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Chapter 734: Dote!

Chapter 734: Dote!

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However, Ye Nantian was indifferent. He just said, "Is that truly a wrong decision to make? Xiao-Er is not a man who would be obsessed by beauty! Let me ask you one thing. What if you lead one hundred and eighty thousand wounded men to fight against Wenren Jianyin’s one and a half million troops. Tell me. How many men in your army will survive after that fight? How many will survive the seven full day’s hunt? Can they still fight? Can they really?"

The generals were silent.

It sounded wordy, but they all understood Ye Nantian.

Wounded men!

Seven full days hunt!

How many survived?

Could they still fight?


They all knew there wouldn’t be any positive answer for these questions!

Ye Xiao positively got through it all to the final question!

What could these generals do if they were the ones who led the army under that situation?

A general thought for a while and then bitterly smiled. "First, none of us could fight against Wenren Jianyin. We would definitely be broken before the fight started, because we don’t have faith in it. Not a bit. It is impossible that any of us could defeat Wenren Jianyin. Even if, let’s say, we did it… we won. Well… One hundred and eighty thousand men…"

He gritted his teeth and said, "No more than fifty thousand men could make it. Fifty thousand survivors will be a blessing from heavens! That is the most optimistic result!"

"I reckon at least forty-nine thousand of them should be seriously injured. Maybe all fifty thousand. There may be twenty thousand who are gravely wounded, and thirty thousand men slightly wounded. All in all… six thousand men who can still fight at the end. That would be the luckiest situation we may get…"

"Right. And the one hundred and eighty thousand men have to be elites. All of them. Best of the best."

When he finished, another general sneered. "Six thousand men? Aren’t you too optimistic? Why don’t you go back to your dream? You missed the seven full days of chasing! For me, five hundred men is the maximum! And you should be grateful if you have hundreds left!"

The other generals thought for a while and then agreed with it.

"According to the report, the number of Ye Xiao’s men should be about one hundred and thirty thousand when he eventually defeated Wenren Jianyin." Ye Nantian blandly spoke, "After a tough fight and seven full days chasing, they took back the lands we lost and reached the Sky Nerve City. How many men do you think could still fight? None. The entire army was driven by excitement!"

"If they kept holding there and never retreated, the moment the men in Sky Nerve City came out for a fight, we would lose. Also, we don’t have men to guard the lands we conquered. To occupy those towns forcibly would only create more battles we would surely lose!" Ye Nantian blandly spoke.

The generals bitterly smiled.

They knew it was true.

"Under that situation, only ten thousand men could defeat our men once and for all… Young Commander Ye was truly just a paper tiger, which could not stand a strike." One of the generals bitterly smiled and shook his head.

"Then why keep holding the towns from the Kingdom of Lan-Feng?" Ye Nantian asked.

"They shouldn’t."

"Was it wrong to retreat?" Ye Nantian asked.

"Not at all!"

"What he did was to use that princess as an excuse. By doing that, he showed the world that he could still continue fighting, but he just retreated for the princess!"

"Even though people might call him amative and stupid, he didn’t show weakness to the enemy. Instead, his army was spirited up." Ye Nantian humphed and said, "It might not sound brave and it might hurt that girl, however, it is the best option! What wrong is it?"

The generals bitterly smiled.

"Commander, of course there is nothing wrong. Every man of the military will know that after your explanation. However, the problem is the officials in the capital. They won’t give a sh*t to the reasons. Even if they knew the truth, they would still try everything to frame Ye Xiao…"

"Young Commander Ye has messed with so many men in the court before he left for battle! They would definitely seek for revenge!"

"Young Commander Ye will be accused for sure."

"This is the affairs of the kingdom after all. No matter what, young Commander Ye didn’t follow the procedure. That is the truth. Those pricks love holding people’s weaker foot. We are honorable men and we are not as good as they are in talking. We can never win in a battle of words. Attacking by words, they are just good at it…"

The generals were worried.

Ye Nantian showed an indifferent expression and humphed. He casually spoke, "So what? Affairs of the kingdom? My son is much more important! He wants to retreat, he retreats! He wants to attack, he attacks! Affairs of the kingdom… it means nothing compared to my son!"

The generals were shocked.

They never thought that Commander Ye would say that. He had just finished talking about the kingdom seriously.

The kingdom became nothing compared to his son…

Ye Nantian was extremely doting on his son!

The generals didn’t say a word to respond. However, they were even more worried.

[I guess even if young Commander Ye captures an innocent girl to be his concubine, Commander Ye would still get his back! ‘It is an honor that my son captured you! He won’t accept an ugly one, will he? He praises you. You should be flattered! …’ He might say so…]

Maybe he truly did.

Ye Nantian spoiled his son so so much anyway!