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Chapter 746: Ascension to Qing-Yun Realm!

Chapter 746: Ascension to Qing-Yun Realm!
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Ye Nantian sighed. "There is secret I have too keep, that is why I would do that in the first place… I had to. I can’t tell you about the secret yet."

"But I am still going to tell you something…" Ye Nantian’s face twisted painfully, "When you go up to Qing-Yun Realm, you can’t… you can’t return to our clan yet."

"I can’t tell you why. Just… I want you to be understanding. When you are out there, you can’t tell anybody about your true identity. Once you do… I am afraid… you will get yourself killed."

"You grew up in the Land of Han-Yang. You barely know anything about Qing-Yun Realm. I am invincible in this world, and you are one of the top cultivators in this world. However, you and me, we are probably below the third league in Qing-Yun Realm."

Ye Nantian looked at his son sorrowfully. "I know… this is hard for you… I am making it hard for you… but…"

Ye Xiao took a breath out of relief all of a sudden.

"That is… not a problem." Ye Xiao promised. He didn’t even ask why. "I never want to depend on our clan in Qing-Yun Realm anyway. I want to practice by myself in the martial world of Qing-Yun Realm. I have been improving too fast in this world. It took me such a short time to become one of the strongest ones. That is why I still need more experience to improve my mind status. To live in Qing-Yun Realm by myself is what I want. I feel good about it."

Ye Nantian had been such a loving father to Ye Xiao. He would give everything he had to his son if needed.

Ye Xiao had recognized him as his father long ago.

However, to be a member of Ye Nantian’s clan was a different story. That meant he had to accept a bunch more relatives, grandfather, grandmother, uncles, aunts…

That would be utterly embarrassing for Ye Xiao.

[I… I was Xiao Monarch who traveled the world back then!]

[A bunch of weak ants who were far below my league when I was there… and I have to be humble to all of them…]

Ye Xiao had thought about this earlier. He truly didn’t know what to do about it.

At the moment, as Ye Nantian told him not to be a member of his clan, that was such a good news for him, so he accepted it without hesitation.

However, that shocked Ye Nantian greatly.

Even though he was shocked, he felt relieved. Then he started to worry about his son’s safety. He started to nag and nag, trying to teach Ye Xiao everything he knew about Qing-Yun Realm, including how to deal with people, how to avoid troubles… Nagging and nagging.

Ye Xiao actually knew much more than Ye Nantian, but he just stayed calm and listened humbly. All that he learned back in Qing-Yun Realm, he learned them from fire and blood. Nobody had ever so patiently tried to teach him anything.

At the moment, he had a father, who was truly caring for him and trying to get him away from possible dangers.

He knew everything Ye Nantian was telling him, but he felt warm in the heart because of it. He was touched.

Ye Nantian and Song Jue were doing it together, trying to explain everything to Ye Xiao as possible as they could. They even came up with many questions to ask Ye Xiao. "What would you do? What could possibly happen if that’s the case?"

Ye Xiao gave them all the best answers. Ye Nantian felt relieved and told him to do more tests and then he would teach Ye Xiao more after the tests…

The next day, an official from the Kingdom of Chen finally arrived. He was late.

He announced the decree of the King to urge Ye Xiao return to the capital.

Ye Xiao was indifferent. He said, "Go tell the king that the story between the House of Ye and your Royal House has ended. We won’t return to the kingdom anymore. We will leave here and never come back to the Land of Han-Yang."

The official was frightened.

[There has never been any people who dares to respond the king’s decree like this.]

[I am looking at three now! Unbelievable!]

Ye Nantian was polite though. "Please tell his majesty that I will never forget what we have been through together. If the fate allows, I will come back to the Kingdom of Chen and visit him. Take care."

The official left and headed back the capital.

He never knew how frustrated the king would be when he knew this…

The next few days, Ye Nantian was busy making arrangements for the soldiers, who were also good friends to Ye Nantian…

He felt the grief of parting.

On the other side, Wenren Chuchu was doing the same thing.

Zhao Pingtian, Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun were also doing the same thing.

The day they left Land of Han-Yang was getting closer…

Ye Xiao sent letters to Lan Langlang, Zuo Wuji and Wan Zhenghao and a few exquisite jade bottles too…

Finally, the day had come.

It was cloudy.

The world seemed to sense something. Wind blew over and lightnings showed among the clouds from time to time…

Ye Nantian stared at the dark clouds in the sky, then he looked at his son, who was waiting for the Ascension Trial on top of the mountain. He had a complicated emotion.

He was worried, sad, caring… all kinds of strong feelings filled his chest.

He had known about the real power of his son. He didn’t worry about the trial at all. Ye Xiao could definitely get through it.

What worried him the most was the dangers he would encounter in Qing-Yun Realm.

Those were the real threats. Anywhere and anytime in Qing-Yun Realm would be more dangerous for Ye Xiao than in the Land of Han-Yang.

Precisely speaking, it was much more dangerous up there! Hundreds times dangerous!

He could have been killed in any second!

Nobody could foresee what would happen to them in Qing-Yun Realm. No matter how much he was taught about the rules and experiences in Qing-Yun Realm, they were still just theories.

[Qing-Yun Realm is totally different from the Land of Han-Yang. You may be invincible in the Land of Han-Yang and you get used to being on top of the league, but when you just arrive in Qing-Yun Realm, a thief could be much more powerful than you can imagine.]

Well that was no kidding. Spirit Origin Stage was the bottommost stage in Qing-Yun Realm after all. A Spirit Origin Stage cultivator was just a normal person!

However, Ye Nantian had to let his beloved son live in such a dangerous world all by himself. He knew that it was at least better than returning to the clan.

It was much safer to live alone there, no matter how dangerous it was!

The biggest danger was lying in his clan!

What Ye Nantian said to Ye Xiao most in days was…

"Xiao Xiao, when you arrive in Qing-Yun Realm, the first thing you do is to stay low to the dirt!"

"Do not act like you are a powerful figure even though you truly are one of the strongest in the Land of Han-Yang. You will suffer great loss if you don’t stay humble. You may die!"

"There are so many arrogant people, who claimed to be talented, looking down upon the world in Qing-Yun Realm. They failed! In fact, they were all truly talented ones! However, they didn’t get well trained and they were weak. At least, they were so weak for the people in Qing-Yun Realm!"

"Those men died in vain glory in a short time!"

"They used to be just like you. They were from different low realms! They used to be the strongest in their worlds! They were all legends in their homeland!"

"However, soon after they got to Qing-Yun Realm, they died. Legends, myths, heroes, it wouldn’t make any difference. They are all dead men! Dead men mean nothing!"

"That’s why you have to stay humble!"

"The first thing you do is to put yourself in the position of an ant looking upon the giant world. It won’t feel good, but it is safe!"

"Just be tolerant! Try your best to hold your temper! Remember it!"

"This is important!"

"You have to keep yourself alive first!"

Ye Nantian had repeated these words again and again, however, now while looking at his son far on top of the mountain, he still wanted to say it to Ye Xiao again.

He even wanted to rush over and grab Ye Xiao off the mountain. [Maybe I should just ruin your cultivation right now and let you live in this world… in a peaceful life.]

There were three men standing there with Ye Xiao.

Ning Biluo.

Zhao Pingtian.

Liu Changjun.

Ye Xiao was speaking casually at the moment. What he was saying was more or less what Ye Nantian told him again and again in the past few days. Ye Xiao knew everything Ye Nantian told him. He even knew better than Ye Nantian. He didn’t need any warning at all.

However, Ning Biluo and the other two needed it!

Because they had never been to that cruel world!