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Chapter 726: A Great Disturbance!

Chapter 726: A Great Disturbance!

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"Do everything it requires to repair the fortification! Make sure it is firmly done!"

That was the last order Commander Ye gave before he left.

To defend, not to attack.

"You guys, take good use of the last few days. Improve yourself. There is not much time before the day comes." That was what Ye Xiao said to Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian, and Liu Changjun before he left.

Ye Xiao didn’t even bring the assassins of Ling-Bao Hall with him!

Even Song Jue had no idea where he had gone.

Commander Ye suddenly retreated when he was winning it, like making a joke. That stirred up a great disturbance. The world was shocked!

The world was just shocked by how Commander Ye led his much smaller army to win the battle against Wenren Jianyin’s million troops—that was such a legend—but not long after, the world was shocked again by how Commander Ye gave up the opportunity to seize a bigger victory for the beauty he loved.

People in the Land of Han-Yang finally had something to talk about for a long time.

"Awesome! That guy is brilliant!"

"That’s right! Ye Xiao! For the beauty, he abandons the kingdom…"

"He actually abandoned his own life for her…"

"That’s true…"

"That is treason. I don’t really understand what he was thinking…"

However, in women’s thoughts, it was a much better story.

"If there is any man who… who can do such a thing for me… I… I will give up everything else for him!"

Nearly all women in the Land of Han-Yang dreamed about it. They were so jealous about Wenren Chuchu.

"I really want to see how beautiful that Princess Chuchu is. How did she make Commander Ye do that for her…"

"Commander Ye is… truly a spoony…"

"I want to see this legendary man so badly…"

Unlike the civilians… officials in the capital finally had a reason to attack Ye Xiao. Apparently, they thought it was a good chance to avenge their dead sons.

They jumped up and down, raging up with anger.

"Your majesty, Ye Xiao committed treason! He betrayed the kingdom!"

"Ye Xiao gave up the battle! He should be punished!"

"Ye Xiao is in love with the enemy! He gave up on his kingdom for her! He deserves to die!"

"Ye Xiao must have been bribed by the Kingdom of Lan-Feng! He obviously is working for the Kingdom of Lan-Feng! We must execute him as soon as possible before it is too late!"

Reasonable or not, they didn’t care. They just kept handing in reports trying to get Ye Xiao killed. They just added as many accusations as they could, no matter how dumb it was, to impeach Ye Xiao!

It was a mess on court. The officials were accusing Ye Xiao at the same time.

Hundreds of officials kneeled on the floor and declared not to get up until the king sentenced Ye Xiao to death!

Somebody even cried with tears and moaned.

The king looked at the officials with a gloomy face. Nobody knew what he was thinking at the moment…

Zuo Wuji finally stepped out. It was the first time he spoke on his own initiative on the court.

"B*llshit! You guys keep making up different reasons, no matter how unreasonable they are, just to have Commander Ye sentenced! You fail the people, and you fail all soldiers who had been fighting in the front line!"

The first word he said had already pissed off the officials.

"Zuo Wuji, you and Ye Xiao, you are jackals of the same lair!" A few officials stared at Zuo Wuji furiously. "We knew you would stand up for him! You traitors! You deserve to die!"

Zuo Wuji didn’t panic. He loudly shouted, "Your majesty, I have more words to say, please."

"Go ahead," the king answered.

Zuo Wuji looked both aggrieved and angry. "When our kingdom is in great danger, Commander Ye accepted the assignment and led one hundred thousand men to Iron Peak without pausing. There were only eighty thousand wounded men left in Iron Peak back then. Most optimistically evaluated, he had no more than one hundred and eighty thousand men to command! What about the Kingdom of Lan-Feng? One and a half million men!

"He led only one hundred and eighty thousand men to fight against one and a half million enemies! What a horrible situation! Who dares to lead such a fight? Commander Ye did! He devoted himself for the kingdom. What brought us the victory is his wisdom and courage! He pushed the enemies out of our territory! We all knew it was his own credit! He did it for the kingdom! I don’t think I need to remind you all of that!

"Commander Ye put his life in risk so as to protect the kingdom!

"And what are you trying to say here is that he betrayed the king? He betrayed the kingdom? Pah! The moment when he put his own life in risk and marched out for that fight, we were already in a deadly failure! If he wants the kingdom to collapse, why would he risk himself to fight the war?

"And you accused him for giving up in the battle? Pah! You know who have given up on the kingdom a long time ago? Your stupid f*cking sons! A bunch of cowards! Let me remind you how they finally joined the last army when nobody else were available!

"They were fxcking cowards, so they didn’t dare to follow Commander Ye’s orders! They didn’t want to die! They deserved to die!

"Listen to yourselves. All those that you made up on Commander Ye, aren’t they absurd? Ridiculous! Pah! He betrayed the kingdom? He was bribed? Do you think he is as f*cking stupid as you, old f*ckers?

"Why wouldn’t he betray us when he marched for the battle? Why wouldn’t he surrender when he faced the great army of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng in Iron Peak? Why would he betray us when he had beaten the sh*t out of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng? Are you really that stupid or your heads are all filled with f*cking grasses? Can’t you just think about it? Even though you want to make up something to set him up, please make some good ones!

"There is one thing that seems a little reasonable among all your f*cking ridiculous accusations. He gave up the opportunity to damage the enemy. Is it really his fault? The Kingdom of Lan-Feng lost in the war. They are in a sh*tty situation now. What about our men? Commander Ye led them to victory, but we paid a great deal to win that battle!

"One hundred and eighty thousand men fought against over one million! We won that battle in an incredible way! It was a f*cking miracle! How many of our men do you think survived that fight? Tell me, were they available for another attack?

"Let’s say there were fifty thousand men who still lived. That should be a great luck! Fifty thousand men alive, including wounded ones.

"Our king has fought in battles before. Your majesty, you know how much loss we should have been suffered after that fight.

"Commander Ye kept chasing the enemy for seven full days. He conquered the lands we lost before and took down several towns of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng too! He led our men to the Sky Nerve City at the end. Seven days! They didn’t rest at all. How many men do you think we had that could still start a fight?"