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Chapter 735: Obsessed in Cultivation!

Chapter 735: Obsessed in Cultivation!
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The generals all felt lucky. [Young Commander Ye is an outstanding figure. How lucky! If he is a bad guy as the rumor says… he will become a monster in the kingdom being spoiled by his father like this…]

That was true.

Ye Nantian was a hero, yet he spoiled Ye Xiao too much. When Ye Xiao was acting so foppishly as the head of the three lords in town, Ye Nantian still didn’t want to discipline him.

In Ye Nantian’s heart, he felt sorry for his wife. He loved his son more than his own life, because he was also the son of his wife. He felt guilty for his wife and his son, so he spoiled his son as a remedy.

In his heart, he would rather die instantly than let his son feel wronged.

This was the biggest weakness of Ye Nantian. If Ye Xiao wasn’t possessed by Xiao Monarch, he should have become a bodacious prick for real.

No. In fact, if Xiao Monarch didn’t possess him, he should have died long ago. If he died, the Kingdom of Chen would collapse for it, even the entire Land of Han-Yang would be destroyed. Ye Nantian’s real power was much stronger than the limit of this world. If he raged up in extreme anger, the world would fail to hold the power blasts of Ye Nantian. It might truly be ruined!

That meant Xiao Monarch truly came to this world in the right time. He indirectly saved the Land of Han-Yang!

Ye Nantian was a father who loved his son so deeply. However, it was too heavy that it might ruin everything.

His love was touching, but it was wrong. Once it lost the balance, it would lead to unimaginable disaster.

Chaos? World destruction?


However, whoever had a father like this, no matter what end he would go, he must be happy while he was alive!

Ye Xiao was safe. Ye Nantian felt relieved when he knew it. He let his army slow down a bit on the way.

Besides, he had to arrange something, in case somebody in the capital truly was planning to frame his son… He would show them no mercy and kill every single one of them in a vicious way…

Ye Xiao had been ignoring everything outside for the past few days. He just kept concentrating in cultivation!

Cosmic Hades had blasted out lots of cold energy that was even more than the time it created that ice mountain.

The fire was put out and the land was covered by ice, but that was just a tiny part of the energy it emitted this time!

When Cosmic Hades made a powerful blast and put an end to the battlefield, Ye Xiao hurriedly put it back to the Space while it was still emitting cold qi. The cold qi suddenly filled up the Space.

Ye Xiao was much stronger now, so he absorbed lots of the cold qi. However, it didn’t solve the problem.

There was still a huge amount of cold qi filling in the Space. Luckily, after being tortured… so many times, the Boundless Space could still hold it.

After the war was settled, Ye Xiao couldn’t wait getting into the Space to deal with the enormous cold qi.

He was so impatient because in one hand, he needed to take care of the cold qi that was created by the Cosmic Hades, in the other hand, he wanted to check on Brother Egg.

The reason why he attended this war was because Brother Egg needed lots of soul power. Ye Xiao couldn’t collect enough except by absorbing it in the battlefield! He had to collect as much as he could since he couldn’t have better quality!

Brother Egg had gotten enough energy. Now, it was in an extremely strange status!

The patterns on its shell seemed changing all the time. There were also colorful glows floating on it.

It seemed there were several stars shining on the shell. It lit up the entire Space and made it colorful and mysterious. Every one hour, there would be a starlight shooting over.

That meant the star pattern was changed again.

One hour after another, the star changed again and again…

Every time after the star image changed, the patterns on the shell would shine so many times. Lots of different animals showed up on the shell and disappeared right away…

Within three days, there were nearly a billion images of different living creatures that showed up on the shell!

Ye Xiao felt that he was in a daze.

[Brother Egg… what a world shocking marvelous creature are you!]

Ye Xiao was more and more looking forward to it!

Brother Egg was just in silence all these days. It didn’t absorb any cold qi, or suppress the Cosmic Hades. Ye Xiao had to deal with the cold qi himself.

Facing the blast of the extreme cold qi, Ye Xiao felt it a difficult mission to complete.

However, it was only difficult not impossible. Ye Xiao still needed a big upgrade before reaching the top of Sky Origin Stage. He needed lots of energy to break through after all.

He was working so hard staying in the Space to digest the cold qi.

He didn’t even move in the three full days.

When he felt tired, he opened his eyes and looked at Brother Egg.

After that, he kept absorbing the energy and digested it…

East-rising Purple Qi had been operating all the time in full power. It transferred the cold qi into his dantian. Yin power and Yang power were both increasing in Ye Xiao. He was getting more and more powerful.

Being pushed by the extreme cold qi, he was improving extremely fast!

He had to be fast, unless he wanted the Wood Space to be ruined again…

Boundless Space was limited in holding the extreme cold qi. Ye Xiao knew it well. In fact, that was why he usually didn’t use Cosmic Hades to create cold qi!