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Chapter 738: You Are Brother Egg?

Chapter 738: You Are Brother Egg?
Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Ye Xiao was suddenly speechless!

[God damn it… It really is just a cat. Then why did you have to make it like some grand ceremony?]

Ye Xiao still kept his mouth opened. Apparently, he was totally shocked.

He was disappointed, so disappointed that he was broken!

In the center of the eight pieces of egg shells, that little snowy lazy thing finally stood up with its four claws slowly, like it was the noblest creature in the world. It shook the fur on its body and the water on it suddenly disappeared.

After that, it walked so slowly in a solemn and nobler way to one of the eight pieces of shell. It actually bit on that shell, chewed it, and swallowed it.

It seemed spirited up after eating that shell, so naturally, it finished the rest of it. It was so casual and leisurely.

After that, it moved a few steps to another piece of shell.

- Crack! -

- Crunch… -

Another piece… Another piece again…

That little pieces was as small as a fist, but Brother Egg was quite a big thing, as big as a watermelon! That eight pieces of shell were all times bigger than the little cat, however, it just kept eating the eight of them… It swallowed them all.

That was like a rat eating a whole cow, but nothing happened to its size!

Ye Xiao stood there, totally blank.

[This… this is… the primal spirit creature?]

[A cat?]

It had nothing different to a cat at all, except it was smaller.

Well… there was one big difference though. It was oviparous while cats should be viviparous…

The little cat ate fast. It had already finished all those egg shells. It slightly raised up its head looking at Ye Xiao arrogantly. And then it reached out a snowy claw to clean its whisker. It didn’t sound satisfied. "… Meow?"

Ye Xiao looked at the cat, feeling sad.

He looked into its eyes while it was looking back at him. He understood what it wanted to tell. [I am full. Why don’t you come and hold me? What are you waiting? Come and hold me in the arms. Take good care of me! Why are you being so dumb?]

Ye Xiao was speechless. Apparently, he got it, but still couldn’t believe it. He said, "What do you want?"

The little cat was even annoyed now. It walked directly to Ye Xiao and held Ye Xiao’s leg with its claws. It climbed up along the leg and got to his arms, trying to find a spot to lie down. It realized if nothing held it, it would fall down.

It was angry, so it grabbed Ye Xiao’s sleeve with one claw and pulled it up. It put his arm under its butt and used its tail to twine on his other arm. Finally, it made a comfortable spot. Then it lied down in an elegant posture.

It blinked and rubbed its whisker... and then… "Meow."

Apparently, it was talking to Ye Xiao. [You should do it like this. Understand? Hold me like this! You have to make it like this to hold me tight!]

Ye Xiao was shaking, and his mouth was twitching. He stared at the little thing and felt so awkward. He was really painful in the heart at the moment.

"My god. What wrong have I done? Why does it have to be this thing? How do I live with this!" he shouted to the sky.

The cat completely ignored him. It just lied there and leaned at Ye Xiao’s chest, its tail swinging gently.

Ye Xiao was even upset now.

[What else could it be if it isn’t a cat? What is it?]

[Listen to the sound from its throat when it grunts. In the entire universe, only cats make this sound when it is comfortable!]

[My bloody heavens and hell!]

He made a heavy sigh. Finally, he asked with a gloomy face, "Are you Brother Egg? Really?"

When he asked it, he was hoping maybe it wasn’t Brother Egg. Obviously, he really didn’t want a cat…

However, he was disappointed… The more you expect something, the more you become disappointed if you don’t get it. Ye Xiao was utterly disappointed!

The little thing was still ignoring him. It just stayed in his arms, lying there comfortably.

It seemed it didn’t hear Ye Xiao, or maybe it just couldn’t understand it.

However, it stopped grunting.

Hmmm. Our Brother Cat was annoyed.

[Brother Egg, Brother Egg… That is awful!]

[Can’t you think of something better… Stop calling me Brother Egg!]

[You kept calling me that before I hatched. Fine! I forgive you. I am this generous. But now I have shown my magnificence to you, why do you have to keep calling me Brother Egg…]

[Can’t you show me some respect?]

"Urh… So you are not Brother Egg? That’s great! That was creepy just now!" Ye Xiao murmured, "If it is Brother Egg, it should be able to understand my words. This little cat apparently cannot understand me. It is not Brother Egg. I know Brother Egg wouldn’t become such a disappointing thing. Heavens bless me…"

The little cat moved its ear immediately. It scratched its whisker with its claw and its tail was standing straight up like a flag pole.

It was thinking. [What the hell does that mean? Nonsense. What does that mean? Should I try to respond? It is going to make me feel uncomfortable though. Fine. Let me try to tell him the truth…]

Then it raised up its head and weakly said, "… Meow!"

Ye Xiao was disappointed again. "You are Brother Egg?"


"You really are?"


He once had hope for it, then he lost hope. He got the hope for the second time after that, but then was disappointed again. It was impossible to describe how he was despairing at the moment! It was just so… bad!