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Chapter 745: Ye Nantian’s Worry

Chapter 745: Ye Nantian’s Worry
Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Ye Nantian suddenly widely opened his eyes. He stood up and said, "How is that possible? The last time I went home, I did check on his cultivation status. How could he possibly improve so much?"

"Believe it or not, he is this powerful now. I am not lying," Song Jue said.

Ye Nantian didn’t feel happy at all. Instead, he looked gloomy.

He stood up and paced around in the tent. Apparently, he was worried.

"He… He doesn’t know about that, does he?" Ye Nantian asked.

"Absolutely not. No matter how dumb I am, I would never tell him that. He shouldn’t know a thing about it," Song Jue answered.

Ye Nantian made a long sigh. "Good… He is not going to leave with us anyway… Just let him… Just let him focus on his cultivation and wait for his fate… And we will see what then. I wanted him to live a peaceful life, but…"

Then he made a long sigh again.

At the moment, he felt something. Suddenly, he turned over and shouted, "Who is it? Urhh… Xiao Xiao… Why are you here?"

It was exactly Ye Xiao standing behind him.

Ye Xiao felt speechless. "Well… this… this is… my tent…"

Ye Nantian’s mouth twisted and he angrily shouted, "You little prick! Can’t you just make a sound when you come in."

He was annoyed. Since he entered this place, he checked every corner to make sure nobody else was there! Not to mention a person, he wouldn’t allow a fly in the tent!

However, Ye Xiao just showed up from nowhere!

[What the hell is going on?]

"Hmm. Xiao Xiao, you… Did you get in just now?" He was a bit worried. Instead of the silent movement of Ye Xiao, he cared more about whether Ye Xiao heard what he said to Song Jue.

"Yes. Why?" Ye Xiao was confused. [What is wrong? Why are you showing such a sad face?]

"Hmm. Great. Nothing. Nothing serious!" Ye Nantian took a long breath out and said with a smile, "Good boy. You did a great job in the battle. I am proud of you!"

He tapped on Ye Xiao’s shoulder and felt comforted.

It had been quite a while since they met. Although Ye Nantian tried to be a strict father, he couldn’t hide the softness in his eyes.

The three of them talked about the current situation in the world for a while and then changed the topic. Apparently, none of them truly cared about what future this world had.

Ye Nantian was quite invested with the little cat in Ye Xiao’s hands. "Where did you get it? It’s adorable!"

Then he wanted to hold it and have a close look. Erhuo quickly turned around and then left fast. Ye Nantian was shocked.

Erhuo thought, [Oh heavens. That is master’s father… I can’t reject him frankly. But… I hate to be touched by others. I have to get away…]

[That quartermaster said that there is a lake around? And there are fish in the water?]

[Good! Let me go get something to eat!]

And then it disappeared.

"That is a fast moving cat really!" Ye Nantian smiled. In fact, he was still thinking, [Did he hear the conversation earlier?]

At the same time, he was troubled. [If Xiao Xiao goes to Qing-Yun Realm, he will definitely get to know things about his mother. What would he do… if he knows the truth?]

Ye Nantian had changed the topic already, but still worrying about that.

"Since we all decided to leave, I don’t think we have to return to the capital." Ye Nantian said, "But… there are some problems we need to solve."

"What problems?" Song Jue asked.

"You and me, we can both use secret tunnel to go back to Qing-Yun Realm. Xiao Xiao and the others can’t. They didn’t experience the Ascension Ablution. They can’t get into the secret tunnel. The only way they can leave to Qing-Yun Realm is to take the normal way."

Song Jue asked, "That’s right. What is the problem then?"

"Naturally, it isn’t a problem to take the normal way into Qing-Yun Realm. The problem is that the location they will land in Qing-Yun Realm is uncertain. We won’t get to know where Xiao Xiao will get to in advance. It is full of dangers up there. He may get into troubles. We have to be careful."

Ye Nantian frowned.

Song Jue rubbed his head and didn’t say anything.

He apparently felt the annoyance in his big brother’s mind.

[Qing-Yun Realm is a superior realm. There are always cultivators from low realm arriving. It isn’t too dangerous though. As long as they stay careful and don’t take any reckless moves, it will be fine!]

[However, Xiao Xiao is different. He isn’t the same as the other cultivators after all. Besides, once he gets to know things about his mother, he will definitely do something about it.]

[He reached Spirit Origin Stage when he is so young. That proves that he is a genius!]

[However, he is nothing compared to those people who have existed for dozens of thousand years!]

[If somebody knows who he is, he will get into huge trouble!]

[They can kill him by just a mind attack!]

[I can go back to Ye Clan, but Ye Xiao can never follow me back.]

[At least not now!]

[But he is powerful enough to get to Qing-Yun Realm. How can I forbid him to go back to his family?]

[It is just… not right!]

[But things will lose control once he gets back. He will get to know everything we have been hiding from him!]

[It will be impossible to hide the truth from him, or to the public.]

Ye Nantian was troubled at the moment.

Song Jue was also helpless.

"Xiao Xiao, well…" Ye Nantian took in a deep breath and spoke in a deep voice, "There is something I have to be frank to you."

Ye Xiao spoke with respect, "Please, father."

"Hmm." Ye Nantian nodded and sighed. "Son, I owe you so much…"

"I never wanted you to do any martial art cultivation at the beginning… I just want you to live a peaceful life. Normal life. That is why I keep spoiling you like this… But… unexpectedly, you actually stepped on the path to cultivation by yourself anyway. Now as we all know, you have achieved a great lot…"