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Chapter 744: Father and Son!

Chapter 744: Father and Son!
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Suddenly, Ye Xiao thought of something. [Traceless? Powerful figure? Fan of eating fish? … Is it… no way… Erhuo ate all of the fish itself!]

He remembered when Erhuo saw the fish the first day, it looked so thrilled. He figured it was very likely the thief.

The only question was that how did Erhuo eat up all those fish with its tiny body?

Those were eight thousand pounds!

Ye Xiao made up his mind. He tapped Erhuo’s back and embarrassedly spoke, "It is not anything serious. The army is still running well. Don’t take it too serious… Go. Arrange the cooking."

The quartermaster wanted to say something more, but when he saw Commander Ye’s face, he didn’t dare to. He left.

[As long as nobody blames me for it!]

Ye Xiao couldn’t wait to deal with this, so he just dismissed the generals after a few words.

He said, "You guys know a lot in military affairs. You know what to do. Now we are in peaceful days. There won’t be any troubles. Just do whatever you think needs to be done. Just solve the problem among yourselves. No need to ask me."

"You know what to do. Just rule the soldiers. You understand, right?"

"Good. Dismiss."

Song Jue and the generals were confused.

After Commander Ye left, the others were still blank in the head.

[What? After being absent for all these days, now you are finally back. Our commander is finally back. We have so many things to report to you, discuss with you, solve with you…]

[Now we see you, yet you just left after saying some useless words.]

[We have to swallow the reports we want to make back to our throats.]

[You didn’t even give us a chance to speak…]

[What the hell?]

[We do have too many things waiting to be solved, but you are the one in charge here!]

[Can’t you just be responsible a bit more!]

They were quite annoyed because of it. Zhu Chenggong made a long sigh.

The next day, things turned much better.

The other Commander Ye had arrived with his great cavalry. The leader was exactly Ye Nantian.

Song Jue was so happy to see his brother after all these days. He rushed over and held Ye Nantian tight.

"Where is Ye Xiao?" Ye Nantian looked around but didn’t find Ye Xiao, so he asked.

Normally, when a commander of another army came to support, Ye Xiao should greet him in person, let alone it was his father!

Song Jue and Zhu Chenggong were speechless when they heard Ye Nantian.

"Dear brother, your baby son… We have been looking for him like… every second these days…" Song Jue started to complain as he finally got a chance to. "He actually leaves no trace at all… He is just gone…"

"He doesn’t care about anything in the camp at all…"

"Big or small… He just doesn’t do anything…"

Song Jue and Zhu Chenggong were both so upset. They just seized the chance to vent every bit of the dissatisfaction in their chest.

Ye Nantian looked at them both and discontentedly spoke, "Why is it so damn hopeless here… This is insane. He is a young man. No matter how smart, clever, wise, sensible, brave, and strong-hearted he is, this is after all his first time to rule an army. How can you expect him to know much about dealing with all these matters in the army? Didn’t he get through such a big war in the battlefield and find a perfect solution to win the war? That kid must have driven every bit of his strength for that. Now he wants to take some rests. So what? Should he?

"You two are old enough here. What can’t you possibly handle in the army? Is there really any problem you can’t solve? And you have to bother my son? You won the fight. The war is over. There is no commander in the army, so what? So you can’t live your lives now? Really? Ridiculous! Look at you, two experienced men of the army, acting like kids complaining about Ye Xiao in front of his father. Come on. Grow up. Don’t tell anybody you know me. I feel ashamed!"

Song Jue and Zhu Chenggong stared at Ye Nantian. They just felt shocked.

Song Jue was better. He knew how his brother spoiled Ye Xiao after all. Zhu Chenggong saw it for the first time. He waited such a long time just to complain about Ye Xiao in front of Ye Nantian, yet only got himself humiliated.

If Ye Nantian just scolded him, that would be fine. What upset him the most was how Ye Nantian praised his son like that! That was too much!

[What the hell is wrong with this man? I have never seen a father be partial to the son unreasonably! He actually raised his son up to the heaven like he was so perfect! What the hell?]

[Fine. What you said about your son is true, and yes, we agree that he did a great job, but shouldn’t you let others say it instead of boasting about it? Shouldn’t you at least pretend to be humble?]

[Oh my god. He is just as weird as his son!]

Ye Nantian stared at him and what he meant wanted to say was obvious. [My son has led you all to the victory of this war. He has done enough. How dare you even think about bothering him with such trivial matters? Don’t you feel ashamed?]

[What do you want more…]

Zhu Chenggong felt in a daze all of a sudden.

When Ye Nantian had already left for rest, he was still standing there.

He wanted to give Ye Nantian some advices. [Commander, I understand that you love your son very much, but you really can’t just spoil him like this. You will make him a fool, although he is quite good right now…]

[Ye Nantian’s son, Ye Xiao. Our young Commander Ye, what a brilliant figure. It seems right to spoil him a bit, but…] He didn’t dare to think more of it.

What if Ye Nantian squinted at him and scolded, ‘My son won the war, even though I spoil him in the way you don’t like. Maybe I should spoil him more, huh?’

Zhu Chenggong felt humiliated.

"Song Jue, I asked you to find out the truth about the block of the tunnel back to Qing-Yun Realm. What do you have now?" Ye Nantian frowned, "Is it true?"

"Yes! Absolutely!" Song Jue was certain.

"That means we have to return to Qing-Yun Realm in two months? If we don’t, we will exploded under the power of the sky and earth? That is bad." Ye Nantian frowned. "But… What about Xiao Xiao?"

Song Jue said, "Don’t worry. He is a monster. I truly cannot imagine how you raised him up. He has reached the level to break over the limitation! He can leave with us. Maybe not in the same tunnel with us, but he will leave this world and go to the Qing-Yun Realm."

"What? Are you telling me… Xiao Xiao is strong enough to leave this world?"