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Chapter 747: Ascension Day!

Chapter 747: Ascension Day!
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As Ye Nantian said, every cultivator who had reached Qing-Yun Realm used to be the most powerful cultivators in their original worlds. No matter how experienced and steady they were, they were used to being arrogant and full of pride facing others. When they first went to the new world, they didn’t know how unpredictable things could be, so they naturally kept acting in their own paces!

However, for the natives who had been living in Qing-Yun Realm for a long time, they would never endure the annoyance brought by some weak and arrogant featherbrains! That was why for most of those newly arrived people, there was a disaster in front of them!

For example, the son of the head of a township who has been living with respect from everybody around him, so he considers everybody and everything beneath his notice.

However, if this young man goes to Beijing one day and doesn’t change his attitude… Ahem.

"One more thing. Even though we will pass the trial together and go to Qing-Yun Realm at the same time, we won’t be in the same place when we arrive." Ye Xiao slowly spoke in a deep voice, "It is some kind of trick that fate plays on us, like the heavens hates us to be together… We will be separated. Each of us will have to live the world up there by ourselves. One mistake, and we will never see each other alive again.

"Only when we all survive that world alone will we get the chance to meet each other again.

"In the Land of Han-Yang, we all all superior figures. We travel the world and fear nothing, but you have to realize in Qing-Yun Realm, we are nothing! We are a part of the weakest ones.

"You must know how to survive in a world with stronger people around.

"Whatever happens, we must stay alive and wait for the day of reunion!

"When you go up there, start cultivating the martial arts I gave you." Ye Xiao took a deep breath. "Those are good martial arts… that suits the law in Qing-Yun Realm.

"Remember, stay alive! Wait for the day of reunion!

"I hope that when I see you again, you have become somebody in that cruel world."

The dark clouds were getting lower and lower in the sky. The trial was obviously getting closer.

Wind blew wildly. Big trees with thick trunks that had lived so many years were actually bended by the wind. Endless tree branches cracked off the trunks and whirled up to the sky and then disappeared…

The four of them stood there, with their clothes waving in the wind. They looked solemn.

"Let me tell you some good news then. It is called Ascension Trial only in this world. In fact, it is more than just a trial." Ye Xiao said, "In Qing-Yun Realm, they call this Body Refinement, also known as ‘Mortal Separation’!

"Literally, it refines our bodies and makes us capable of living under the suppression from the time and space in Qing-Yun Realm. That means this is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity!

"However, when we get pass it and get improved, we still have to be careful. It is just a beginning, not a skyrocketing rise! Remember."

While he was slowly speaking, the other three were wholeheartedly listening. They wanted to remember every single word from Ye Xiao.

As the clouds got lower, they could almost reach it.

Time flew by.

"Ning Biluo, the people you care for, they are well settled. Don’t worry.

"Zhao Pingtian, keep that space ring I gave you earlier. There are many things that Rou-Er needs in it. Even if you can’t find me, that should be enough for her in a hundred years.

"Liu Changjun! If you want to follow me, you should keep cultivating like a possessed madman!

"Let us meet in Qing-Yun Realm. I hope we won’t disappoint each other when we meet again there!"

When he finished talking, a terrifying light cyan lightning cracked the sky in the dark clouds, striking down to the four of them.

Under the mountain, Ye Nantian was agitated. "Here it is!"

However, he sounded hoarse.

He took a step forward.

- Boom! - That lightning exploded beyond the head of Ye Xiao.

He had digested the massive cold energy from Cosmic Hades, which was activated by the five hundred spiritual jade. Because of that, he had improved greatly. Now, he was the strongest among the four, so the first trial lightning hit at him first.

He didn’t try to get away. He just let it strike him right on his head.

At the moment, Ning Biluo and the other two standing there were all shocked. They saw Ye Xiao’s body turning transparent.

The bones, veins, Jing and Mai were all clearly shown inside his body.

As the lightning struck him, his long hair all stood up. There were electric sparks bouncing among his hair. That was so shocking. However, Ye Xiao looked so calm and steady!

While another lightning thundered up, it brightened the entire land. For a second, it was like daytime.

Two lightnings struck down at the same time, curling together!

They struck on Ye Xiao too.

Ye Xiao stably stood straight up like mountains. His two legs were like two strong swords, sticking on the mountain. He closed his eyes and let his handsome face to be illuminated by the lightnings.

The lightning struck on him again.

This moment, it started to go crazy on him. One after another, the lightnings struck on him…

The ninth was the last!

It was purple. It was so fierce that the firmament seemed being torn apart. The thundering sound was terrifying.

Ye Xiao made a long shout and said, "I am leaving first. Guys, we meet in Qing-Yun Realm!"

The nine lightnings made a mass of bright light at where he stood. It was like suddenly a sun that appeared on top of the mountain!

All others couldn’t look straight at it because of the strong light.

Luckily, it disappeared very soon. However, as the light disappeared, Ye Xiao was gone too.

It all happened within such a short time as if it didn’t really happen at all.

Even the grasses on where Ye Xiao stood was unharmed. However, he was gone.

There seemed to be a shooting star that flew over the sky.

Ye Nantian stared at the Sky. He looked worried and nervous.

"Brother, please, don’t worry. Xiao Xiao is much more cautious than we both. It won’t be tough for him to live in Qing-Yun Realm. Maybe he will become some figure someday." Song Jue tried to comfort Ye Nantian.

Ye Nantian sighed. He didn’t know what to say at all, because he was so worried.

At the moment Ye Xiao left the Land of Han-Yang, he didn’t know what emotion he had in his heart. It felt a bit disconsolate, also reluctant, but what surprised him was that he didn’t really feel bad.

He knew his friends would live well.

He was relieved.

"This is just a tour in my life. Since the day I came down here, I was just having a tour. I always know it," Ye Xiao said to himself.

And then he disappeared in the crowd of lightnings.

"I will never look back, as Han-Yang is just a tour for me; I will ascend to Qing-Yun, to finish what I started in the old days!"