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Chapter 722: Trembling Land of Han-Yang!

Chapter 722: Trembling Land of Han-Yang!

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Trembling Land of Han-Yang!

In fact, after the fight, people all thought that the Kingdom of Chen was blessed by heavens!

Everybody in either kingdom believed so.

Other than that, people also believe that Feng Monarch was a peerless legend!

Wenren Chuchu was tangled in her heart.

When she made that deal with Ye Xiao, she did not think it would end like this. In fact, she believed the Kingdom of Lan-Feng would win. At least, they wouldn’t be defeated in such a way.

However, things were completely changed in only two days! Chaos filled her world!

She remembered Ye Xiao standing on the top of the wall while the fire was rolling up to him. She was shocked. [You… You planned all this? What a legend! This is such a legendary moment!]

[I thought it was puffery when everybody said you are a living legend. I could never see how you could defeat a million troops with your one hundred thousand men. I didn’t believe you could actually win…]

The war in Iron Peak had shocked the world!

News spread fast in the entire Land of Han-Yang like pestilence.

Countless carrier falcon flew out everywhere!

Capital of the Kingdom of Chen.

Chen-Xing City.

Zuo Wuji had been through some seriously tough days.

As long as he showed up, no matter where he was, people looked at him with hatred in the eyes.

Everybody wanted to boil him, roast him, or burn him viciously!

"You bastard! You can recommend so many people, yet you recommended that f*cking bodacious foppish prick!"

"My son is dead! How can you still be alive? Give me back my son!"

"You give me back my grandson!"

"So many people died! Why haven’t you yet?"

"Your majesty, Zuo Wuji is utterly vile. He brings calamity to the kingdom and the people. I suggest we put him to death by dismembering his body…"

"Your majesty, Zuo Wuji’s contempt of imperial power leads to the fact that recommended his friend. He must have received a bribe from Ye Xiao…"

"Hmmm. Zuo Wuji said he could win the war! It turns out he has been hiding behind the wall!"

"Anybody can do that! How does that indicate him as a good commander?"

"He is nothing but a young and stupid young lord. How could he defeat Wenren Jianyin? Zuo Wuji, you are betraying our kingdom! You are making fun of the court!"

"We will never let this go…"

Since Ye Xiao left the city, Zuo Wuji was sinking in such speeches. He was surrounded.

He was like a rat on the street, that everybody wanted him dead.

No. They not just wanted him dead, they wanted to kill him themselves, by any merciless and brutal ways… They had thought about all cruel execution methods!

If the king hadn’t been protecting him all these days, he would have died for hundreds of times, in miserable ways!

Everyday, before good news came from the front line, Zuo Wuji would be living in hell.

After the court, he hid behind Prime Minister Zuo. Otherwise, he would have been missing for countless times…

The officials couldn’t blame the king for their sons, so they chose Zuo Wuji to vent their grudge.

Zuo Wuji prayed everyday. [For fxck’s sake, Xiao Xiao. Give us a victory already. Even gods feel sorry for what I am getting through…]

Maybe Ye Xiao heard him, or maybe gods did something for him, news about victory came all of a sudden.

It arrived when they were on court.

Zuo Wuji stayed in a side, trying to be ignored. He had been bullied so badly that he was just like a trembling duck, enduring hostility from everywhere. Everyday he tried to get away from the crowd…



"Great victory from Iron Peak!"

Five simple words shut up all the officials’ mouths thoroughly.

"Victory from Iron Peak?" The king was thrilled. "Go on!"

"Iron Peak… the Kingdom of Lan-Feng made an enormous fire attack… and the Kingdom of Chen is blessed. Extreme cold arrived and put out the fire… Ye Xiao, Commander Ye, led the army out for a big fight. Seven full days, they didn’t rest a bit. As they kept chasing the losing enemies, they had reached Sky Nerve City by now… Eight thousand miles lands have been taken back. Other than that, we get more land that belonged to the enemy… At this time, our great army is settled around the city…"

- Boom! -

It was like a bomb exploding in everybody’s heart in the court.

They kept whispering to each other.

None of them believed their ears!

The king was so excited that he suddenly stood up from the throne. He grabbed the report and read it again. At the end, he raised up his head and laughed out loud.

"Ye Xiao did not fail me! Luckily, I have ignored all your objections and assigned him as the commander! Now, look at what he has achieved! He swept our biggest enemy there! I am glad! God bless the Kingdom of Chen! God bless us indeed!"

The king was lost in joy.

He forgot to be careful on talking.

Zuo Wuji lowered his head and felt so good about it. [Finally, your majesty! You admit it! You are the one who wants Ye Xiao to be the commander…]

As expected, the crowd didn’t burst in happiness and cheers. They just lazily repeated, ‘Almighty your majesty!’… That was all.

The officials didn’t look happy at all.

[So… the king wanted Ye Xiao to be the commander…]

[Zuo Wuji… is just a scapegoat?]

[Then… did the king give Ye Xiao a permission, or an order to kill our sons back then?]

[He must have done so. Otherwise, how would Ye Xiao act so bodacious?]

[How would he dare to offend us all at the same time?]


However, as they had been attacking Zuo Wuji in recent days, the king knew it. The king felt like he was the one being attacked…

Nobody knew what to do now.

The north was in peace because Ye Nantian killed out all enemies there.

The west was taken back, as Ye Xiao defeated the enemy there. The Kingdom of Lan-Feng should behave for the coming few years before they could recover.