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Chapter 715: Sorry!

Chapter 715: Sorry!

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"Really? You have a plan?" Song Jue was surprised.

The current situation should be despairing for everybody.

Song Jue had been making suggestions to Ye Xiao about how to stop the enemy’s fire. However, no matter how he tried, he couldn’t think of a way to stop that fire attack.

Even if there was a rainstorm…

It might take a long time to put out such a big fire.

What was Ye Xiao’s plan?

No matter how people asked him, he wouldn’t say a word about it. He just kept showing a calm face. He gave an order, "Group up! Follow my command! Prepare for attack. The fight today… may be the only opportunity we have to win the battle! The fire attack they are planning on is our chance!"

Everybody was confused. However, that was an order. No matter how they thought, they just got prepared for a fight.

Nobody could think of alternatives, so they could only believe in their commander now.

All soldiers were gathering quietly.

Commander Ye was standing on the wall looking at the soldiers.

In the camps of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng.

Wenren Jianyin felt a headache.

Wenren Chuchu looked at her uncle. She wondered whether he could really give the order to set the fire on!

People died in the battle. No matter what was used in the battle, it was normal.

However, to burn out an entire place and all living thing around it… that was heinous.

After the fire, in thousand of miles, millions of regular people would lose their means of living.

It wouldn’t be recovered even after decades.

Wenren Jinayin was silent. Suddenly, his face turned vile. He had one and a half million men to fight against over one hundred thousand men, yet he had to use such a heinous plan…

That was the biggest failure to him already!

"Uncle, is it really that important to win?" Wenren Chuchu looked at him and asked gently.

"Are you really going to destroy this place and make it a wasted land for decades, just to win a war?"

Wenren Jianyin was deep in thought while feeling extreme pain. He looked around. Hundreds of generals were looking at him in silence.

If he didn’t win this battle, these brothers of his would be punished when they returned. Some of them might even lose their families!

"I… I don’t have a choice!" He gritted with his teeth, closed his eyes, looked to the sky and spoke painfully.

"Don’t you…" Wenren Chuchu sighed.

She decided not to say anything.

Two kingdoms were at war. There was no choice.

"Faster!" Wenren Jianyin gave the order. "Pour the kerosene too!"

"Commander, should we… should we add something more in it? Just like what we do on the kerosene in that tent?" one general asked.

Wenren Jianyin’s face was twisting. He murmured, "There is still a bottom line there… even though we are going to do something dishonest…"

He spoke viciously.

It sounded gloomy.

The general didn’t dare to say more; he just left the tent.

Wenren Chuchu had been observing the Iron Peak. She saw a man in white clothes standing on the wall all the time.

The man didn’t seem nervous about what was happening down the battlefield. He just acted casual.

[What is in your mind?]

"Commander, why they still haven’t arranged an attack to us? Don’t they know they are in a deadly situation now?" one general asked. "Reasonably, even if they know they can’t stop our plan, they should have sent people over to try and do something… After all, it is the only hope they have. They may at least kill some of our men. Isn’t it such a painful tragedy to be burned out at once?"

The others all felt strange too.

"Are they giving up on this? Because they know they can’t win?" One other general guessed.

They looked at the white flag on the top of Iron Peak, flying in the air, and just couldn’t understand why.

"Are they planning on any scheme?" Somebody said, "We… we have to be cautious."

Suddenly, the others sneered at him. "Scheme? I would love to hear it. What scheme can they possibly have for this? Even if the ten most capable generals in the world work together, there will still be no solution. The only thing they can do is to sigh and pray!"

"Why haven’t they done anything? So they just wait for death? They have much more superior cultivators than we do. If not for their superior cultivators, we should have won the battle long ago! This plan is the last thing we want to do."

"Who am supposed to ask? Maybe they all give up!"

"Commander, I am afraid they may be planning some tricks here. They might just be waiting for us to set the fire," one general walked close to Wenren Jianyin and said.

Wenren Jianyin took in a deep breath. His eyes were like the eyes of an eagle, sharp and merciless. "Even if they are… we will have to continue!"

"We have no other choice!"

"Stick to the plan! Move on!"

"We have to win this fight! No matter what it costs! This victory is worth any sacrifice!"

"Yes, Commander!"

"Set the fire at midnight!"

Wenren Jianyin stared at the Iron Peak and spoke the words.

"Commander, isn’t it a bit late? There are still twelve hours before midnight. What if they flee before midnight…" one general said.

"I want them to flee. I am giving them time to get off." Wenren Jianyin spoke in a deep voice, "I would rather kill them in the battle than burn them alive there."

"Yes, Commander. I understand."

Their soldiers were marching ahead. The woods had been pushed to ten meters from the wall. However, the soldiers on the wall did nothing, but just stared down at them coldly. They just let the woods to pile up under them!

Kerosene was poured on.

More and more woods were piled up there…

Nobody came out to stop it at all! None of them ever tried to flee!

They just watched.

They looked bland.

Wenren Jianyin had been watching his enemies.

None of them was fleeing.

They just stood on the wall. There was going to be a big fire at any second, yet none of them were escaping. It seemed they had decided to die with Iron Peak!

They would rather die defending the kingdom!

"I am pushed to the deathtrap, so are they!"

Wenren Jianyin sighed and murmured, "Sorry!"