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Chapter 721: Is It Fate?

Chapter 721: Is It Fate?

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"Not only you think so, we all did." Wenren Chuchu sighed. "But none of us could see that right when the fire was burning the top of Iron Peak, the entire world changed!

"An extreme coldness arrived. The fire which had covered hundreds of miles was put out right away. The world was frozen. Even the ground cracked because of the extreme coldness!"

"It is early autumn. Our men were all wearing light clothes. How were we supposed to defend from the invasion of the coldness? Their men, they were all wearing heavy clothes. They had been prepared for it. They knew the coldness in advance.

"Our men lost in every aspects, mentally and physically. Our soldiers couldn’t even pick up their weapons. When they held their weapons, they couldn’t drop them, because if they did, skins on their hands would be ripped off… Our enemies were fully prepared. They were doing perfect.

"When we just realized they were all dressed and prepared, they started the finally attack on us…"

Wenren Chuchu’s face looked gloomy.

"It is fate… coldness…" Meng Chuanshu felt like she was telling a story on the books. He felt terrified after hearing the truth.

"How come? Heaven’s will? Fate? Is it really?" His eyes were opened so big like they were about to pop out. "How is it possible? Extreme cold? In this season? Even in the coldest days in winter, there is no way it could be cold like that… Why?"

Wenren Chuchu closed her eyes. "There is no conclusion on this yet. None of us know what exactly was going on back then. It was like a dream. When we woke up, we had already lost it."

Meng Chuanshi was shocked. Apparently, he couldn’t understand what really happened.

He murmured, "Is the Kingdom of Chen blessed by heavens? They were losing the battle in the south too. At the very important moment, a huge mountain actually fell down and blocked everything. It saved them!

"After that, when we attacked them at the same time in three sides, they were losing. We were so close to take them down, yet… twice… there it came, the rainstorm… and we lost the opportunity."

"This is the third time. We were so close to win the war eventually. It suddenly turned extremely cold… We lost it again…" Meng Chuanshi was shocked. He looked terrible.

"Around the Kingdom of Chen, there was a huge ice mountain that suddenly appeared."

"Before Master Bai left, he gave the King of the Kingdom of Chen a sword, the Holy Providence…"

"Feng Zhiling of Ling-Bao Hall is recognized as the qualified rival of Master Bai. He was the other legend in the world. He had shown the intent to support the Kingdom of Chen long ago."

His face turned pale. "Everything indicates… that the Kingdom of Chen was blessed by heavens. The world is tending to the Kingdom of Chen… Could it be…"

Wenren Chuchu’s face looked bad. She said, "General Meng, I guess you should mind your words!"

Meng Chuanshi trembled and then kneeled down. "I have been worrying about the war. I didn’t mean to say that. Please, I beg your forgiveness."

Wenren Chuchu was upset. She wouldn’t bother punishing him. She just waved her hand to send him off.

No matter how tough she could be, she was shocked by what Meng Chuanshi said.

In the pasted several days, not only Meng Chuanshi had said such words. Who among the three hundred thousand surviving soldiers hadn’t thought of it?


"Is it really fate? Does the heaven truly want the Kingdom of Chen to win?"

She was lost.

She wouldn’t have such a thought until this moment. That was reasonable. She was the heir of Misty Cloud Palace. She was more experienced and well-informed than most others. That was why she had different views than the soldiers. The huge mountain from the sky, the rainstorm, the ice mountain, and the day when the two great sects were wiped out, she knew that Feng Zhiling did none of them.

She knew Feng Zhiling and Ye Xiao was the same guy. That was why she was more sure that he wasn’t capable enough to do those things!

If the strange scene didn’t happen right in front of her eyes, she wouldn’t believe this extreme cold qi was from Ye Xiao!

Who made that ice mountain outside Chen-Xing City? The answer was obvious!

If Ye Xiao could do these both, could he also make the mountain fall from the sky in the battle and create the rainstorm too? Was it Ye Xiao who destroyed both the great sects within one day?

It was strange how people’s mind works. When one tiny part of one’s theory turns out to be wrong, all the others will be unauthentic, no matter how one wished it was true.

[Was I wrong from the beginning?]

[He could do two of these miracles, then maybe he did all of them? These miracles all benefit the Kingdom of Chen after all!]

Well, in fact, except the mountain from the sky in the south and the ruins of the two great sects, Ye Xiao had connection to all those things! Well, he did some himself for sure!

Actually, even the mountain and the two great sects were related to him!

Now, even though Wenren Chuchu had been so sure that Ye Xiao wasn’t as legendary as people said, she was moved. The idea about how Feng Zhiling was a legend and how the Kingdom of Chen was blessed by the heavens was deep in people’s hearts!

With all the things that had happened, the Kingdom of Chen became a sign of something that overwhelmed the entire world! When people thought of the Kingdom of Chen, it reminded them a miracle! It reminded them of the fate!

That was the great victory of the Kingdom of Chen!

It was even more like a victory than a fight in the Iron Peak!