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Chapter 730: Grab A Grandson!

Chapter 730: Grab A Grandson!

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"What are you talking about?" Prime Minister Zuo didn’t look happy. He looked at that old man and said, "That was long ago. Let me tell you. My Wuji is cured. Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall treats him well and has cured the unspoken disease for him."

As he spoke, he laughed happily. "Just so you know, there is one more thing. Wuji’s wife is pregnant. My great grandson is coming soon!"

"What?" The other four old men were all surprised. "Come on, Old Zuo. Are you serious?"

Prime Minister Zuo was so happy, so he swore, "If I lied, I will become an old tortoise!"

"Ahem… Prime Minister… Old Zuo." One of the old men got close to him and said, "We two are old friends. I… Ahem… You remember I have a granddaughter, don’t you? She is so pretty. You should look at her pretty eyes. What do you think we make our relation even closer now?"

The other old man got over and said, "Old Zuo… Old Zuo… You have to be careful when it is about the future of your grandson, right? You should be very careful on getting a wife for Wuji. Look. A man with a good wife has a bright life. My third granddaughter… You know her. She is gorgeous. She is so gentle and polite. She can cook! She knows many things actually… I think she is perfect for your family…"

The first old man sneered. "Come on. Stop bragging. Your third granddaughter? She has been riding a huge horse bullying people in the capital. Everybody knows her! Gentle and polite… How could you lie like this? Don’t you feel ashamed? As you get older, you become more disingenuous… Old Zuo, you have seen my oldest granddaughter! She is the perfect choice for Wu Ji! What do you say?"

Another old man shouted, "Old Zuo! My granddaughter is the most beautiful girl in the kingdom…"


"You b*llshit!"

"Your granddaughter is way below my granddaughter…"

"Bastard! Your granddaughter is nothing…"

The four old men gritted their teeth while staring at each other as if they were in a battlefield. They were going to start the fight despite of the friendship!

Prime Minister laughed so hard that he couldn’t even close his mouth. [It is always said that a hundred families fight for one good woman. My good grandson. Four families are fighting for him.] After a while, he spoke to the four old men who had been fighting, "I can’t choose all of your granddaughters. I have to be careful. It is Wuji’s life after all. I need to think more… Look. You are all so sincere. What about this. You send your granddaughters to my house and let my grandson choose. Then we will make the judgement ourselves and have the best one…"

"F*ck off!" the four old men shouted at the same time.

[Who the hell do you think you are? You want a draft in our granddaughters…]

However, after all the days in the court, these old men all knew Zuo Wuji had great potential.

[Prime Minister’s grandson must be great. He is going to be an important figure sooner or later. Look at him. He is already standing stably in the court! Most importantly, his grandfather didn’t do anything to help, except just introduced him to the king. That is all.]

[He earned it himself.]

[He stays firm because he is capable!]

[One more thing… Zuo Wuji knows well about the king’s thoughts!]

[Observation is the most important thing to be in the court.]

[He actually did so well in it! Who knows how high he will get up to in the future?]

In fact, the old men knew that the king was trying to foster Zuo Wuji! As long as Zuo Wuji didn’t do anything stupid, he would become the most powerful official in the kingdom in the future!

He understood the king!

That was the most valuable thing he had!

Who didn’t want to be connected to such a man?

The old men all knew clearly about it. They were all old and none of their own kids were well developed. As long as they retired, their clans would collapse for sure.

However, if Zuo Wuji was their son-in-law, or grandson-in-law, they would have the strongest hope!

Everybody wanted such a grandson-in-law!

The five old men didn’t get on the work the king assigned them to. Instead, they were talking about having a grandson-in-law.

While they were in a fight, Zuo Wuji was walking over. He was confused. "Senior lords… The king has just assigned us to an enormous job. What should we do? Could you give me some suggestions?"

The old men were satisfied. [Look at him! How sensible! I know I didn’t see him wrong. I like you, kid!]

"Well, the king said you are in charge now, right?" An old man said, "We will just follow your lead."

Zuo Wuji smiled bitterly. "The king did say so, but he is a wise king. He knows I am too young for this. He wants me to learn from you guys. I can see that."

As he said this, even Prime Minister Zuo was satisfied with it. He nodded to praise his grandson.

The other four men were even pleased, so they looked at Zuo Wuji with fever in their eyes.

[Listen to him! What a fantastic saying!]

[No matter in what situation, he talks well. He does have a bright future. I am sure, Zuo Wuji is going to be the most powerful man other than the king in the future! I can see it!]

"Kid, I am talking to your grandson about how close we are when you were just a child. We promised to let you and my granddaughter get marry. Now that you are grown up… I guess we should talk about this seriously…" Lord Sun rubbed his beard and gently spoke.

"Get marry?" Zuo Wuji was stunned.

Of course he was. Since he was a child, he knew his "thing" didn’t work. Now that the old man said he was supposed to marry his granddaughter… where did that come from?

"Old bastard! You are a damned liar!" The other three old men cursed, "It is me who made that promise with Prime Minister Zuo!"

The four old men started to fight again. They were all experienced men with endless schemes! None of them were easy to outwit!