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Chapter 740: Erhuo

Chapter 740: Erhuo [1]
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The teeth were new, but Ye Xiao didn’t feel they were lovely at all. Those were some really sharp teeth!

That sharp cold glow shining at the point of the teeth proved it all!

The cat wasn’t just horrible with its claws, also with its teeth!

"What? No? You don’t like it?" Ye Xiao asked. Of course, he knew it didn’t like it.

The cat stared at its vile master. [Would you like a name like that? Like it? You feces scroll!]

"Not this, not that. Why are you so picky…" Ye Xiao frowned. "You obviously understand what I say, yet you just don’t talk. There must be problems on you! Speak! Is it?"

The cat was furious at the moment. It knew he was making fun of it. It just turned around, grabbed its tail and bit it.

[I… I am not going to face this stupid prick.]

"Dog Sh*t! How about that?" Ye Xiao asked.

"MEOW!" That was a no.

[Can’t you think of something irrelevant to sh*t and feces!]

"Fine. Let’s make it cooler! Dragon Pee! How about it! Huh!" Ye Xiao asked.

"MEOWWWWW!" It burst in anger.

[God damn it! After sh*ts and feces, now you bring pee! Can’t you stop being so filthy?]

The cat made a long sound. That was a strong protest. It grabbed Ye Xiao’s arm with one claw and bit on it with the sharp teeth. That was fierce.

"Ah oh my god! If you bite me, you are Dog Sh*t from now on!" Ye Xiao threatened!

The cat hesitated. It thought for a while and it figured that it was too difficult to accept such a name, so it let loose of Ye Xiao’s arm. It slowly raised its head and made a sound to Ye Xiao in a piteous voice. It actually fondled Ye Xiao’s arm with its soft paw as an apology.

It kept rubbing Ye Xiao’s arms with its tiny head. It was fawning.

[Please… I don’t want that name… Please… I don’t want it… Give me a nice one… Please…]

The little cat stared at Ye Xiao with two flattering and watery eyes.

Ye Xiao nearly laughed out loud. A cat trying to flatter him in a human’s way… that was… so hilarious.

"Look at you. Flattering your master just after you are born. That is rare. That is so silly." Ye Xiao said. "I am sure you are a silly cat! Now. I have a decision! Your name is Erhuo!"

The cat gritted its teeth. It kept jumping up and down to protest. It swayed its tail and tried to flatter Ye Xiao…

However, Ye Xiao was cold. That was the final decision.

"Erhuo it is! I won’t change it!" Ye Xiao threatened it, "If you really want me to change it, I will change it to Dog Sh*t! Just pick one! Dog Sh*t or Erhuo! You make the call!"

That cat was still protesting.

However, the protest failed. It had to pick one among the two options. No negotiation!

After a while, the cat opened its eyes big, staring at Ye Xiao with anger and sorrow. Suddenly, it made a sound ‘meow’ from deep in its throat… It completely lost hope as it just lowered its head.

It looked extremely weak while lying in Ye Xiao’s arms as if it was sick.

Did it… just give in to it?

It figured it had been tied up with a bad guy.

Ye Xiao felt so good as he won this combat. That was a milestone for him after all. He laughed and then started to tease the little cat in his arms…

However, Erhuo (ahem, let’s call it Erhuo from now on) lowered its head like it was dying. It had no reaction to Ye Xiao at all.

[Fine. You give me such a stupid name. I won’t talk to you anymore!]

Apparently, Erhuo was rather depressed at the moment.

Its two ears were drooping down.

Ye Xiao grabbed one of its claws and gently rubbed it in order to comfort it. However, it was soft like there was no bone in its body. [Go ahead. No matter what you do, I won’t talk to you…]

[I will ignore you.]

Ye Xiao was so happy as he won the combat against his own pet, a snowy little cat. He kept holding it in his arms.

He just felt extremely refreshed.

It was even better than the victory he got with the one hundred thousand men against the one and a half million troops.

[Primal spiritual creature?]

[Humph. Yes, a resounding title. So what? You are just a silly cat in front of me, your master!]

However, Ye Xiao was sure about one thing. This little cat was not something normal.

It was something outstanding in every aspect.

Although it didn’t seem to be powerful at all, just like a baby cat, Ye Xiao knew this was definitely not the real status of it…

What he had seen on it wasn’t enough to prove its true capability yet.

It was in the juvenile period after all…

[I will raise it well, and one day, it will be something marvelous in the future!] Ye Xiao believed so!

It was the Primal Spirit of Chaos after all. With such a resounding title, it couldn’t be just ordinary!

It smashed a Dao Origin Stage cultivator to death when it was just an egg. It absorbed an unbelievable enormous spiritual qi before it hatched. How could it be some normal useless cat?

Once it grew up… it might become a real primal monster…

That was unknown yet!

However, as he decided to adopt it, he would do his best. One thing must be learned first!

The most important thing was to learn how to feed it!

What should he feed it with?

That was a question!

Ye Xiao rolled his eyes and came up with a scheme.


After a while.

Erhuo was staring at a full plate of steamed bread. It was obviously speechless!

[What is this?]

It raised up its head while looking at Ye Xiao. It felt awkward.

Erhuo was snowy, and the steamed breads were snowy too. Two white snowy things were just the same size. In fact, Erhuo was smaller than that one bread, and there was a pile of snowy breads…

There was some other difference though. Erhuo had snowy fur, while the bread didn’t.

[Wait. Why do you put me and these stupid breads together?]

[You want to tell which of us is snowier?]

[1] Erhuo (二货) - (slang) fool / dunce / foolishly cute person. It was either use Silly as a name or the pinyin, or some other synonyms for the word silly. After asking around, Erhuo was what the other tls also suggested and we also decided on it since nothing else fits. If you guys do have suggestions, we will consider it, but for now and the next few chapters, we will be using Erhuo.