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Chapter 718: Gods Want Me Dead!

Chapter 718: Gods Want Me Dead!

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As Wenren Jianyin gave the order to retreat, all his soldiers felt like they were blessed by gods. They all started to run off the place. They couldn’t stay there anymore. It was too cold…

Many of them fell on the floor when they started to move, but it turned out their legs were frozen. They got up and kept rubbing their legs. They tried to hold their legs high to activate their frozen legs.

Stay there any longer would cause them to be frozen to death.

However, as they just started to move, murderous shouts sounded from everywhere!


A shout that was so loud that it nearly shocked the entire world.

The gate of Iron Peak was opened. In fact, it was broken. The fire had burned the gate into pieces of iron chunks. It was impossible to open it. However, as it was frozen, it became crisp. Song Jue hit it with his iron fist and it was broken into pieces!

A huge flag was flying in the air, rushing out the gate at first. The soldiers in Iron Peak whoever were still able to fight all rushed out like they had taken viagra! They were like tigers and their horses were like dragons!

Men and their horses rushed out with rolling murderous qi!

The men on the horses were all wearing heavy clothes and warm hats. They even had put on the gloves. They had obviously prepared for this.

A white shadow flashed over and got on the highest point of the ice. That was exactly Ye Xiao, Commander Ye!

He didn’t hesitate at all. With a fierce fist attack, it broke a huge hole in the ice mountain. He jumped into the hole and then jumped out, his face covered by ice. He shouted, "Kill!"

He moved forward and he was actually sliding ahead.

That was right. He was sliding.

The ground was frozen into a layer of ice. As he rushed forward, he was sliding fast on the ice ground. He didn’t even push himself a bit.

His men saw him do this. They all learned from him and jumped off the horses, starting to slide on the ice as a group.

- Shoot, shoot, shoot… -

Ye Xiao’s army had started a massive counterattack at this moment!

Wenren Jianyin was stunned. His eyeballs nearly popped out. They saw the enemies wearing in heavy clothes, gloves and hats. He shouted, "Gods want me die!"

He then spat out blood!

It was autumn time, when summer just ended.

His men were all wearing light clothes. They couldn’t keep warm from such extreme coldness. However, his enemies were all wearing heavy clothes, gloves, hats and all that were prepared for winter. They had prepared for this.

No matter what they were wearing, it was not enough to defend themselves from the invasion of the coldness though. Yet it was much better than wearing light clothes!

More importantly… with gloves, they could at least hold their weapons.

That was too important!

A small difference sentenced the failure of them!

The Army of Kingdom of Lan-Feng had lost faith on this. They were simply moving in a mess. In their minds, they thought the gods blessed the Kingdom of Chen. They completely lost confidence.

How could it suddenly become so cold if it wasn’t the will of gods! It was autumn!

If it wasn’t the gods’ will, what was it?

There was nothing Wenren Jianyin could do about it, no matter how capable he was. He couldn’t even gather his army together, not to mention to arrange an attack.

He felt like his heart was burning. All thoughts were blasted. He was a famous general, a great one in the world. However, all that he could do now was to watch his army collapsing. How did that feel?

He spat out blood a few more times. Suddenly, he stood straight up and stared at the sky. With all his power, he shouted with grief, "Heavens…"

Another spit of blood!

That was fresh red. It was blood of his heart!

Then he fell off the horse.

The army of the Kingdom of Chen was rolling over to them like tides.

Even their horseshoes were covered by cloths!

Wenren Chuchu held Wenren Jianyin, who was in a coma. She kept backing off fast like wind.

"Formation! Prepare the defense!"

Wenren Chuchu shouted.

Many generals were shouting the same, however, orders just didn’t work anymore in this army. The camp was in chaos. Nobody heard to the orders.

Enemies showed up wearing heavy clothes. That destroyed the last bit of hope in their hearts!

[Why would the fire be put out?]

[Why would it suddenly become so unbelievably cold?]

[Why would they prepare heavy clothes in advance?]

It was still a question in their hearts.

It was exactly what happened in this battle.

Nobody had the time to think deep into it.

Before Ye Xiao and his men rushed into their camp, they had already fallen into chaos.

What a legend, Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall. He changed the nature, interfered with the season, switched the sun and the moon, and altered the temperature… Wasn’t it the power of gods? Who could defeat such a man?

In fact, the living legend of the world, Feng Zhiling of Ling-Bao Hall, who was also Ye Xiao Commander Ye, did this all because of luck.

He had never thought that Wenren Jianyin would make such a fire attack. It wasn’t a bad plan though. If Ye Xiao wasn’t the commander, instead it was anybody else, Kingdom of Chen would definitely lose it.

They would probably leave the Iron Peak to the enemies’ hands, unless they wished to all die in the fire.

Surely, they could also rush out for a final fight. It seemed they had a chance to break the woodpiles and stop the fire, however, that wouldn’t bring them victory either. All men they had were only over one hundred thousand. Rushing out to fight against one and a half million men outside? That was completely hopeless. They would lose it for sure!

That was why, when Wenren Jianyin decided to make that fire attack, he thought it was the best option he got. Although it was against the nature and the moral value, he decided to do it!

However, the fact was, when Ye Xiao knew Wenren Jianyin was planning that fire attack, he almost exclaimed because of excitement.

Wenren Jianyin set the fire because he wanted Ye Xiao to go out and start a tough fight. Unexpectedly, it was wonderful for Ye Xiao.