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Chapter 727: Counterattack of Wuji!

Chapter 727: Counterattack of Wuji!

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"Under that situation, even though we won that fight and we were overwhelming, if you want Commander Ye to continue the invasion and expand the territory, to conquer the Sky Nerve City forcibly… then you are asking a hell more than you should. That is pushing our hero to death frankly!

"The Princess of Lan-Feng, Wenren Chuchu, wasn’t being honest when she tried to threaten our men, but it doesn’t mean what she said was unreasonable. The Kingdom of Lan-Feng didn’t dare to go on fighting. That’s for sure. But if they had to go on fighting, it is a different story."

Zuo Wuji continued, "What happened is that Commander Ye has led the army deep into the enemy’s territory after he won the battle in Iron Peak. Seven full days, he didn’t stop or rest. When he retreated, he retreated with an excuse so as to shock the enemy! To put it in a simpler way, Commander Ye’s army had no strength to go on another fight anymore!

"If they fought forcibly, we might lose it again! Just think about it, you bastards. Why would he give up if he had confidence to defeat the enemy one more time after a long way of chasing?

"He has the guts to fight against one million men with only one hundred and eighty thousand soldiers. Would he give up the chance to take more lands and build more credits for himself? Isn’t it an obvious truth in front of us?

"If Commander Ye gives up the opportunity to contribute more, then he should have a reason to give up. His army was in a terrible situation! It looked strong, but in fact, it was weak!

"We should thank Wenren Chuchu. What she said gave our men a reason to retreat! That put a wonderful end to our great victory in this war!"

Zuo Wuji gave an impassioned speech to indicate the undeniable truth. Some officials even nodded to agree. Even the king admired it.

The king had fought in wars, so he knew Zuo Wuji was telling the truth.

"Long story short, what was between that princess and Commander Ye is just an excuse to retreat." Zuo Wuji sneered. "I strongly give some of you kind advices, that you should better stop sticking on this topic now. Our king is a wise man. You are only going to get yourselves humiliated!"

One of the senior officials humphed and said, "Lord Zuo, your opinion is unreasonably generalized. If Commander Ye’s army was unable to fight anyone, why would he not report it? The report from the battle only flaunts about his great contribution. Isn’t that deceit?"

"Commander Ye didn’t dare to report." Zuo Wuji humphed coldly. He looked at that senior official with sharp eyes. "No matter how good he is, he is only a human being. He is not a god. He can’t be invincible. Since the day he became the commander of his army, he kept fighting a hopeless fight with limited men. The only supply he had was what he took when the army left the city. When the king urged you guys to give him more supply, some of you stopped it! Let me ask you something. Who committed deceit now?

"So many men here want Commander Ye to die, even though we all know he has been fighting for the kingdom! You want him to show his back to people like you? How could he? How could he tell the truth that his army was exhausted to guys like you? How could he know whether there are rats from the Kingdom of Lan-Feng among you?

"What if there is a rat here? Let’s say there is no rat from the enemy’s side. Look at you? How badly do you want him to die? If you have the opportunity to leak the message to the enemy and let our hero die in the battle, do you really want him believe that you won’t do it? Would he put his men’s lives in risk? That’s deceit to the king? That is your excuse?"

Zuo Wuji truly had a sharp tongue. He talked in a rude way, but nobody dared to stop him!

On the throne, the king was showing a gloomy face.

"If you can give him enough supplies, maybe he could take that city down and conquer half of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, because he is such a great commander! What he has achieved by now has already shocked the entire world! That is a historical victory he made! However, he is helpless! He had to stop marching forward! He had to retreat while it was such a great opportunity to get deeper into the enemy’s land! Remember this! It is not Commander Ye’s fault! It is yours!"

Zuo Wuji shouted loudly with fury, "You motherf*ckers betrayed our hero and betrayed our kingdom for your own interests!

"Your f*cking useless sons hid in the city till the last day, staying in the royal guards because of what you arranged! Because they didn’t want to sacrifice in the battle, they disobeyed the order from their commander! They deserved to be slaughtered! You have a grudge on Commander Ye, so you did every dirty thing you can to try get him killed in the battle, even the soldiers with him!

"For all the days he has been fighting there, have you ever sent one man to help them? No! No matter how the king urged you to help, you just kept holding it! You gave Commander Ye nothing! Not even a small bag of rice! Am I right?

"What about the salary for the soldiers? Have you paid them? Don’t tell me the b*llshit about how we are in a tough time. It is difficult to supply them food, fine. What about money? The last thing we are short for is money! Did you ever pay them a dime? No! Not at all, you bunch of pricks!

"You did every dirty thing you can to put our hero to death, even though he has been fighting for our kingdom, even though he is the last hope we have! How could he report the truth? Even if he didn’t fear death himself, what about the soldiers who had been fighting in the front line?"

Zuo Wuji’s eyes were red, and his voice became hoarse. With that hoarse voice, his speech was so thrilling and impassioned. The court was in silence. Nobody dared to deny it.

Finally, one senior official started to talk. "The kingdom has been at war for several years. We have been fighting in four sides, and it consumed a lot of our resources. Our treasury is running to the bottom. We don’t have more food for them. We have lots of money, that’s true, but there is no food to buy. Even though we wanted to send them food, we have nothing to give them… How can you accuse us for it?"


It wasn’t Zuo Wuji this time, but instead it was the king himself. He finally couldn’t endure it anymore. He slapped hard on the table and stood up. He pointed at that official and shouted, "Cheng Ziqi, that is f*cking b*llshit you said there!"

The officials were all terrified.