the Iron Peak would be half broken.

During the time it burned, they would send their men to keep the superior cultivators of the Kingdom of Chen from putting out the fire.

When the fire was fully raised, it was done.

Fire had no mercy.

No matter how powerful a person is, as long as they live under the sky, they can’t outdone the power of the nature. The huge fire would leave them nowhere to hide… Nobody could endure the burning.

As long as the fire was on, Iron Peak would be broken soon after.

That was a cruel plan. It would completely destroy the tower. Lots of men would die, and lots of natural resources would die out too.

As long as the fire was on, the mountains on the two sides would be burned out.

After that, those who depended their livings on the mountains would also die.

Wenren Jianyin had never thought that he would do such a vile thing in his life. However, he had to do it, as he was losing the battle. He had to be vicious.

"Chuchu, what I am doing is violating the nature…" He sighed.

Wenren Chuchu sighed too.

She didn’t sigh for the nature, she sighed because she knew her uncle might fail even though he had already decided to do such a vicious thing.

Other men might surrender to such a vicious attack.

However, Commander Ye was different.

He would at least keep the fire away from the Iron Peak.

"Please do reconsider this." Wenren Chuchu politely suggested, "This fire, it is a double-edged sword. If it doesn’t bring us good…"

Wenren Jianyin nodded. "I know what you mean. If this fails, it will be a heavy strike back on us."

Wenren Chuchu said, "That is why I think we should reconsider it. It may be vile and strong for normal army, it may be too unnatural and immoral for ordinary men…

"But for the army we are fighting… I am not sure what it will end up with. After all, it is Feng Monarch holding the army. He is a legend in the world. You can’t imagine what he will do. We can’t take risk on that."

She said, "If he just defends, that will be fine. We will just waste some manpower and time. But, if he uses what we started to deal with us… now you know our men are all regular people. Once we got caught by fire, it is never going to be easy…"

Wenren Jianyin paced around and took in a deep breath.

He looked to his generals.

The generals all lowered their heads with a gloomy face. Nobody talked.

"What is the odds that the fire will be used back on us, according to what it shows now?" Wenren Jianyin asked.

"If the wind becomes north-east wind from south-west, as the fire rides the wind, we will one hundred percent be attacked by it! Even if the wind only becomes north wind or east wind, that will still be a eighty percent! If it keeps blowing from north-west, it will be less than thirty percent!"

Wenren Chuchu interrupted, "Uncle, don’t forget the massive blast that can be made by lots of superior cultivators. The number of superior cultivators has always been their biggest advantage."

Wenren Jianyin paced a few steps and spoke in a deep voice, "That means as long as the wind stays in the same direction, we will very likely be fine. Even if the fire doesn’t hurt them much, we will still be safe?"

Wenren Chuchu was worried. "Thirty percent is dangerous enough."

"Chuchu, thirty percent must be the worst situation in your mind. To me, it is less than ten percent."

Wenren Jianyin said, "They have much more superior cultivators than we do. That is true. However, all cultivators are human beings. They may want to make a huge energy wave to turn the fire back to us. They have enough men to do it. However, they have a huge problem. They have to stand right facing the fire when they are going to make the blast together. We get ten mountains of woods ready… Even gold will be melted under it! Let alone human flesh? I don’t believe those cultivators will all die for Kingdom of Chen. One or two maybe, but not all!"

Wenren Chuchu could only sigh.

She realized her uncle was decisive on this. He just wanted to give a final shot for it. No matter what she said, he wouldn’t listen.

She felt the wind. It was blowing towards Iron Peak like shooting!

The weather was good, the temperature was constant, and so was the wind direction. It seemed impossible that the wind would change direction.

[No wonder Uncle is so confident.]

[Even if their superior cultivators work together, they can’t change the wind direction.]

"Chuchu, I know you want the lowest risk for us. But we don’t have much time." Wenren Jianyin sighed. "The latest report said Ye Nantian and his Northern Army are getting out from the grassland. One hundred thousand of them are coming this way!"

"If Ye Nantian’s men arrive and we still haven’t broken the wall, we lose the battle. The only opportunity during thousands of years to invade and occupy the territory of the Kingdom of Chen is right in my hands! I can’t let it slip away!"