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Chapter 741: Unequal Treaty

Chapter 741: Unequal Treaty
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It was suddenly enlightened. [Oh no. He doesn’t, does he?]

[I am a cat. I look exactly like a cat! You fool! Have you ever seen a cat eating steamed bread?] Erhuo really wanted to slap on Ye Xiao’s face with the bread.

[Now who is silly?]

[You try to feed a baby cat steamed bread…]

[Only fools will do that.]

"Erhuo!" Ye Xiao called it.

Erhuoe didn’t answer. It just ignored him.

"Erhuo!" Ye Xiao called it again.

It still ignored him.

Ye Xiao kept calling it, like he was addicted.

"Erhuo!" "Erhuo!" "Erhuo!" "Erhuo!" …

[I gave you this name. You don’t answer me, then I will keep calling.]

[Till you answer me.]

[Let’s see who can hold it to the end!]

When Ye Xiao called it for the seventy-ninth time, Erhuo finally raised up its head. It seemed so weak and helpless. "Meow." It replied. It realized Ye Xiao would just keep calling until it answered him!

[Fine. I give up… you moron!]

"Erhuo!" Ye Xiao called it again.

"Meow!" Erhuo answered him.

[Please, don’t continue. I am freaking out here…]

"Are you hungry, Erhuo? Steamed bread? Do you want some? You don’t eat? Because you are not hungry? Or because you just don’t eat bread?" Ye Xiao asked.


"Come on. Don’t just meow. Are you going to eat it or not? You have to tell me. How do I know whether it is right to feed you this? I need to know if you are going to eat it or not… You have to make it clear…"

[My heavens and hell. Why is this guy so nagging? Can’t you just calm down for a second!]

"Meow, meow!"

"Hmm. Okay, so you don’t eat steamed bread. Do you eat beef?"




"Pork then?"

"Meow…" Erhuo freaked out.

[I am going mad. I am losing my mind. Why would I follow such a master.]

[My god. Please, strike this man with lightning and put him to death!]

Ye Xiao was excited. "What about horse? You eat horse?"

"Meow!" Erhuo covered its face with its claws. It grabbed its belly and truly didn’t know what to say.

[Can’t you… say something not meat? Can’t you?]

"Donkey?" Ye Xiao was spirited.

"Meow! Ah…"

"My god. Why do you have to be so picky. You don’t eat this, you don’t eat that. What do you eat? Human?" Ye Xiao was freaking out.

Erhuo finally couldn’t stand it anymore. Suddenly, it stood up like a man. Its eyes were full of disdainfulness like a man glaring at Ye Xiao and spoke, "Idiot! I eat fish! Fish!"

Ye Xiao immediately slapped it and shouted, "You can f*cking talk! Why didn’t you talk to me? Meow, meow, meow, my ass! What are you acting?"

Erhuo didn’t expect that at all. It was slapped down to the floor and rolled on the floor for several rounds. After a while, its fur all stood straight up.

"Meowwwww!" It was furious!

[How dare you hit me!]

While it was going to do something, Ye Xiao slapped it again. "Meow my ass! What? I can’t hit you? Why gritting? Playing tough, huh? Can’t you just talk? Meow, meow, meow… Who the f*ck will understand that? I am going to change your name to Cat Sh*t, you little shit!"

Erhuo totally raged up in anger. It humphed up and swayed its two front claws in the air. It kept exclaiming. However, Ye Xiao grabbed it on the back of its neck.

It suddenly became like an empty bag, hanging in the air softly. Its four claws were all hanging down, and it was exactly like a prisoner.

That was cat’s weak point. Once it was grabbed on the skin on the back of the neck, it would just freeze.

Ye Xiao grabbed it up. Suddenly, it became delicate and touching, instead of fierce. It lowered its head, yet tried to hard to raise its eyes to look at Ye Xiao.

[I was reckless…]

Ye Xiao grabbed it with his hand and shook it. He tapped on its wet little nose with a finger and said, "Meow? Tell me. Will you obey? Will you, huh? How dare you be fierce to your own master, swaying those claws! Bodacious! Do you really want to be Cat Sh*t?"

Erhuo’s four legs were weak, hanging down like its head. It could do nothing, as its weak point was grabbed by Ye Xiao. It was now like a salted dry fish hanging in his hand…

Hmm… It thought of salted fish.

It started to dribble…

"Meow… I want fish… I want to eat fish…"

It was crying now.

"Tell me. Will you obey?" Ye Xiao asked.

"Meow…" It was so piteous.

"You will? Or will not?"


Under Ye Xiao’s menace, it made an agreement to him.

It promised to always obey him, to serve him forever, to talk to him by mind connection if it didn’t want to talk, and never meow to him!

However, when there were somebody else, it could only meow, not talk!

There were still so many clauses in the agreement… That was an unequal treaty…

Ye Xiao didn’t just stop. He kept thinking about it and made it promise whatever he could think about at the moment.

At the end, it even had to promise it would let him eat first when there was something tasty, and let him play first if there was something playful… It actually was forced to promise these…

When Ye Xiao set it free, it felt like dying as it just lied on the floor and didn’t move a bit.

[Oh my god…]

[How could anybody on earth be so rude to me?]

[He is so abhorrent…]

Ye Xiao didn’t care. He just picked it up and put it in his hand. He kept touching and teasing it. No matter what he did, Erhuo wouldn’t raise its head. [I am not answering you! Humph!]

[I have my own dignity!]

It just curled in Ye Xiao’s arms, using one of its white claws to rub its whisker. It looked ill, but in fact it was lost in thoughts. [What should I do to take the initiative back?]

[Is it possible?]

[Is it hopeful?]

[Meow… What a trouble…]