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Chapter 731: A Great Plan!

Chapter 731: A Great Plan!

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"Grandpa… that… what… get married?" Zuo Wuji grabbed and asked his grandfather.

Prime Minister Zuo was smiling. "I don’t know what’s wrong with it! The old bastards want you to be their grandson-in-law… They just made it up I guess… They are all talking nonsense… and also accusing others. Just a bunch of old pricks."

"Ah!" Zuo Wuji was stunned.

He didn't believe anybody would make up something like that.

"Prime Minister Zuo, you are old. You forgot it. I don’t blame you. When you son’s wife was pregnant, my son’s wife was too. You and I, we made a deal…" One of the old officials said, "You may already forget it, but I remember. Look. One should always keep his promise…"

Zuo Wuji felt that this old man was so vile.

What the old man said was ‘no matter what you say, this is happening!’

He just stuck to it.

"That is not true! It was me! We made the deal!" Another old man raged up. "It can’t be… Old Zuo, did you make the same deal with several families? My heavens…"

Prime Minister Zuo widely opened his eyes and rubbed his beard.

[What the hell is that?]

[Now I am the bad guy here? I have no idea what you are talking about, alright?]

[You actually want to drag me into this?]

[Okay. So I am this easy to bully for you? Is that what you think?]

"You old bastards! Do you even have conscience? Wuji was sick! You all knew it! Don’t forget how you kept your granddaughters covered! You didn’t even like it when I went by and ask about your baby granddaughters! You don’t want your granddaughter to be seen by me… Now look at you. How dare you lie about this! You disgust me! Pah…"

He raged up in anger for real. That was exactly how Zuo Wuji raged in anger when he was pissed.

Zuo Wuji was speechless about this. He said, "Grandpa, let’s just focus on the business… The king is waiting for us. If we don’t give him a good answer, he will be pissed so badly. He may even think that we are using his hand to suppress the other officials. That is the worst thing we can get… Look, I don’t want to be reckless in marriage. Let’s just talk about this someday… I am still young. I have time…"

Prime Minister Zuo calmed down. He nodded. "That’s true. I am old. I can’t always stay sharp in mind."

The other old guys knew Wuji was right. They just let it go. However, one of them murmured, "That is true. You are still young, but girls are not the same. My granddaughter is not that young. She will be too old after a few years. If your grandfather didn’t make that deal with me, maybe my granddaughter has already been married for many years. You are a lucky man to have her, kid…"

Another old man spat on the floor and sneered. "You old bastard… Your granddaughter is seven years old… Too old after a few years? Are you serious? And you said you made the deal with him when your son’s wife is pregnant. Tell me, was it seven years ago, or before ten years ago?"

After all, they knew what was the most important thing here, so finally, they shut up and looked at Zuo Wuji.

Apparently, they were waiting to hear what this young man would say.

"Wuji, you made that report and you impeached those men. We want to hear your thoughts first."

Zuo Wuji thought for a while and said, "It could be a big deal this time. There are different ways we can do it. However, I wasn’t making that report out of anger or other emotions. I had a plan."

"What is it?"

"Nothing special. The world is going to be united soon!" Zuo Wuji said. "Ye Nantian the Great General has wiped out the grassland folks in the north. The threat in the north is gone.

"Ye Xiao got a great victory in Iron Peak. We took back all the lands we lost. It shocked the world. Wenren Jianyin was in a coma after spitting out blood. He may die any second… He can’t lead an army for battle in the coming future. The only commander they have is Yang Wanli. After this war, the Kingdom of Lan-Feng lost over one and a half million men. They should have run out of money too. They don’t have a sponsor like Ling-Bao Hall. Things are great on our side.

"The east. The Kingdom of Tian-Yu didn’t waste much of their manpower. However, it is a war between kingdoms. It lasted long. Zhan Qianshan wouldn’t return to the battle in a few years.

"The Kingdom of Chen, us, we lost the most in the war, however, we still have lots of money! For now, we are the wealthiest kingdom in the world!

"The union of the world all depends on how we manage to lead it for the next few years.

"Such an important time. Those useless pricks could only damage our kingdom on the court! We don’t need them to sit in their positions anymore.

"That is why we need a purge in the kingdom. We need to clean the court. We have to kick those guys out! Only after that could we start to plan the union of the world. I said Ye Xiao couldn’t show his back to those men. Neither could we.

"Once we miss this opportunity, even if we are just one year late, we will be seriously stalked in the way to the great union. We may have to work another dozen years, even hundred years. We may even fail!"

Zuo Wuji continued, "That is why I made that report. I can’t let the opportunity slip away."

"Those men may do well when it is a peaceful time. They are capable men, even though they are greedy pricks.

"However, we are going to fight for something great. Those men, they won’t help. They would only impede the kingdom. I have to kick them out and make more vacancies for the real capable men.

"Capable men go up, useless men go out. Those who won’t give it up for the better ones, we will have to kill them. Everything we do, we should do it for a clean and powerful court. The Kingdom of Chen should conquer the world. Whoever stands in the way, dies!"

Zuo Wuji spoke calmly.