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Chapter 748: Polar Ice River!

Chapter 748: Polar Ice River!
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After Ye Xiao disappeared, the dark clouds became lower, and lightnings struck down together. Ning Biluo and the other two were stricken and covered by the strong light of the lightning. They disappeared too!

On the opposite side of the mountain where Ye Xiao and the other three people were getting through the lightning trial, there was another mountain.

On top of that mountain, someone wearing long white clothes with silk mask on the face was looking to Ye Xiao fascinatedly.

"You… are you leaving now?

"I know you won’t feel nostalgia for the Land of Han-Yang, but I never thought you would leave so soon. It is still long before the tunnel gets blocked, yet you left without any hesitation…"

Wenren Chuchu sighed. "Clever!"

"Xiao Xiao is gone. We should leave." Ye Nantian saw his son disappear on top of the mountain. He felt empty in the heart all of a sudden.

The only reason he stayed in this world was his son. Now that his son had gone to Qing-Yun Realm, Ye Nantian didn’t want to stay here any longer.

Song Jue said, "Good!" He twisted his mouth and said, "I have had enough staying here anyway. I was too weak to leave, otherwise, I should have left long ago."

Ye Nantian laughed. "Typical Song Jue. You never change. Now, is it your home or mine you are going?"

Song Jue stayed silent for a while and said, "I should go back to my home and check everything. If I can’t stay there anymore, I will go to yours. You know me. I truly don’t like your home!"

Ye Nantian tapped on Song Jue’s shoulder and deeply sighed. He didn’t say anything.

He didn’t need to.

As Song Jue said, they knew each other. They didn’t need to talk much!

The two of them flew up and suddenly disappeared on the mountain.

Nobody had ever seen Ye Nantian in the Land of Han-Yang again!

War God of Chen, War God of Han-Yang, the legend in the world, only to be heard but never be seen ever after!

The only thing he left in this world, except the fame, was a letter on the desk in his tent.

It was a letter to the King of the Kingdom of Chen.

‘My attachment to this world has ended, so I must go. Ten years in the Land of Han-Yang, I have fought around the world. There is comradeship in my heart, also blood in my hands… Now the world is in peace. War has ended. The Kingdom of Chen is surrounded by peace in four sides. I can leave now… This letter is too short to express my sorrow of parting. I believe it is better not to meet you, in case the sorrow ties me. Your majesty, take care.’

When the king read the letter, he burst in tears and cried for a long time.

What he had been worrying now had come true. He knew it would happen sooner or later, but still couldn’t endure the grief!

Ye Nantian, Song Jue and Ye Xiao were all gone.

The military force of the Kingdom of Chen was largely weakened.

Luckily, the other kingdoms were unable to manage any war again. Otherwise, if any of them started the attack, the Kingdom of Chen would fall into dust!

"We have Feng Monarch and Ling-Bao Hall… luckily…"

That was the only thing the king felt good about.

Feng Monarch was a mainstay of the Kingdom of Chen…

At least people would have to hesitate when thinking about messing with the Kingdom of Chen.

Ye Nantian was completely tired of battles.

Ye Xiao had just made a one-time contribution. He never really wanted to help the Kingdom of Chen.

He didn’t want the credit at all. He would rather let Lan Langlang and Zuo Wuji to take the credit.

No matter what, Ye Xiao and Ye Nantian didn’t care about whether the Kingdom of Chen could conquer and rule the entire the Land of Han-Yang or not.

It was finally the end of the story in the Land of Han-Yang, and what came next was the Qing-Yun Realm.

Ye Xiao was excited.

[Qing-Yun Realm, oh Qing-Yun Realm.]

[I, Ye Xiao, Xiao Monarch, finally stand here again!]

It felt like as long as a century, but also short like an instant.

Ye Xiao entered a mysterious space after the lightning trial. He felt like floating—his soul was floating. All that he could feel was unreal. The feeling of unreal was covering every piece of his soul.

He felt extremely uncomfortable about that. He was an experienced master in cultivation who was now living a second life, but he had never experienced this. He was just the same like Ning Biluo and the others. He was new on this!

Although he didn’t like that feeling, he knew he had to get through it. There was no danger of it anyway. All he had to do was to endure. He just wanted it to be shorter and shorter!

Luckily, it didn’t last long.

After a while, he felt bright in his sight, and he was no longer in that mysterious space.

There were sky and land again, and he finally felt the solid ground on his feet.

At least, he didn’t feel floating now!

However, even though he knew he had stepped on something solid, it didn’t mean he really was stepping on the land!

As the world appeared in his sight, before he had time to clearly see it, it became blurred!

[What the hell?]

The reason was simple. Since he stopped floating and then stepped on something solid, he unconsciously gathered energy on his feet. Unluckily, what he was stepping on wasn’t really that tough. - Crack! - He fell down all of a sudden…

That was such a surprise. Ye Xiao didn’t prepare for this to happen. He didn’t have time to react. Besides, he was the one who did this to himself. He gathered the energy to the feet and broke what was supporting him, and he didn’t have time to gather any energy to do a next move yet. The great Xiao Monarch fell into somewhere!

The next moment, all he could feel was extreme coldness.

"Holy heavens and hell!" he exclaimed. He used his qi to fly out immediately. When he spoke, his voice was shaking, "Bloody heavens and hell. The first thing happened to me is to fall into the ice river! What an unbelievable bad luck!"

Where he landed was exactly an ice river.

It was about thirty meters wide.

The river was frozen, and the ice was about one meter thick. Ye Xiao unconsciously kicked on the ice when he just landed, otherwise, he wouldn’t break the ice.

Ye Xiao started to operated the qi and energy to dry his clothes as he kept looking around. He wanted to figure out where he was. What he could see was a long ice river between sky and earth, like a long shining piece of silk. He couldn’t see where it came, or where it went.

"Hmm. Is this Polar Ice River?" Ye Xiao recognized it though. This was the famous Polar Ice River in Qing-Yun Realm. He was shocked. [Why would I directly fall on the Polar Ice River?]

[What the hell went wrong?]

While he was in thoughts, he heard people shouting around the place. Somebody was yelling, "There! Go capture! Quick!"