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Chapter 720: Glorious Victory

Chapter 720: Glorious Victory

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They had travelled eight thousand and nine hundred miles for this!

Almost nine thousand miles, they ran and killed within seven full days.

Only about twenty percent of the horses in Ye Xiao’s army survived the long run.

Even those living ones were all damaged.

About eighty percent of the horses died on the way!

Sky Nerve City took in all those fleeing soldiers through the gate. The soldiers finally took a breath of relief when they finally got to their strong city. However, some of them still died when they finally sat down for some food. They just died sitting there.

They had been extremely nervous, hungry, and terrified in the past seven days. They were mentally broken. What their bodies could do was merely escape. Once they were safe, the pain and fatigue hit them hard. Thousands of them just died while sleeping. They wouldn’t wake up forever. They died in Sky Nerve City.

Wenren Jianyin’s million troops had one and a half million men. Less than three hundred thousand of them made it back to Sky Nerve City, all injured.

Many of the men were trampled when they were fleeing in chaos. As one man fell down, dozens would fall after him. Horses and men would ran up and trample the ones on the floor. Lots of them became a pile of flesh with blood.

General or regular soldier, as long as they fell down, they wouldn’t have the chance to get up again!

Hundreds of thousands men died being trampled in chaos!

Everyone of them had lost their mind and moral sensitivity. They didn’t even know how to use the weapons in their hands when they met their enemies…

During the seven days, Wenren Jianyin woke up several times. He spat out blood every time he woke up and then passed out again. At the end, he was seriously sick. He was still lying in the bed, unconscious. If Wenren Chuchu didn’t keep looking after him the past seven days, he would have died already.

Ye Xiao knew that his army really had to rest, so he set a camp in front of the Sky Nerve City.

That night, only a few assassins were on night watch. Most of the men were deep asleep as they were all exhausted. When they realized they could finally sleep and rest, some of them didn’t even eat before they fell asleep.

Some of them even started to snooze before they lied down.

In fact, if Ye Xiao didn’t urge everyone to drink a bowl of the magic water with dan beads in it, thousands of them might have already died!

Running and killing for several days without any rest, not only those of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng were exhausted, Ye Xiao’s men also couldn’t hold it up anymore. However, Feng Monarch had lots of supreme dan beads. None of his men died during the seven days. That was such a miracle that was unique in the history. Nobody could even imitate him!

Ye Xiao was one of the men who were on watch at the night. After several days of tough work, only Ye Xiao and a few others still had the power to stay up. In fact, Ye Xiao was thinking that if people came out from the Sky Nerve City to attack, he couldn’t defend all his men. The one hundred and thirty thousand men would get slaughtered in the dark!

However, this was a night of peace though, because Sky Nerve City was in a mess at the moment. People in the city didn’t know what the situation was yet. None of them dared to make any reckless attack first. Besides, they had to take care of the wounded soldiers who had just arrived. That was enough to keep them busy.

The city was filled with moaning and snoring.

Many of the soldiers just slept on the street as they really could hold it to the camp. They just lied on the street in groups. They looked exhausted.

They were truly exhausted!

Wenren Chuchu was still sober, because she wasn’t a normal person. The others, including those generals, all fell down. They were also regular people. How could they not feel tired?

All those who had been fighting in this battle, no matter in which sides, had lose weight, becoming skinny in the process.

A few physicians were busy staying around Wenren Jianyin. They looked gloomy.

The general who had been guarding Sky Nerve City had been making arrangements for the wounded soldiers.

"Princess, what happened? We cut right through into the Kingdom of Chen not long ago. We were so close to take their capital down!" The general who guarded Sky Nerve City was Meng Chuanshi. He was a good general too. At the moment, he was lost in confusion.

"Million troops of ours, marching with songs and vigor. We were winning it. So close. We were so close to it. All we needed was one more push to break the Kingdom of Chen, to destroy our enemy. How come? How come we end up like this? All of sudden?"

General Meng felt that he was freaking out. He had to get the answer.

If it wasn’t Wenren Jianyin, but other people, maybe it was understandable.

But it was Wenren Jianyin!

The famous war god in the world!

They were not only defeated, but also in such a miserable way…

That was such a misery.

One million and two hundred thousand men of Wenren Jianyin, three hundred thousand men of Wenren Chuchu, that was one and a half million in total. However, less than three hundred thousand wounded soldiers survived. The others were all dead and lost!

The great loss of this fight had shocked the foundation of the entire Kingdom of Lan-Feng!

A strong army which was under Wenren Jianyin’s command actually got defeated so bad! Even… Ye Nantian couldn’t defeat Wenren Jianyin like this.

"It truly is an unreasonable fight." Wenren Chuchu sighed. "If there is any reason, the reason must be… heaven’s will!"

She bitterly smiled.

"Heaven’s will? How so?" Meng Chuanshi couldn’t understand it.

"It’s true. Heaven’s will." Wenren Chuchu sighed. "By then, we have already taken the positive position in all sides. We have been marching ahead like a sharp knife. All we needed to do was to break down the last barrier of the Kingdom of Chen. We were so close."

"At that moment, the enemies got their support. They were so tough. Other than that, Ye Nantian’s army was already on their way too. Ten to fifteen days, that’s all it takes for them to arrive."

She said, "We didn’t have much time by then. That was why Commander decided to use fire attack, in order to end the war as soon as possible…"

She told Meng Chuanshi everything.

Meng Chuanshi was shocked. "That should be a perfect plan! Right strategy, right place, right time! How could it fail? We should have won the battle no matter how!"