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Chapter 725: Peerless Affectionate Guy?

Chapter 725: Peerless Affectionate Guy?

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Meng Chuanshi shook his head and sighed. "Commander Ye had put down everything else for the princess… Had he never thought that he might get beheaded by the furious king in the Kingdom of Chen? No! He thought about it! He surely did! How could he not? However, even after he had thought about it, he still did this for you… Princess, his love to you…"

General Meng kept sighing for it until he felt an overwhelming murderous qi towards him.

He looked up and saw the princess staring back at him with cold and vicious eyes…

He quivered. That astonished him.

"Shut up!" Wenren Chuchu gritted with her teeth. Her pretty eyes were full of cold and furious lights.

General Meng was terrified. He hurriedly apologized, "Actually… You don’t need to worry, Princess. Commander Ye has done such a contribution to his kingdom. Their king is not going to kill him. That would be damaging his own force after all…"

He actually thought Wenren Chuchu was worrying about Commander Ye’s safety…

He felt sorry for her. [He is going to be fine… But… it is never going to end up well between them. After all, they are in two different kingdoms… What a shame… Such wonderful love story…]

Wenren Chuchu showed a cold face and left.

Meng Chenshi was such a fool…

Wenren Chuchu really didn’t want to humiliate him.

Otherwise, he would be cursed to death…

Wenren Chuchu wanted to be moved by this though. In fact, she wanted Meng Chuanshi’s words to be true!

If Ye Xiao really loved her so badly and was willing to give up everything for her, even retreating for her in face of victory, she would feel so happy about it. Instead, she was so mad at him at the moment.

The problem was that… he didn’t do it for her really.

He was playing. He just wanted an excuse to retreat!

And he seized the opportunity to humiliate her.

She wanted to throw up!

She knew exactly what he was thinking.

Love? Retreat for her?

B*llshit! Completely b*llshit!

Ye Xiao didn’t want to get involved in this fight since the beginning. He just didn’t want to waste more time here. His army was exhausted too… All he wanted was an excuse to retreat…

That was why he used Wenren Chuchu. She was being stubborn and said something to threaten him although she knew it wouldn’t work. However, he used it and retreated…

Even if she didn’t say those words, he would find a way to tell everybody the reason he made up for the retreat… It would end with the same result…

After all, all he wanted was an excuse!

He just seized the opportunity to make himself look like a good man, also dragging Wenren Chuchu down to the mud!

Everybody believed that he retreated for her. That was not the truth, and she knew it!

However, nobody would believe her!

She was furious about it.

When she left the top of the wall, she felt the weirdness in all the soldiers’ eyes.

It was so weird that… she couldn’t describe it.

She only felt her cheek was burning red. The anger in her chest was rising up. If her anger was to transform into real fire, it would be even bigger than the fire Wenren Jianyin set in Iron Peak. Even Cosmic Hades couldn’t put it out!

The only thing she was sure about was that she had become a legend for her kingdom too!

She would be marked in the history forever!

However, she also lost her chasteness…

Ye Xiao completely ruined it!

"Ye Xiao!" When she finally returned to her room, she burst in anger. "You bastard! You! This will not end!"

Ye Xiao was in front of the army, heading back to the capital fast.

The soldiers were all following him in silence. The army was cold and scary somehow.

Nobody knew why they had to retreat, but they would still follow the order of their Commander Ye!

Even if Commander Ye truly retreated for the beauty, they would love to do this for their commander!

They would do anything for their commander! They were happy to retreat just because their commander liked that girl!

The victory they took had given Ye Xiao great prestige among this army!

"I mean, kid, you are a freak…" Song Jue shook his head. "I… I truly can’t understand this… You don’t want to go on the fight, fine. Wy do you have to take that as an excuse?"

He, of course, was the only person except Wenren Chuchu and Ye Xiao who knew about the truth!

Ye Xiao humphed. "Uncle Song, don’t you think this ended better this way?"

Song Jue was surprised.

It wasn’t just about Ye Xiao retreating from the war. It was giving back the small towns that they had conquered back to the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. They didn’t stop until they reached the first barrier of the Kingdom of Chen, Valley Pass. In Valley Pass, they started to recruit the local people to repair the fortifications.

Commander Ye made the situation return to the time before this war started.

It was a favor he gave to that beautiful princess in others’ eyes.

However, for the Kingdom of Chen, those were too much to give.

Commander Ye gave up the lands and the great victory for a beauty. What a great romance story. He was indeed an amorous lord!

Commander, oh, commander!

He didn’t even fear death for the smile of the beauty!

Before the war, Valley Pass was a territory of the Kingdom of Chen. Outside Valley Pass, it was land of nobody, or it might be indicated as the land of both kingdoms. To the west, it was the Kingdom of Lan-Feng.

What Ye Xiao did was to return everything back to the point before the war started, like nothing happened before this.

Bridge was bridge, road was road.

However, the loss of the world this war caused was enormous.

Manpower, money, resources… a lot had been wasted. The Kingdom of Chen was fine, because it won the war and it had the support from Feng Monarch. The other two kingdoms was retrograded ten years. The north grassland was the worst. Grassland folk was extinct. In hundreds of years, even thousands of years, the Grassland Tribes wouldn’t rise again!

For Ye Xiao, none of these mattered. After all was said and done, he just disappeared. Nobody knew where he had gone.