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Chapter 739: Get A Name?

Chapter 739: Get A Name?
Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

The little cat answered him twice already. It thought that was generous enough. It didn’t have to say anything to this stupid human again. That was too much to ask for it. It then lowered its head and lied down in Ye Xiao’s arms again.

It stretched its legs and moved Ye Xiao’s arm a little bit, so as to make it a perfect shape as its pillow. It swayed its tail and then curled it and put it on its face.

Before its tail covered its eyes, there was a hint of disdain in it.

[I really don’t want to talk to you anymore. You are boring.]

[You are a fool…]

[You asked the same question three times… Moron…]

Ye Xiao totally freaked out!

He murmured, "Heavens… Earth… It actually is the egg! What is going on? What does this mean? What the f*ck! This isn’t right… It is just a cat. How can it be the prime spiritual creature? It is just an ordinary cat! Why? What wrong have I done? Why play me like this?"


The little cat was pissed. It reached out its claw and scratched on Ye Xiao. It stared at Ye Xiao with round opened eyes, looking proud and furious. [How could you look down upon me like that? How dare you? How dare you!]

Ye Xiao raised up his hand and looked at it. His arm should be invulnerable, yet there were three scratch wounds with blood there. He twitched his lips.

[This thing… has sharp claws at least…]

[How can you do this to your master…]

[How dare you!]

[Have you ever recognized yourself as a pet?]

"Fine. It is what it is. There is nothing I can do. Let’s just accept it," Ye Xiao said.

He felt that the little thing had a mind connection to him.

It was impossible to… abandon it!

The little cat was looking at him proudly. Ye Xiao loathly spoke, "Duh… Fine. I will adopt you. There is always food for a little cat anyway. I will just take it as charity."

The cat raised up itshead and squinted at him. "Meow~ Mia!"

That meant… [You bastard. What did you say? You have made an eternal covenant with me, you prick! How can you still be so picky… Do you think you can just leave me?]

"But… you just scratched me!" Ye Xiao was suddenly furious. "I am your master! How dare you?"

He fiercely looked at the little cat, only to discover that it had covered its face with its tail, curling up and sleeping. [I am asleep. I know nothing about what you say…]

[What is it?]

[Are you escaping this?]

[Oh no. I forgot this prick always holds grudges. He is still too weak to endure a scratch from me. I did that to him… Now it is going nasty…] Little cat was nervous at the moment.

However, it still acted calm and indifferent.

It was so arrogant like it was saying ‘I did scratch you. Suck it!’

Ye Xiao gritted his teeth but still couldn’t throw it to the floor… It just came out from the egg shell. It should be still weak. He might hurt it badly if he threw it to the floor. After all, he had spent too much to make it hatch!

[Fine. I will think about how to punish you someday later.]

[I am a commander! A young war god in a kingdom! Why do I take offense from a little kitty?]

[I don’t need to!]

"I mean… you… Well… So you will be with me for the rest of the days…" When he said so, he sighed.

[I have never f*cking thought that after spending so much on this, I got a cat! The energy I spent on this could make me a superior master cultivator in the upper realm already!]

The little cat raised its tail and showed one of its eyes. It looked at Ye Xiao. "Meeeeeeow…"

[Is he really so stupid… I am the primal spiritual creature… If not for that covenant, will I be with him like this? Does he really think I am such an unceremonious cat? That I would just stay in his arms just like that? Does he think he is qualified to be my mobile flesh bed? He should be goddamn grateful for this!]

[What a moron…]

"Fine. Since you are with me now, as your master, I have to give you a name…" Ye Xiao murmured. In fact, he was observing the little cat.

It was just like a cat, but it was definitely something outstanding.

First, it understood human language when it was just hatched. That was not so incredible though.

It was just hatched, yet it could jump and eat like a one year old cat. That was something…

Besides, it was unbelievably proud and arrogant…

It was totally intelligent.

Ye Xiao murmured that he wanted to give it a name. In fact, he wanted to find out how smart the little cat was…

As expected, it immediately got up when it heard what Ye Xiao said. Its back curled up and reached its front claws forward while the two other claws backward…


It was stretching itself…

[What is it?]

The little cat used one claw to tidy the whisker and then sat on its own tail like a human.

Its two eyes looked arrogant, but somehow it wasn’t that confident. It looked into Ye Xiao’s eyes.

No matter how arrogant it was, Ye Xiao had the right to give it a name.

It knew clearly about it.

That was why no matter how hard it tried to pretend arrogant and indifferent, it seemed fawning on Ye Xiao…

Name was important!

"Look at you, little tiny thing. Why don’t we call you… Sh*t Ball? How’s that?" Ye Xiao noticed the cat and found that it was showing weakness to him. He was happy, so he decided to make fun of it.

"Meoooow!" The cat was angry. [What the hell is that!]

"No? Okay. I am a nice guy. Let’s change one. Let’s make it… Feces Scroll! How’s that?" Ye Xiao kept teasing it.

"MEEEOOOW!" It was furious now as its fur stood up. Its back curled up like a bridge, and it was opening its mouth, showing the tiny sharp teeth and trying to look frightening.

Apparently, it wouldn’t accept such a contumelious name.