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Chapter 716: Rolling Fire

Chapter 716: Rolling Fire

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The soldiers were all getting ready for a fight, even though none of them understood what Ye Xiao was planning. They just kept getting ready for it. Several men were still standing on the wall.

Ye Xiao, Song Jue, Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian, and Liu Changjun!

Only the five of them could face the rolling heat of the big fire without getting hurt!

"It will take more than three days for this fire to burn out!" Song Jue sighed. "After this, all livings within one thousand miles will be vanished! In hundreds of years, this place will be a land of waste."

Ye Xiao looked at the flames getting closer and closer.

He could feel the air getting hotter and hotter around them, and he could feel the floor was getting hot. However, he remained calm while staring at the flame all the time.

The fire was set hundreds of meters away and burned the way over. It was burning from over a hundred meters now, and it only took two breaths for it to get so close!

The southwest wind was blowing heavier and heavier, and the fire was turning bigger and bigger. The flame was rising up, yet not to the highest point yet.

However, normal people could never bear the heat they were bearing now.

In the Iron Peak, some soldiers had started to stifle. The fire didn’t just bring heat; it also burned the oxygen in the air. The soldiers breathed like swallowing burning charcoal. They felt choked in the throat.

"I mean, if we keep waiting on, we are going to be roasted. Even though we can still handle it, our soldiers down there can not," Song Jue kept breathing softly and spoke forcibly.

The rolling fire and its smoke made Song Jue uncomfortable, even though he was such a superior cultivator.

In other words, even Song Jue couldn’t handle such a situation, not to mention the others!

Ye Xiao spoke blandly, "Not yet! Just wait!"

"Really? Still waiting…" Song Jue showed a bitter face.

Ning Biluo and the other three were also enduring the heat. Their faces all turned red.

"If any of you can’t stand it, just get down." Ye Xiao, "You won’t be facing the flame directly like up here. You will feel better down there."

They shook their heads.

"This is weird. I have experienced a massive fire once. I was right in the burning mountain back then, but it didn’t feel as horrible as this one. Why is it…" Zhao Pingtian felt it a bit difficult to breathe.

"This is completely different," Ye Xiao calmly spoke. "There are always spaces to hide among the plants on the mountain. You are definitely capable enough to find a safe spot. You may feel the heat, but it won’t kill you."

"What we are dealing with is totally different." He said, "This is a flat land and we have nowhere to hide, not to mention the wind is blowing over to us. There is no space for us! The flame is filling the entire place. We can’t escape it."

"What we are dealing with now is a completely different story.

"If you guys run through this fire, you may get hurt. It won’t kill you, but it is impossible to get through it safely.

"Those who are in lower level than you are definitely going to die in such a fire!"

He then laughed.

"How unbending you are! You actually laughed at this?" Song Jue looked at his nephew with surprise.

"Victory is coming! Why can’t I laugh?" Ye Xiao looked at the opposite and said, "Look. Their men are retreating in a hurry. As the fire is on, it is difficult for them to commander their men!"

"They thought they are far enough from the fire, yet they aren’t.

"That is why they panic.

"As the fire rolls up bigger, they will be in bigger chaos!"

He blandly spoke, "Then we will make our strike!"

"Strike? Well. Sound good. Just tell me how?"

Song Jue pointed at the enormous sea of fire and said, "It has blocked our way out now. The gates are very likely burned out… How do we make the strike? Do we rush out through the fire?"

"Our soldiers will be burned into f*cking ashes before we make it out. No. There may even be no ashes left…"

Song Jue rolled up his eyes and said, "Look. We should leave. Don’t act like you are controlling everything here… It doesn’t work!"

Ye Xiao smiled but said nothing.

The flame had rushed up to top of the wall. - Puff! - The fire had covered the figures of Ye Xiao and the others!

Wenren Chuchu and Wenren Jianyin were both watching them in the heat caused by the fire.

In their sights, the air was twisting because of the fire. They had seen the enemies gathering on the wall, but as the fire was on, everybody got off.

However, Commander Ye was still standing there with a few men!

Wenren Chuchu felt sour in the heart looking at it.

[Is that… the sorrow and grief of a hero at the end?]

They saw the five of them standing on the wall like five statues. The fire was rolling up to them, yet none of them moved… It seemed they were ready to die…

Wenren Jianyin actually felt sympathetic.

[If I were him, I guess… I would do the same thing, to die along with it?]

[One has righteous ambition yet turns out powerless. Hero dies in the end.]

[Isn’t it?]

"They are all tough men!" Wenren Jianyin sighed and closed his eyes. "Ye Xiao is indeed son of Ye Nantian! How admirable, the tough bones he got!"

Wenren Chuchu bit on the lips.

[You… are you really going to give up on this?]

[Why didn’t you just rush out for a fight?]

[You have strong capabilities. Even surrounded by million troops, you still have the chance to get away! What is happening to you?]

[We both have a bright future ahead. We belong to a much higher realm. How can you just die in a war of this mortal world?]

The rolling fire was getting bigger in the howling wind. After a while, it swallowed the top of the wall entirely!

The five men on the wall immediately disappeared from their sights.

They seemed to all become ashes in the rolling flame!