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Chapter 723: Peerless!

Chapter 723: Peerless!

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The south and the east were going well.

Su Dingguo held his ground against Zhan Qianshan in the east. As long as he didn’t do any stupid mistakes, the east would surely be fine.

General Lan was protecting the south. The fallen mountain was a natural shield, and Yang Wanli, the vice-commander leading the army for the Kingdom of Tian-Yu, had no way to deal with him. It was also safe in the south!

In other words, the Kingdom of Chen was free from dangers!

The next moment, as the king thought, it should now be the time sweep out the discord inside the kingdom…

Will I be hit? All officials asked the same question.

[Maybe we did a bit too much on this?]

They started to feel terrified.

"Zuo Wuji recommended Ye Xiao to the court. He should be rewarded…"

The king was so happy. He immediately promoted Zuo Wuji three steps. Surely, Zuo Wuji was grateful.

"Commander Ye, Ye Xiao stepped out to protect our kingdom and saved us from collapsing. He saved us and our people. He takes the great credit! I will confer title of…" The king announced, "… I will give him a great award when he returns…"

"One more thing. I want you to have a discussion about it. What should we do to the lands we took back. Any GOOD candidate to go for the errand? Prime Minister Zuo, what do you think?"

The king looked at Prime Minister Zuo first to ask his opinion.

Zuo Wuji had been promoted several steps, but he was still in a low position. Apparently, he was not qualified enough to go rule an area. However, the king let Prime Minister Zuo recommend somebody, so as to let Zuo Wuji play a role in it.

Prime Minister was experienced and wise. Of course, he knew he should ask for a bright future for his grandson.

This was a great chance to raise his own people under the king’s permission. What a fortune!

Prime Minister Zuo started to think carefully. The officials looked at Prime Minister Zuo and Zuo Wuji with jealousness.

[Little prick is going to soar in the sky…]

[What great luck!]

In the east.

Zhan Qianshan’s face turned dark when he got the report too. After a few seconds of silence, he slapped the report on the table and made a big sound. Then he sat back to the chair without saying anything after.

The generals gathered around to read the report and they were all shocked.

"Iron Peak, Wenren Jianyin suffers massive loss!"

The Kingdom of Lan-Feng had one and a half million people. Only less than three hundred thousand wounded soldiers survived.

Wenren Jianyin spat out blood and passed out. He hadn’t woken up even when the report was sent.

The Kingdom of Chen had claimed their lands back. Moreover, their army was aiming for Sky Nerve City!

In other words, the Kingdom of Chen was safe!

What happened next was the movements of Ye Nantian’s army. The Northern Army had divided into two groups. One marched towards the east, while the other to the west.

He sent people to support two sides at the same time!

The battles had been stable since the day the war started, yet both sides had support now. It was impossible that the Kingdom of Chen would lose!

The world had been settled!

Zhan Qianshan was lost in thoughts for a long time before he finally sighed in grief.

"It is done. Things had gone this far. Pass down my words. Retreat! Let’s return to our motherland!" Zhan Qianshan made a long sigh. "Such a great opportunity to defeat the Kingdom of Chen. We have missed it. Is it true that god blessed the Kingdom of Chen?

"We are never going to have another opportunity like this ever. Once the Kingdom of Chen is stable inside, they will expand their territory. That will be the day we start to moan…"

He sighed. "The world is going to be in the hands of the Kingdom of Chen. As long as I am there, we may still keep our kingdom under good protection, even if Ye Nantian comes to attack. But after I die, I am afraid…"

That night, they prepared for retreat.

Zhan Qianshan stood on the top of a mountain while staring at Su Dingguo’s camp. He stayed there the whole night.

The night was dark.

Nobody saw the tears on his face. Tears fell down with grief and helplessness…

He had fought for his entire life dreaming for the victory, yet it was impossible now.

Nobody could understand better than him that after this fight, the Kingdom of Chen would be the invincible force in the world! Its wealth was peerless!

That was a huge amount of money Feng Monarch gave to the Kingdom of Chen. The Kingdom of Chen had been in war in four sides but still didn’t use a dime of the treasury.

Till the end of the war, the Kingdom of Chen hadn’t used up the money from Feng Monarch.

Two other kingdoms had been at war for a year, but now they failed. Their strength was declined for sure.

What did it mean to them? It was obvious.

One thing was sure—the Kingdom of Chen would start to conquer the entire world after the war in Iron Peak!

It was done!

Ye Xiao didn’t continue the madness of attacking Sky Nerve City.

Not that he couldn’t take it down, he just didn’t want to do it. For him, he had done enough by defeating Wenren Jianyin.

The grassland folks were all dead. The Kingdom of Lan-Feng and the Kingdom of Tian-Yu got nothing for such a tough war. Instead, their strength even declined. The Kingdom of Chen only needed to stay peaceful inside, then the world will be under its control sooner or later!

Ye Nantian could finally prepare to leave this world. He didn’t need to stay for the promise he made now.

Besides… Ye Xiao found that the soul power was more than he needed in the air. In fact, when they were on the way chasing after Wenren Jianyin’s army, he had stopped collecting soul power.

Brother Egg had absorbed enough!

He didn’t need to slaughter more for it!

The was why when his men had rested for some time, he showed up and did something that shocked everybody in both sides.

He gave the order to beat the war drum.

Then his men gathered in formation in front of the city.

They started to shout at the city.

"I ask for a meeting with Princess Chuchu of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, please!" Ye Xiao shouted. That was surprising.

The general didn’t dare to show up at all. He just kept the doors shut. The last thing he wanted was to face the attack from the Kingdom of Chen at the moment. When he heard Ye Xiao, he went to Wenren Chuchu at once.

Wenren Chuchu was surprised. [Commander Ye wants to see me? What does he want?]

So she stepped on the top of the wall.

"Commander Ye, you asked for a meeting. May I ask what for?" She looked cold and distant while standing there. However, her eyes were filled with complicated emotions when she looked at Ye Xiao.