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Chapter 714: I Get It!

Chapter 714: I Get It!

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I Get It!

Soldiers apparently knew what their commander was going to do. Woods were piled in three sides of the Iron Peak. Many of the soldiers knew that they were fighting against the enemies that wouldn’t die in wounds. Fire attack was the best option to put their enemies down without sacrificing anything. That was why they worked like precise instruments on this.

If soldiers of the Kingdom of Chen didn’t want to be roasted in the tower, they should better get out for a fight directly.

However, they had only over one hundred thousand men. It was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot if they went out for the fight! That was simply suicide!

They should try everything they could to stop Wenren Jianyin’s plan, but it wasn’t easy. Both sides were working their best in this. If they sent the superior cultivators to stop it, they had to send many of them, otherwise, it wouldn’t work. The Kingdom of Lan-Feng would lit up the fire at any moment.

They would sacrifice the thousands of men in the front under the attacks of the superior cultivators to burn the superior cultivators to death. And after that, it would be much easier for them to break the Iron Peak. If nobody came out, they would keep piling the woods around the wall.

In one and a half days, there would be enough woods for them to burn the entire place out.

Hundreds of thousands of people worked together and this was what they could achieve.

After a while, people on the walls of Iron Peak started to panic.

Apparently, they finally realized what was really going on, but there was little they could do.

"What should we do?" Song Jue looked at Ye Xiao, who stood there with his hands behind the back.

"What’s wrong with you? We wait and see what happens next," Ye Xiao blandly spoke while staring at the enemies’ camp with sharp eyes.

"We see what happens next… And then what? We are running out of time here." Song Jue looked nervous.

"So? Do you think we can outrun the time if we move now? And what do you think we can do now?" Ye Xiao looked at Song Jue and asked.

"What else can we do? We rush over and burn everything they have now! We pull the rug from under their asses!" Song Jue said.

"Heh, heh. Interesting. Why should we rush out if we just want to lit the fire on them? Fire arrows would get it done. Those woods and others will burn up immediately!" Ye Xiao said.

"Oh! That’s right! We just let loose of some fire arrows and burn the hell out of them! I will get on it now!" Song Jue was going to do the arrangement.

"What? Wait! Uncle Song. Please. You are my uncle. You are my great uncle. I have always been confused why haven’t you even been promoted to a higher position in the military, since you have been following my father for so many years after all. Now I understand it. It is a great luck that you don’t get to lead the army. If you do, I can’t imagine how many people will die for nothing…" Ye Xiao stopped Song Jue and said.

"Screw it! Am I being too nice to you? How dare you say that to me? Tell me. Just tell me what is the problem with my plan!" Song Jue was furious. That was such a humiliation!

Ye Xiao pointed at the flag, which was making sounds because of the wind. "Uncle Song, look. Wind comes from south-west. We are facing it from the enemies. The next few days, the wind direction will remain. And it will be strong wind! Do you know what it means? Once we lit up those woods, as the wind blows the fire up, we will burn ourselves out for sure!"

Song Jue was stunned. After a while, he said, "That… That is true… We can’t set the fire… However, they are going to set the fire when they finish piling the woods around us. Are we just going to sit still and see the fire gets on us?"

"It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t set fire in any case. If we can set fire on the right spot, it will be safe for us anyway. We need to get deep into them and set fire inside them. That will burn them out first!" Ye Xiao casually answered.

"Hmm. That’s great. I will do it myself. It should be easy as pie for me to get into their place. I will get ready now!" Song Jue was thrilled up again and prepared to do it.

"What a pity. This is a practical plan, but not a successful one!" Ye Xiao said.

"Why so?" Song Jue was confused.

"They are working on the fire attack so obviously. Then they definitely have done something to defend from our superior cultivators. They might set the fire in advance as long as they noticed you. Even if it is you, this is too risky! They wouldn’t need lots of men to do this. Two capable ones were enough for them. They just need to keep you from setting the fire up. They just need more time for themselves to set the fire against you. It should be enough to burn you, even kill you," Ye Xiao explained.

"Hmm… I am not afraid. Maybe I will fail if I go alone, but if Zhao Pingtian, Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun, even you, go with me, we will succeed. Even if we unluckily fail… we can definitely kill our way out. You know this is going to work, right?" Song Jue said.

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "It is a better plan. Even if we fail, we are very likely able to get out safely. However, any one of us gets hurt, our men will lose faith in this battle!"

"Besides, I don’t think… this is just a fire attack. It should be more than that…" His eyes looked sharp, "Maybe there will be poison… I am not sure."

No matter what he said, he just didn’t want to stop Wenren Jianyin’s fire attack!

Song jue was stunned. "Wenren Jianyin wouldn’t do such a vile thing… would he?"

Ye Xiao looked at Song Jue and spoke in a deep voice, "Why not? There is nothing forbidden in a war. If I were Wenren Jianyin, I would do much more than poison. I would set up lots of different traps and watch as the enemies jump into it! Uncle Song, you are such a tough warrior in the battle, but you always ignore some details. What if they prepared some kerosene around, wouldn’t you use it? Of course you will! What if there is poison in it? If you are weakened by the poison, do you think you can still get out of the sea of fire easily?"

Song Jue took in a cold breath. He suddenly didn’t know what to say!

Apparently, what Ye Xiao said was very possible to happen and it would definitely hit Song Jue right on the face!

Ye Xiao sighed and said, "Let’s just wait and see."

"But if we keep waiting… we will still be roasted," Song Jue murmured.

"Relax. I know what to do!" Ye Xiao looked calm and he said, "If Wenren Jianyin didn’t go with such a plan, I will have to wait till the support arrives. Well, since that old man decided to do this… I won’t show any kindness anymore!"