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Chapter 743: Weird Theft

Chapter 743: Weird Theft
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Suddenly, Ye Xiao had an idea. [If Jun Yinglian, Su Yeyue and the other girls were here, they would surely fall into this little guy’s hands right away… Erhuo must be a beauty killer…]

Erhuo must have felt the mind status of Ye Xiao. The grunting sound in its throat was getting louder…

The next morning.

Commander Ye finally gathered his generals together for a meeting. When they came over, they were shocked by what they saw.

Commander Ye vigorously and solemnly sat on the chair. Beside him, there was a long sword hanging on the wall. In front of him, there was the Seal of the Commander on the desk and sanders burning. It felt solemn and stately.

What a great general!

However, in his arms, there was a cat lying comfortably…

It was a snowy little cat!

It was not even as big as a human palm. That was a regular cat which seemed newly born.

They couldn’t understand why such a little cat would appear in this place, under such a situation!

[What the hell?]

The generals were all shocked. They never knew their Commander was a cat lover… They never knew he was actually so… leisurely!

They blanked out, and none of them said anything. They just didn’t know what to say. Ye Xiao knew they were acting weird, but he didn’t care. He knew it was the cat that made them act like that. When he just started to say something, a quartermaster came to meet him.

Ye Xiao was surprised.

The quartermaster was in charge of money and food. It seemed to be something urgent. Something must have gone wrong.

No matter what happened, it wouldn’t be a good thing for the army.

"Commander…" The quartermaster was sweating. He seemed in a haze. "There is something strange that happened in the storeroom. It is… so strange. Unbelievable. I can’t… I don’t know.."

Ye Xiao frowned. "Take it easy. Don’t panic. Just tell me what you know."

The quartermaster answered, "Yes."

And then he calmed down a bit.

He said, "After that tough fight, we finally calmed down from excitement. When we calmed down, we started to feel the pain of wounds and exhaustion. Everyone was dispirited. We wanted to give our men more nutritions, but there are barely any good food around this place. We sent some soldiers to collect more materials, and we found a small lake not far from here…"

When the soldiers found the lake, the quartermaster went to check on it. There were many fish in it.

That was so thrilling.

He sent three hundred soldiers to catch all the fish in the lake. Not really all of it though. They took back all those heavier than one pound. They brought back about eight thousand pounds of fish, big and small.

It sounded like a lot of fish, but not really for a camp of so many people. It was impossible to let everybody share the fish. That was why they decided to cook fish soup so that everybody could at least taste the soup. The cook had been working for three days to make fish soup. The first two days were fine, but the third day, when they were ready to get the fish… They found…

The fish were gone!

Eight thousand pounds of fish divided into three parts. Over two thousand pounds of fish were gone on the third day!

All gone!


Everything in the storeroom was there, except the fish. Whoever stole the fish did not touch any other things, including gold and silver, medical materials… nothing else. Only the fish were stolen…

More unbelievably…

There left a pile of fish bones in the place where the fish should be.

That was piled up neatly!

Every fish, from head to tail, including the bones on two sides were there. It looked more like all the fished were vanished at the same place except leaving the bones.

No flesh was left.

That was so weird.

"That is so weird… The lock on the door is still good. Whoever stole our fish, he didn’t break in. But even if somebody stole the key and got into the storeroom, how did he eat all the fish and leave the bones there so casually? How many people does it take to finish those fish at a time?"

The quartermaster was sweating. "At the very least… I am not being stupid, but… look… to eat the fish so neatly… is simply beyond human capability… I guess whoever ate our fish must be a real powerful figure. But I can’t understand it. If he is such a powerful man, why would he only focus on the fish? Why bother?"

"Maybe… I am thinking… He must be a super powerful figure, who is a crazy fan for eating fish. Otherwise, he wouldn’t do such a thing. It is just… I just can’t believe there is such a person…" He seemed embarrassed. Apparently, he didn’t really believe in what he said.

The generals were shocked.

[What is going on?]

[If he is wrong, then maybe it’s a ghost? Isn’t it even more difficult to believe!]

They didn’t notice that the little cat lazily opened its eyes in Commander Ye’s arms. It squinted at the quartermaster and then closed its eyes again. It started to snore…

Suddenly, it made a burp…

Apparently, it had a positive comment about that quartermaster’s thought. He was smart. At least, it fully agreed with the term ‘powerful figure’!

Ye Xiao was also in a daze. He couldn’t think of any possibility. When he was ready to ask the quartermaster some questions, he smelled something fishy from in his arms…

He looked down and saw the little thing burp… It was closing its eyes, lying there as if it had nothing to do with this matter… Its furry tail was moving and shaking slightly…

Apparently, it was really enjoying this. It was even gloating.