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Chapter 742: Erhuo and Fish!

Chapter 742: Erhuo and Fish!
Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

What it wanted the most was to cancel that agreement!

It felt Ye Xiao putting it to a soft seat cushion.

[Humph. Now you know you should treat me good? I still won’t talk to you!]

[You think you can buy me in with petty favors?]

It curled up like a snowball and covered its face with its tail as it started to sleep with anger.

As it breathed, its small soft belly was going up and down slowly…

The next moment, it suddenly smelled something strangely tasty!

That aroused the hunger inside its head!

It just couldn’t resist that wonderful smell!

[That is seductive!]

[I am starving.]

As the smell was getting closer and closer, it felt like it was right in front of its face…

Finally, it moved its tail and showed one eye behind it. It half closed its eye and tried to find out what it was. [Why does it smell so good? How?]

As it looked at it, its eyes opened up big!

Even its pupils became a straight line!

[Oh my god!]


[A living fish!]

[It is just in front of my face… That fresh smell…]

That fish was still struggling…

"Mia!!!" Erhuo made an excited exclamation and rushed over to grab the fish with two claws.

However, it grabbed nothing!

- Shoot! - The fish actually rose up fast. It was Ye Xiao holding the fish tail and pulled it up.

Erhuo got nothing. It was anxious now. It sat on the floor, raised its head, and hungrily stared at the fish.

[I was just born a while ago. I need this…]

Ye Xiao swayed the fish, obviously to tease the cat. As expected, Erhuo subconsciously grabbed the air with its front claws. It looked at Ye Xiao and tried to fawn on him.

Ye Xiao smiled. He knew that he should stop. He wouldn’t do it over.

[At least I know this little thing loves fish… This is its weak point.]

[If it dares to disobey me in the future, I know what to do.]

He let loose of the fish and the fish fell off to the ground. Erhuo jumped up and caught that fish in the air. Before it touched the floor, it bit on the back of the fish tight. Its eyes emitted greedy green lights.

A little cat, the size of a fist, bit on a one pound fish tightly. As it got down and stood on the floor, it walked away in an extremely elegant way.

While it was walking, it kept making sounds from its throat.

That was not crying. That was the sound of excitement and hunger.

More than that, it was also a sound of warning. It warned every living beings around not to even think about taking that fish off it. To take that fish away was to declare war against it!

Surely, it did rub Ye Xiao with its butt to show its gratitude. [Thanks! Get me more next time!]

Then it casually walked away.

After a while, somewhere dark, there was a sound of an animal swallowing!

Ye Xiao was surprised.

[Well… It seems… What I did so far turns out to get me nothing. This little thing will start to be arrogant when it is happy… It never thinks about its master or anybody else…]

[Little prick!]

After a while, Erhuo was satisfied. It arrogantly walked back, half closing its eyes. While it was walking, it shook its body to get rid of the fish scales. The scales just disappeared.

Its body started to shine in dim glows. After a few seconds, it didn’t even have any fishy smell.

It apparently had eaten enough, but not drunk enough. It walked to the cup and reached its head into it. After a few sips of water… it puked out.

It wasn’t drinking it! It was rinsing its mouth!

Did that mean it was a neat freak?

After cleaning up, it started to smell itself to make sure it was clean. After that, it walked away a few steps and then jumped into Ye Xiao’s arms again.

It was rubbing Ye Xiao in a close and friendly way. [I am coming…]

And then it grabbed his arm and put it under its butt again. It squinted at Ye Xiao and thought, [I taught you how to hold me… How come you still can’t do it yourself?]

Then it stretched its legs and wriggled a little, found a comfortable posture, lied its head on Ye Xiao’s chest and then closed its eyes.

Its tail swayed over and then covered itself.

What a lovely snowball.

Ye Xiao looked at the little thing in his arms. He couldn’t help sighing. [Heavens! Is this a pet of mine? Or… I am just a servant to it?]

However, the next moment, he felt something strange. It seemed the spiritual qi around him started to gather around over him.

It was like all rivers running to the ocean!

And then all of a sudden, he realized the spiritual qi in his Jing and Mai was running. At the same time, the spiritual qi from the world was gathering over to him slowly…

Ye Xiao looked at the little cat in his arms. He was shocked.

It wasn’t even moving, yet the spiritual qi in the entire world was driven by it!

It was just a baby. What if it grew up…

What could it do then?

Thinking of this, he touched Erhuo.

Erhuo squinted and then made that grunting sound in the throat again…

Apparently, it was comfortable.

Ye Xiao also felt comfortable. The little thing was soft and cute. Its was clean and snowy, and it felt so good to touch it. Even if it couldn’t gather spiritual qi for him, he would love to have such a pet!

He finally had a different thought and started to like this little thing.

As he thought about it, he took a closer look at the little cat. He found that it was actually adorable. When it opened its eyes, they were like two gemstones shining splendidly. It was so cute that Ye Xiao couldn’t resist it.