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Chapter 732: Mainstay!

Chapter 732: Mainstay!

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The five old men were all shocked by what Zuo Wuji said. They all felt like a fire was rising up in their chests!

Suddenly, their blood was boiling! They were thrilled!

The five old men’s hearts had long become calm as water in a wasted well!

However, even so, after they heard Wuji’s words, they were thrilled!

They never expected Zuo Wuji was actually planning to conquer the entire world!

That bright image of the plan was so profound that even the five of them couldn’t think of it, even though they had been in the court for so many years.


The five men spoke the same word at the same time.

They looked at Zuo Wuji, but only in a different way.

Apparently, in the old men’s hearts, he was a different person. [I thought we thought high enough of him, yet we were actually underestimating him!]

[He can be a mainstay in the court now, not to mention in the future when he learns more. Give him two years and he will become a legend.]

[He will become a legend that is recorded in the history book. A myth!]

[When people say one man is enough to unite the entire world…]

[They are talking about exactly a man like this young man.]

[This young man is even better than that!]

The five old men all were lost in thought again. [Why didn’t I notice the brilliant point of him? I didn’t realize it at all. I actually thought he was just as stupid as the other two young men in the city, the three lords in town as they say!]

[I was completely blind! How could I underestimate him like that?]

[Three lords in town. That’s what we usually say. Zuo Wuji has been planning on the union of the entire world. He is working on it now. Lan Langlang is fighting in the battle in the south. He treats the soldiers with kindness, and got great prestige back from them. He is going to be another General Lan, as good as his father…]

[Ye Xiao, the head of the three lords in town, is absolutely incredibly outstanding. He stood out for the kingdom when it is in danger. He led one hundred thousand people and defeated Wenren Jianyin’s one and a half million troops! He shocked the world!]

[We kept saying that these three lads were wasted. We thought they were just rotting in the foppish lies!]

[If they were useless, what our sons and grandsons are?]

[Trash? Scums? Crap?]

The old men sighed. They felt embarrassed.

[Damn it. We have lived so many years. We are old. We are wise. At least we thought so. It turns out we are goddamn blind! How come we never think about that?]

[We must have been living like dogs!]

They figured their granddaughters were never going to match with Zuo Wuji.

They sighed and then left for work.

The big purge in the Kingdom of Chen started right after this day.

It was happening like a flashing lightning, fast and overwhelming.

It put down one after another in the city!

That was the day when Zuo Wuji showed his capability in ruling. After all, he was going to become the famous Prime Minister Zuo in the future. In the Kingdom of Chen, he had certain power to express his own opinion now. What happened next was the cooperation of the two most ambitious men, Zuo Wuji and Chen Xuantian, conquering the world.

What they wanted was the same. They hit it off instantly!

After the purge, the kingdom was like a machine rolling up and up to the top!

Whoever dared to stand in their way would be wiped out instantly. No mercy.

The king wouldn’t let anybody stop this. Zuo Wuji wouldn’t let anybody stop him from climbing up to the top of the system!

The centuries inheritance of the Kingdom of Chen had started from Zuo Wuji’s report!

On the way back to the Kingdom of Chen from the north.

Ye Nantian was riding fast.

His son had led less than two hundred thousand men to fight against Wenren Jianyin’s one and a half million troops. His heart was torn with anxiety!

The moment when he got the news, he gave the order to march towards the west immediately!

At the moment, he had ran over half of the path, yet he was still in anxiety. He wouldn’t stop for even one second.

[That little prick. How could he lead an army? Besides, he is fighting the war god, Wenren Jianyin. Even I have no confidence to defeat him!]

[Not to mention the enemy is absolutely outnumbering him.]

Even Ye Nantian himself didn’t have the confidence to defeat Wenren Jianyin under such a negative situation. For him, Ye Xiao was just a boy who had never even stepped on the battlefield!

He wished he could instantly return to the capital and grab the king before punching him hard. He badly wanted to ask the king, "What the hell you think you are doing? What the hell do you want? I have been risking my life fighting for you! Now, you actually sent my son to the front line! Don’t you have conscience anymore?"

While he was rushing on the way…

"Report from the west!"

A vice-general rushed over with a pigeon in his hand. Apparently, he was so excited that he held that pigeon too hard and that little creature was dead in his hand.

Ye Nantian was surprised. [What… It already ends in the west?]

[Hmm. Not a strange thing though. It has been quite some days after Xiao-Er left the capital. Wenren Jianyin is totally capable enough to break the Iron Peak during these days. Is Xiao-Er okay? Are they all dead?]

He felt so disheartened.

He didn’t even bother thinking about a victory, but that’s reasonable.

Even though Ye Xiao was smart and strong at some point, he had never fought in a war before. He had never done planning a strategy at war. Even though Song Jue would help him, he was just a warrior. He was not even close to a commander himself.

Besides, they had no more than two hundred thousand men to use including a bunch of wounded men in Iron Peak. Wenren Jianyin had one and a half million. It would only take him one strike to wipe Ye Xiao’s men out!

No matter in any aspects… Ye Xiao was way behind the enemy.

What was worse was that before he left the capital, he killed so many men. Because of that, he had no support from behind!

Basically, everything indicated that Ye Xiao would lose!