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Chapter 736: Ready to Hatch!

Chapter 736: Ready to Hatch!
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Ye Xiao was happy about the improvement. However, to be pushed in cultivation was so tiring after all. He had had enough.

After a sigh, he continued cultivating.

After three days, a short-time of cultivation, he had improved a lot.

Now, he had officially broken through the peak of Sky Origin Stage and became level one of Spirit Origin Stage. Besides… his martial arts were improved. Both Yin and Yang energies in him were improved. Yin Yang Eye was much powerful, and most importantly, East-rising Purple Qi had improved to the middle phase of the second level.

Ye Xiao calculated the improvement of himself this time.

He had broken through about fifty levels from Human Origin Stage to Spirit Origin Stage. At the end, he finally reached the second level of East-rising Purple Qi.

After working so hard, he entered the middle phase of the second level.

[Is it fast or slow?]

[Wait. Maybe I am focusing on the wrong point. The speed… It is not about time…]

[When I was Earth Origin Stage, I entered the initial phase of the second level. After absorbing so much energy, I am now in the middle phase…]

[That means I will need an incredible amount of spiritual qi to reach level three and level four.]

[Spiritual qi. I need more spiritual qi. The more spiritual qi I have, the faster it improves and the higher it reaches!]

He was in trouble when thinking of it. He truly didn’t want to worry about this.

He was terrified. He nearly lost courage to continue when he thought about it!

After he was reborn, he had met so many things. Boundless Space, countless medical materials, countless treasures, and so many adventures, but after all these, he was only in the current level. It must be tough on the way to the future!

What he could do was to ignore the possibilities in the future and only focus on what he was doing. No matter how tough it would be, he was going to reach the end after all.

No matter what, he had just spent one year and got an achievement so much more than what most people could reach in their entire lives. In his previous life, it took him ten years!

After three days, the cold qi in the Space was greatly reduced. The seven Spaces were fine. The Wood Space could finally handle the invasion of the cold qi. Ye Xiao left the Space and ordered some food and drinks. He ate a lot to recover his strength.

He was exhausted and starving.

After dinner, before anybody could get close to talk to him, he returned to the Space and continued absorbing cold qi again.

The cold qi really hurt the Space. It could be handled, but it still hurt. The sooner it was swept off, the better. Ye Xiao truly had no interests on what was going on outside.

For him, he had done everything he should do for the Kingdom of Chen. He had also done all that he should as contribution to the Land of Han-Yang.

He wouldn’t do anything for military, affairs of the kingdom, or any other things for anybody else…

He wouldn’t care anymore!

[Just let it be.]

He quit, but it didn’t bring any trouble to the kingdom. Everything was almost settled after all. Besides, there was Song Jue in the army, along with the vice-commander and other several generals… They were not stupid. Things wouldn’t go wrong…

Commander Ye escaped the duty. That pissed Song Jue off.

[I am here to fight for you. Not to wipe the mess for you!]

However, even if he wanted to talk to Ye Xiao, he couldn’t find him.

Time flew by, and nothing happened during the days. Three days passed like a blink.

An official carried the decree for Ye Xiao from the court. The king was going to reward him. Ye Nantian was only three days away.

However, Commander Ye was gone.

If he didn’t show up and had a great feast himself that night, the army would have fallen into chaos!

The generals could do nothing but sigh. An irresponsible commander who had been missing all the time, it was such an odd situation they had ever experienced.

In the Boundless Space, Ye Xiao stood up and took a long breath with relief.

It seemed a breath in white color. In the cold air, it spurted out like a long piece of cloth and stayed in the air.

After a while, that white piece of cloth finally vanished.

Ye Xiao had finally absorbed all the cold qi from the Cosmic Hades.

Mission completed. Ye Xiao stoop up and stretched himself. His bones were making cracking sound.

"It’s good. Six days. I have gotten a lot. East-rising Purple Qi is in the last phase of the second level. I am in level three of Spirit Origin Stage now!"

"The spiritual qi I stored for Yin Yang Eyes should be enough for me to use for a long time before I feel sour in the eyes…"

He stepped ahead and got close to Brother Egg. He murmured, "Brother Egg, come on… Why are you still…"

Before he finished, he was shocked.

He opened his eyes widely. On the shell, there was no starlight anymore. The images of the living creatures were gone, like there had never been such things.

It was just like an ordinary egg, except in a giant size!

The eggshell was white. It just stayed there silently.

The eggshell was a bit transparent. It could be seen an embryo was inside it silently.

It wriggled from time to time.

[Brother Egg! Are you going to hatch? Finally?]

Ye Xiao was thrilled. He wanted to know what kind of marvelous creature it would become after hatching.

From the first day Brother Egg started to absorb spiritual qi to the current moment, Ye Xiao reckoned the amount of spiritual qi should be enough to raise one thousand superior cultivators who were exactly as powerful as Xiao Monarch in his previous life!