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Chapter 729: Fury for the Loss of Opportunity!

Chapter 729: Fury for the Loss of Opportunity!

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‘… If you can give him enough supplies, maybe he could take that city down and conquer half of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, because he is such a great commander! What he has achieved by now has already shocked the entire world! That is a historical victory he made! However, he is helpless! He had to stop marching forward! He had to retreat while it was such a great opportunity to get deeper into the enemy’s land! …’

‘… They held the salary that should be paid to the soldiers. They held the food and the manpower that could be sent to the battle to support Commander Ye. Commander Ye fought without food and men from us! We could have destroyed the enemy once and for all, yet because of these people, we lost the opportunity…’

That was such an unforgivable crime for the king, as he always wanted to conquer the world!

That was unbearable!

There was an opportunity for the Kingdom of Chen to completely destroy an enemy and begin to conquer the world step by step, but now they lost it.

The king was burning with the flame of anger at the moment!

What Zuo Wuji said was definitely true.

Ye Xiao led less than two hundred thousand men and defeated one and a half million with a great victory. He had even taken over half of the territories on both sides!

If he could have two hundred thousand more men to use, half of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng should have been taken over by the Kingdom of Chen!

The Kingdom of Lan-Feng would be completely destroyed.

The Kingdom of Chen had no more soldiers. That was true. However, the last one hundred thousand men Ye Xiao led to the battle had been serving the army for many years. They could still recruit men from the citizens, but the reason they didn’t do it was that there was no time for that.

After Ye Xiao arrived in Iron Peak, they had more time for recruitment. They could have provided him two hundred thousand more men. It might be difficult, but it could be done nonetheless. The homeland was falling. There would always be citizens who would serve their kingdom in such a time!

However, after so many days, nobody had even tried to do this. None at all.

The king knew that he wouldn’t have another opportunity to destroy his enemies anymore!

Ye Nantian had destroyed the enemy in the north.

There was only one reason why he did such a crazy thing. Ye Nantian was leaving!

Once Ye Nantian left, Ye Xiao and Song Jue would leave too!

The Great General Ye and the new Commander Ye were both going to leave the Kingdom of Chen!

That meant the Kingdom of Chen would be weakened a great deal!

Without Ye Nantian and Ye Xiao, the was only one person in the Kingdom of Chen that could possibly defeat Wenren Jianyin and Zhan Qianshan… Su Dingguo!

General Lan was good, but not as good as these figures!

It would be difficult for the Kingdom of Chen to even protect the kingdom if the two other kingdoms made a joint attack again. To conquer the world would become a foolish dream for the king.

If the Kingdom of Chen provided enough materials and men for Ye Xiao, he might have already vanished the Kingdom of Lan-Feng.

That would be a start of another Great War. Ye Nantian would have to stay till the end of the war…

However, because those officials hated Ye Xiao, Ye Xiao didn’t get the men and food he should have gotten…

The war had come to the end.

No! The war was ended!

Ye Xiao had no more men, no more money, no more materials, nothing!

The commander had nothing to continue the fight!

The king thought about the great opportunity that had already been lost… He felt like being stabbed again and again in the heart by an iron dagger. He felt extremely painful in the heart.

He even wanted to swallow those stupid officials to death!

[My great opportunity!]

[The only chance I have to make my dream come true!]

[For the last time, Ye Nantian and his son fought for me…]

The war is going to end, and the Kingdom of Chen won.

It was easy to seize it right now, as the world had returned to peace.

However, it was impossible to start another tough war…

It took ages to build the grudge and start a war!

The king felt pain in his livers because of anger.

The five old men walked out the hall of court, sighing.

"Prime Minister Zuo, your grandson… impressed me." An old man shook his head and said, "That is horrible… the viciousness in him. The report is going to sweep out the entire court."

Another old man didn’t seem to agree. "Lord Sun, that is not exactly true. Don’t they deserve to die?"

"Surely they do! Why not!" Lord Sun answered, "However, to kill them at the same time… that is… hasty."

"But how to make the king furious like this if he makes the report in another day?" The other old man said, "The kid was being hasty, but it was a perfect moment to report that. Opportunity leaves and never returns."

"That’s right. Timing. That is what matters." Prime Minister Zuo sighed. "But Wuji has done it in quite a haste."

The other old man looked at him and said with jealousness, "Come on, old man. Look at you. You have everything to gloat. Why act like you are worrying… Heavens. I have so many sons and grandsons. None of them is as good as Wuji."

Prime Minister Zuo rubbed his beard and smiled.

The other old man sighed. "What a pity! Wuji is cursed. He can’t have kids… Otherwise…"