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Chapter 713: Battle Out!

Chapter 713: Battle Out!

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"If I lose this opportunity, the Kingdom of Chen will definitely grow stronger and stronger. And at the end, they will conquer us! Why would we declare war against the Kingdom of Chen as a union with other forces? The Kingdom of Chen is way much stronger than us in the world! The strongest!

"We have always been living in the threat of being invaded. That is why we took a move in advance to destroy it first.

"If we don’t win this war, the world will belong to the Kingdom of Chen! And we will never be able to change it again!

"We have to break Iron Peak as fast as we can. Half a month… No. Within twenty days, we have to take Chen-Xing City and capture Chen Xuantian alive! That will draw an end to the Kingdom of Chen.

"In fact, twenty days is still not safe. If Ye Nantian and his Northern Army get on our way to Chen-Xing City after we break Iron Peak, we will still fail!

"We will have to retreat!

"Once we head back…" He showed a gloomy face. "We would have spent everything for this war. If we return without any gain… Chuchu, think about it…

"How can I raise my head in front of our people back in our kingdom? I will have to end my life for it…

"I would rather die fighting in the battle. Even if I lose it and die in this battle, I won’t need to endure the disgrace."

Wenren Chuchu was speechless about it.

Wenren Jianyin was telling the truth.

It was the unchangeable truth.

He wanted a war. They supported him! He wanted money for war, they gave him every bit in the treasury. Now he spent it all and finally got so close to the capital of the Kingdom of Chen. If he retreated now…

How could he bear the shame?

If the enemy was truly that strong and they hadn’t gone far in it, it was fine. However, he was already sticking into the central region of the enemy’s. How could he retreat now? And explain that the enemy was too strong?

That was worse than being defeated and kicked back.

As a famous general in the world, how could he endure such shame?

The fire attack was his best choice at the moment. As Wenren Chuchu thought deeper about it, she found that Wenren Jianyin’s plan had a possibility to bring them a great victory!

If there was anything he missed in the plan, it was his estimation about Ye Xiao. He was helpless on that though. Even in the Kingdom of Chen, nobody really knew about Ye Xiao’s true capability, not to mention Wenren Jianyin, who was from the Kingdom of Lan-FEng!

Wenren Chuchu knew a lot about Ye Xiao, yet it was not enough. She knew what Ye Xiao meant to the assassins of Ling-Bao Hall, and she knew how the assassins would die following his order! She knew it!

But that was far from enough!

"Case closed! Two days later, we burn the hell out of them!" Wenren Jianyin made up his mind. "We do it by layers. Three hundred miles of fire in several layers. Cut off all woods on the mountains. Make sure nothing influences the wind direction. Pour as much kerosene as you can on the woods. Throw all your tents into the fire. I want anything that can raise the fire into it!"

"This is the fight!"

"We do it one time and we take the Kingdom of Chen once and for all! If we fail, we die! We win or we die!" He took in a deep breath. There was fever in his eyes.

He seemed like a mad man.

Wenren Chuchu sighed. This was a fight that would absolutely get going. She wouldn’t say anything useless now.

Wenren Jianyin’s plan would drive Ye Xiao to an extreme position. He would have to defend in full effort. However, Ye Xiao’s two hundred thousand good men, lots of superior cultivators and his supreme dan beads had already driven Wenren Jianyin into an extreme position!

If he didn’t use the supreme dan beads, Wenren Jianyin should have conquered Iron Peak long ago!

He could have taken it down by sacrificing ten times more men to kill Ye Xiao’s men!

Wipe them all out!

However, even if Wenren Jianyin was willing to sacrifice fifty men for every one of Ye Xiao’s men, he wouldn’t make it, because of the dan beads! That would be sacrificing for nothing!

No matter how badly he got Ye Xiao’s men wounded, as long as they were still breathing, they would be brought back from death!

It was so cruel to Wenren Jianyin!

Not only had he seen it happen, almost all the generals had seen how Ye Xiao’s men returned to the battle.

[I chopped him up to death last time! How come he just showed again and looked like nothing ever happened to him! I thought I must have seen wrong. Maybe they were two different men who looked like each other. Then I chopped him into half death again. However, the third time, he popped up in front of me again! I am sure I saw him! Vigorous like a tiger!]

[I can’t deny what I saw with my own eyes!]

[Are they f*cking immortal?]

Many guys of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng experienced the same thing.

After all, there were limited amount of people guarding the wall. There were only three groups of men guarding the gates in turns. As the fight went on, people got to see them back from death…

How could Wenren Jianyin’s men remain faithful facing immortal enemies?

They were truly tough enough not to freak out.

If Wenren Jianyin waited a few more days, his men would definitely panic. His army would collapse in disorder because of fear. He couldn’t forbid his men talking, could he?

Wenren Jianyin’s army had collected more and more woods. They had no places to pile them already. He gave an order and soldiers started to move the woods to the front line. All woods stopped three hundred meters from the wall.

One after another, they piled up the woods. Hundreds of thousands men were fully armed beside the woods. One hundred thousand archers were covering them with bows in hands.

As the woods piled up higher and higher, soldiers stepped on it and threw the woods ahead. The troops were holding shields marching ahead slowly.

That was how they pushed ahead and piled the woods to the foot of the wall.

If they lit up the fire on the woods and burned the Iron Peak, people inside would be burned to death by such a big mass of fire.