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Chapter 719: Nine Thousand Miles Hunt!

Chapter 719: Nine Thousand Miles Hunt!

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When Ye Xiao realized what Wenren Jianyin was planning, he immediately got everybody to prepare heavy clothes and anything that could keep themselves warm. Within one night, he boiled over a dozen vats of water with dan beads in it which could keep the soldiers warm. Everyone drank some before the fight started.

None of his men knew what it was for.

That’s reasonable. Why would normal people prepare heavy clothes when there was going to be a big fire burning over? They believed they wouldn’t need more warmth when the fire was on.

No matter what, the Western Army had left lots of reserves even though most of them were dead. Iron Peak was the most important barrier for the Kingdom of Chen. There were all kinds of supplies in the tower. Besides, all they needed were things for only less than two hundred thousand men. Everybody got what they were told to prepare!

However, they were still confused about it. They wondered what their Commander was planning!

Ye Xiao surely knew clearly what he was doing and he knew he was doing the right thing.

Such a fire might be impossible to withstand for any other people in the world...

However, it wasn’t for Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao had something that could perfectly suppress any fire!

The Cosmic Hades!

When the fire reached its strongest point, Ye Xiao threw out the Cosmic Hades.

After the Cosmic Hades, he also threw out five pieces of Spiritual Jade.

The Spiritual Jade aroused the raging extreme cold qi inside Cosmic Hades.

That was the second time it burst it out!

The first time, it created an ice mountain outside Chen-Xing City which existed for ten thousand years!

That was a miracle in the world!

Cosmic Hades could create a huge ice mountain in summer. Now that it used up several times of Spiritual Jade than the first time, of course it would put out the fire!

Ye Xiao didn’t think it would fail at all.

He was more than confident that it would work perfectly!

As expected, the fire was put out. Within a short time, the periphery of a few kilometers were frozen!

Ye Xiao was indeed a ‘living legend’ according to what he had just done!

Of course, Cosmic Hades did most of the job. Ye Xiao just made a plan for it!

What happened was that Ye Xiao made a wonderful plan to put out the fire with extreme coldness, and lead the army to attack the enemies. He had brought victory to the Kingdom of Chen in the fight against the Kingdom of Lan-Feng! That was what happened!

Ye Xiao’s army rushed out for the final strike. Men of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng had lost their faith right before Ye Xiao marched out for the fight!

How could he not win this?

When Ye Xiao rushed out for the attack, he put away the Cosmic Hades back to the Space immediately. Otherwise… this entire place would become a huge ice mountain just like the one outside Chen-Xing City…

Even though he had taken back the Cosmic Hades, the cold didn’t stop spreading out. The two mountains on the two sides actually became two ice mountains that wouldn’t not melt in ten thousand years!

The same ice mountains showed up in the world again.

He had thrown in five hundred pieces of Spiritual Jade after all. That was several times than the last time. Surely, he was not as weak as he used to be now. Even though the extreme cold qi was having a reverse impact on him, he could handle it himself!


Ye Xiao and the others rushed into the camp of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. As he shouted, swords and axes were shining. Lights rushed up to the clouds!

After that, the main troops of his army rushed in an overwhelming way.

They were like hot soups spilling into snow, destroying everything like cutting down withered woods. They met no resistance at all.

The army of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng had lost every positivity they needed. Many of them didn’t even hold any weapons. Even though there were those who did hold their weapons, they couldn’t sway it at all. This was simply a massacre. They just kept running away in chaos.

At this moment, even if Ye Nantian, or even if all the famous generals were there supporting the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, it still wouldn’t change anything!

This was exactly like god’s will for them. It crashed down every bit of their confidence!

The Kingdom of Lan-Feng’s army was collapsing. Ye Xiao led his one hundred and thirty men chasing after them. They kept shouting and killing all the way after them, without any stop.

Honestly, Ye Xiao didn’t dare to give any time for the enemies to rest.

For Wenren Jianyin, he only needed one day to pull together all the fleeing soldiers again. Then they would become a strong army again. Ye Xiao had to keep chasing and hunt them until… until they were too exhausted to continue.

With this thought in their minds, Ye Xiao’s army kept chopping off heads and splashing blood of the enemies along the way.

The army of the Kingdom of Chen, especially the soldiers of the Western Army who had survived, finally vented the anger and grudge in their chests, which they had been enduring for half a year.

One hundred and thirty thousand men chasing after almost a million men, like following a bunch of ducks!

Slaughtering and chasing more with much less men like this was definitely a unique event in the history. It was something impossible to happen, especially because one of the great generals in history was the exact person losing the battle. However, miracle happened…

The hunt lasted seven days and seven nights!

As Ye Xiao’s army chased the losing army, they reached a town. The fleeing ones didn’t seem like stopping. They just kept moving through the town. Ye Xiao’s army didn’t stop either. They just kept chasing the enemies. The general who had been guarding this town didn’t have a proper fight, because the soldiers from his own kingdom ran and crashed his men into chaos. The only thing he could do was to lead his men to join the fleeing army.

And another town was taken down fast.

Soldiers of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng didn’t get to fight at all. All they did was to follow the million troops and run away from the towns they were supposed to defend…

Seven days and seven nights, one hundred and thirty thousand men pushed all the men from the Kingdom of Lan-Feng out of the territory of the Kingdom of Chen!

The lands lost from Wu Gonglie’s hands were now reclaimed!

As they kept chasing, they actually conquered a few towns that belonged to the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. After they had reached the protective boundary of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, Sky Nerve City, they eventually stopped.

Not that they didn’t want to keep going, they were just exhausted!

Seven full days chasing without any rests, no matter how strong the soldiers were, even if their bodies were made of irons and their vigor could shock the world, they couldn’t go on with it anymore.

They still felt spirited, like they could kill a dragon.

However, they were physically broken!

One would run out of power at some point!

Seven full days, when they were thirsty, they drank while running; when they were hungry, they ate while running… That was how they kept chasing the enemies. When they felt really sleepy, they cut themselves with their sharp swords…