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Chapter 733: Hero Father, Hero Son!

Chapter 733: Hero Father, Hero Son!

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Ye Nantian thought that Ye Xiao must have been defeated.

That was a certain thing for him.

He was lost for a few seconds, and then he calmed down and looked at the vice-general. He spoke with a hoarse voice, "My son… Ye Xiao… Is he alive?"

That was the only thing Ye Nantian wanted at the moment. He wanted to know that his son was still alive.

[He is not a useless boy. Besides, Song Jue should be with him. Maybe he survived?]

For him, Ye Xiao winning the war was nothing but a stupid dream.

"Why would you ask so?" The vice-general looked at Ye Nantian. He was curious why Ye Nantian would ask so.

[This is weird… I have read the report to him just now… Such a thrilling news… Commander Ye got a great victory! Of course he is alive! How could he… die?]

"Hmm?" Ye Nantian was sober now. "What does the report say?"

[Commander didn’t hear me?]

Vice-general cleared his throat and said again with excitement, "Report from the west! In Iron Peak, Commander Ye, Ye Xiao, led one hundred and eighty thousand men and fought against Wenren Jianyin’s one and a half million troops. What a great victory Commander Ye won! He and our strong army have been chasing after the fleeing enemies to…"

"What? What, what, what?" Ye Nantian couldn’t believe it. He shouted to interrupt, "What? We won? Ye Xiao won? Are you kidding?"

"No, Commander! How could I? Congratulations! Hero father, hero son! Young Commander Ye is truly outstanding…"

The vice-general spoke loudly. It burst the crowd into excitement.

[Commander Ye’s son, the other Commander Ye defeated Wenren Jianyin!]

[He won that battle with much less men than Wenren Jianyin!]

[What a miracle!]

[Two great generals in one family, both are historic figures!]

[Every great merit is peerless!]

[Both are legends!]

[Both are myths!]

[Such a glory!]

[How thrilling!]

Ye Nantian didn’t hear a word of what the vice-general went on talking. He was lost in thought. He couldn’t think of any other things now.

The only feeling he had was joy!

[Xiao Xiao is alive!]

[He won!]

[He defeated Wenren Jianyin with one hundred and eighty thousand men!]

[He defeated the famous general in the world, the War God of Lan-Feng!]

He couldn’t believe what he heard, so he grabbed the report and read it himself. He didn’t even miss one letter.

After reading it, he became silent.

Suddenly, he shouted loudly to the sky.

His voice got up to the clouds like thunder. And then he just laughed.

However, there were tears in his eyes.

[My dear, did you see that?]

[Our son!]

[He is a grown up man now!]

[He shocks the world, just like his father!]

[I didn’t let you down.]

[Your son didn’t let you down.]

[Just wait for me. We are going to reunite soon.]

He was thrilled. "Keep moving! However, we can slow it down a bit now. We don’t need to hurry now. Hahahaha…"

Commander Ye, who had always been solemn, was actually laughing.

"Congratulations, Commander!"

"Like father like son. The father is Commander Ye, so is the son. You both are Commander Ye!"


People kept congratulating him. He felt like he was in the way to the extreme happiness now.

He hadn’t stopped smiling all the way back from the north. He became so nice and kind all of a sudden.

Even the guards who had been following him for years felt it was surprising.

"How rare! For the first time in so many years, I saw Commander Ye happy like this!"

"This is not rare! We have never seen him laugh like this before!"

After another day.

The report about how Ye Xiao retreated for a beauty arrived too.

When the news arrived, the Northern Army fell into silence.

Everybody knew that was not a good thing!

A field commander might sometimes do things against the king’s orders, however, he retreated without reporting in advance. He actually gave back those lands to the enemy.

That was treason. At least it was misconducting!

No matter what, he had committed something serious!

Besides, there was a beautiful girl involved.

The princess of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng!

If the king decided to dig deep on this, Ye Xiao might be condemned with treason.

The penalty would be extinction of the entire family!

[Oh right. It is said that Ye Xiao has killed many younger lads from influential families. That messed up with many people in the court. Those officials hate men of the military. Most of the time, they would win in arguments. After all, they always speak to the king. Now that they have an excuse to put Ye Xiao to death, they would definitely try!]

[This is tough!]

[This is more than just tough!]

Nobody dared to make a sound. They looked troubled, but none had any idea to help!

Ye Nantian was still calm. He was still smiling. He didn’t seem worried at all.

"Commander, this is not a good news." A general talked to him in a low voice, "The boy was being reckless on this. Commander, I guess we should figure out a plan to deal with the officials, in case anything happen to our young commander…"

"That’s true. Young man is obsessed in love, that is reasonable, but we are still at war… To give up one’s country for the beauty…" Another general shook his head. Apparently, he didn’t like what Ye Xiao had done. If it wasn’t Ye Xiao, he should have cursed him badly.

"What should we do? Those useless pricks in the court are definitely going to stir some sh*t to stain Commander Ye and the young commander. They may even set it up to get the House of Ye wiped out! We have to do something!" a third general said.

"Our young commander truly got guts. He actually led the army back just for a girl. I know it is not a right thing to do, and it is disgraceful, but he truly got guts… Like father like son. It is just… This is not an easy-to-clean mess!"

The generals were talking about it. Everyone was worried.