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Chapter 717: The Extreme Cold!

Chapter 717: The Extreme Cold!

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The five of them had vanished, but they were still in the sights of the men of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. The five of them were cold, brave, calm, helpless but heroic!

Without fear!

They sacrificed themselves for their country!

The fire was surging.

The million troops of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, including those who had been backing off, all stopped there, looking at the top of the wall with respect.

They were admiring their enemies, because they were honorable men!

"When we have conquered Kingdom of Chen, the first thing I will do is to set a monument for Lord Ye and his men!"

Wenren Jianyin spoke in a deep voice, "Such heroic figures! They should be remembered in the history!"

The others nodded to agree.

However, at this moment, something shot out from the top of the wall all of a sudden. It was moving fast towards the center of the fire.

None of them realized what it was. The air was twisted because of the heat of the flame. They couldn’t even be sure if there was really something that flew out. Maybe it was an illusion?

However, the next moment, something happened! Something none of them could believe!

When Ye Xiao and the other four disappeared in the dense smoke and the rolling fire, there was a sense of coldness that showed up in the place!

There was actually coldness in this burning space.

The coldness made the men of both sides feel shocked, as if they saw ghosts in day time.

The men of the Kingdom of Chen had gotten away from the fire zone. They were staying on the edge though. At the moment, the fire was rolling up. The men who were closer to it were nearly roasted. It was a good thing for them to feel something cold under such a situation, but they felt scared because of the coldness!

This place should be extremely hot because of the burning heat, but why was there the feeling of coldness?

It wasn’t just cold for a moment. It was getting even colder!

The next moment, the feeling of coldness was getting stronger and stronger… It spread out in the place!

Even though the fire was rolling everywhere, it couldn’t get the coldness off! It felt like it was winter!

No way!

It wouldn’t be this cold even in winter!

Facing the scorching fire, the soldiers actually felt freezing. They were even shaking!

It was real coldness!

"Look! The fire!"

Somebody shouted with fear. Apparently, something strange happened.

It seemed the rolling fire suddenly met something antagonistic. It was like a huge net that was made from water, fog, snow and ice, covering the fire and suppressing it down.

The net was just covering it. It kept shrinking, putting off the fire.

After a while, a stream of coldness suddenly burst in silence.

- Pop! -

The fire was completely put off at the same time!

The smoke disappeared too!

The fire was replaced by freezing ice covering the entire place. The ice continuously spread out. It went further and further, covering a much bigger area. It was moving faster and faster, and all the area that was on fire was now frozen. However, the ice didn’t stop. It kept expanding.

While the weird ice was covering the land, a fissure showed up on the floor! - Crack! - The land cracked apart from east to west!

It was bottomless, about three meters wide!

The land cracked because it was frozen too fast by the extreme coldness!

Everybody was shocked!

That was a hell shocking scene!

"What… What the hell is this? How can this happen? Is it the nature? Or is it human behavior?" Wenren Jianyin was astonished. He felt extremely terrified.

The hair on the back of his neck prickled with fear!

All the soldiers and generals were shaking due to the freezing temperature.

Their faces were pale, not only because of the cold, but also because they were scared. Such an incredible thing just happened after the rolling fire was on. It mustn’t be the will of nature. It was definitely human behavior, and that made it even scarier for them!

Their weapons seemed like frozen ice, nearly freezing their hands too. Some of them couldn’t endure the coldness, so they wanted to drop their weapons. However, they discovered they couldn’t even move their fingers.

Their fingers were sticking on the weapons. Some of them dropped their weapons, but the skins on their hands were ripped off. The reason why they didn’t feel pain was that their hands had been frozen… They couldn’t feel it…

The coldness appeared within such a short time and it caused the panic! What was it!

None of these men had experienced such coldness in their lives!

It actually froze the entire burning place!

That was just unbelievable.

How could they believe such a thing if they didn’t see it themselves?

It was not only ordinary coldness in this place, but it was extreme coldness, or absolute zero!

"Comm… Commander…" A general was quivering. Apparently, he couldn’t stand the coldness anymore. "We… We should be… better retreat n… now… If… If not… Our brothers… I am afraid… they… ahhhh…"

He was quivering and he couldn’t speak a full sentence now.

Wenren Jianyin was shocked. This general was only in the middle levels of Earth Origin Stage, but he was better than ninety-nine percent of his men. He was in such a status… What about others…

"Retreat!" Wenren Jianyin made a long sigh.

The woodpile that was burning in flames was now a huge pile of ice! It even looked transparent.

It turned extreme hot to extreme cold. Such cold qi was incredibly scary!