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Chapter 737: Primal Creature!

Chapter 737: Primal Creature!
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Brother Egg had swallowed lots of soul power. There was the soul of Gu Jinlong and millions of normal souls!

Besides, it had coincidentally absorbed the Ancient Natural Power.

That was the most precious energy in the world.

Even Xiao Monarch, a knowledgeable Dao Origin Stage cultivator, didn’t know what kind of animal had such a horrible need! It had to be something peerless and powerful in the universe since it requested those incredible things all the time…

A massive amount of energy, endless spiritual qi… that was even enough to hatch over one thousand dragons!

However, he didn’t dare to touch Brother Egg. That would be reckless. Even though he claimed himself the owner of Brother Egg, he didn’t dare to touch it.

Brother Egg didn’t look tough like the time when it smashed somebody to death so badly right now. It was nothing but an ordinary egg!

At least it looked so.

If he touched it and it cracked. That would be such a shame…

"Come on. Why don’t you hatch already?" Ye Xiao held his jaw while looking at Brother Egg and asked.

Honestly, he just casually asked it. He didn’t expect any answer. After all, Brother Egg didn’t look as good as it usually was!

However, at that moment, he felt a mind stream. [Is it… Brother Egg? Asking for help?]

[It is asking for help!]

[Help me hatch…] Brother Egg said with its mind.

Ye Xiao was surprised. [Help you hatch? How? I mean, it can be helped?]

[You want me to crack your shell?]

The next moment, a stream of mind power rushed into his head. He felt a sound bombing inside his head and then a few words showed up in his head.

‘Blood of the conqueror, souls of living beings, ancient natural qi, heart of the dominator; Primal Creature is born!’

Just the words, without further explanation.

[What… What the hell does that mean? Do something!]

Brother Egg kept urging him. Apparently, it wanted to come out so bad.

"Come on, man! What do you mean do something? How do I know what to do?" Ye Xiao freaked out. "Blood of the conqueror, souls of living beings, ancient natural qi, heart of the dominator… They all sound like something really difficult to find. At least their names are telling it! Well… We have the souls of living beings, also the ancient natural qi… but… blood of the conqueror? Heart of the dominator? Come on. Where am I supposed to find them?"

Brother Egg stopped for a while and then talked through the mind connection again.

[It is you… You, you, you, you, you …] Brother Egg was enlighten.

[Come one. That blood and that heart… It is you! How would I be here if it wasn’t for you?]

[Me? It’s me? I have that blood and that heart?] Ye Xiao was surprised.

[So I am the conqueror and the dominator?]

Ye Xiao always thought highly of himself, but not so much yet.

[I… When did I become the conqueror and the dominator now?]

[Who told you so?]

[How come even I don’t know it? Shouldn’t I be informed?]

Brother Egg was apparently in a rush. It kept urging him. [I am going to die in here if you keep taking and talking like that…]

[But, how?] Ye Xiao was troubled.

[Look. Do what I tell you to…]

And then Brother Egg put the idea into his mind. Ye Xiao thought it over and then took a deep breath. He stepped close to Brother Egg and operated his spiritual qi. Suddenly, his face turned all red! - Puff! - He spat out blood and it splashed on Brother Egg.

That was some blood from inside his heart.

When the blood touched the shell of Brother Egg, it disappeared.

At the same time, blood streaks appeared all over the shell all of a sudden.

Ye Xiao wasn’t surprised. He hurriedly cut his finger with the fingernail and forced the blood to come out. He was staining the egg with his own blood…

He stained every inch of the shell.

When he finished staining it entirely, he had a magical feeling rushing into his head. He shouted in a deep voice, "As the conqueror, the dominator, I link my soul to you and stain you with my blood. Ancient natural qi meets the souls of the livings. Hatch, my beloved pet. Spiritual creature of chaos, show yourself!"

"From now on, you will stay beside me to the end of the firmament, share my joy when I conquer the world!"

When he said these, he didn’t even know why and how he could say it.

However, he just let it go.

Before he finished talking, his finger shined with some dim glow. He tapped on the egg shell!

"Come! Primal spirit!"

- Crack! -

The shell cracked into eight pieces.

Those were eight exactly the same pieces. It was like a lotus blossoming.

At the same time, a rolling and raging spiritual qi burst out!

The purple spiritual qi suddenly filled the entire Boundless Space. Ye Xiao even felt it hard to breathe all of a sudden.

That spiritual was so dense that it felt like solid.

That was some wonderful spiritual qi, no matter in quality or quantity. However, Ye Xiao didn’t even want to absorb it!

In fact, Ye Xiao nearly lost his breath, not because of the spiritual qi, but because of what happened just now!

It shocked him and made him open his mouth wide. He was surely going to choke if he kept his mouth opened like that!

And what just happened…

In the center of the eight pieces of shell, there was something small, white, furry and wet… A little living thing. It was lying there in a rather lazy posture. Ye Xiao stared at it with his mouth widely opened. The little creature blinked lazily. It didn’t even move, like it was totally indifferent. It said hello to Ye Xiao. "… Meow."

Ye Xiao felt like freaking out now!

His eyeballs almost popped out of his eye sockets and exploded in the air.

[What am I looking at there?]

[What the hell is it I am looking at?]

[I… I… I… I… I…]

[I have been expecting it to come… I have made millions of guesses… about what is this primal spirit creature!]

[And it… And it turns out to be… to be a… a… a…]

[A damn cat?]

[An oviparous cat?]