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Chapter 749: Golden-scaled Dragon Fish!

Chapter 749: Golden-scaled Dragon Fish!
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"Over there! Block the way!"

"Do not let it escape!"

"I see it… Damn it! Why didn’t you catch it? It was right in front of you just now!"

"You think I don’t want to catch it? It is just too fast… Here it comes…"

"Focus! Focus! Everybody, be careful…"

Shouts sounded one after another. This place became noisy.

By hearing what those people were shouting, Ye Xiao knew what was happening immediately, as he knew about this place well!

It was the Polar Ice River. What could cause such a chaos was…

Ye Xiao looked down to the water under the ice. As expected, he found something. What he saw was a red shadow under the ice, moving at an extremely fast speed. He saw it moving dozens meters away on the left, but the next moment, it had gone thousands meters away to the right.

What was that thing moving so unbelievably fast?

Well, it was not the only living thing that could move so fast!

- Shoot! - A man moved fast, fleeting over Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao’s hair was blown up in the air because of it. That was top speed.

Almost at the same time, another shadow fleeted over like lightning. Ye Xiao was on his way, so he pushed Ye Xiao and murmured, "Are you a fool? Why stand there like a rock? It just go under your feet. Why didn’t you catch it? What a waste…"

The next moment, more shadows moved over…

Endless people were moving. Ye Xiao didn’t have time to see through everything. Within a short while, he had been pushed over a dozen times.

He was tottering and couldn’t control himself.

Those men looked hurried. They didn’t even look at this man on the ice. All they cared was the thing under the ice.

A red shadow kept moving around, sometimes to the west, while sometimes to the east. That was only one shadow, yet it seemed to make the entire river red because it moved so fast.

"Capture it! Get it!"

A white-haired old man flew over with a sword in his hand. "Do not let it flee… Don’t use your sword you idiot! Watch out…"

"Block it! Block it…" another man shouted.

Ye Xiao was already stunned.

He thought it was a bad luck to fall into the ice river, but in fact, he was in a much worse situation!

"I am done with such stupid luck! Look what I encountered." Ye Xiao sighed. He really felt like to cry out. "Why am I so unlucky?"

He already figured out what was going on.

In the Polar Ice River, there was a mysterious and spiritual creature, the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish.. Polar Ice River was the only habitat of Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. The river was among various ice mountains. It was cold, and water would be frozen on the river. However, the water beneath the surface was running. There, the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish was the reason why the water wasn’t frozen!

A fish thawed the water!

That was Golden-scaled Dragon Fish.

Stories about Golden-scaled Dragon Fish could be traced back to hundreds of thousands years earlier.

As a Golden-scaled Dragon Fish grew older, it moved faster. While it was a baby fish, it didn’t move that fast. That was easy to catch. However, young Golden-scaled Dragon Fish was valueless. Only mature Golden-scaled Dragon Fish had various marvelous efficacies. However, mature Golden-scaled Dragon Fish was almost the fastest animal in the world. It was nearly impossible to catch!

Other than that, mature Golden-scaled Dragon Fish was strong in cultivation, almost as powerful as Dao Origin Stage cultivators. It was even difficult to defeat it in a fair combat, not to mention its unbelievable speed. People should worry about getting themselves killed when they met that fish, before dreaming about catching it.

That was why there were barely anyone who succeeded in catching a Golden-scaled Dragon Fish, even though countless people coveted it!


However, somebody caught it in the history. How did that happen?

Golden-scaled Dragon Fish would enter the third life stage after the infancy and maturation. After living for ten thousand years, it would enter the last period, dragonize stage! As long as it got through the dragonize trial and became a dragon, it would fly up the the sky and move around the world.

However, opportunity came along with danger!

The dragonize stage was the shortest period in its life, also the most important period. There were two phases in this stage. First was reserve phase. In this phase, the fish would try not to move as much as possible, so as to store the inner energy inside itself. At this time, it was like a bomb that would explode at any time. Once it was impacted by any outer force, it might explode!

That was a powerful suicide strike that nobody dared to fight in the entire Qing-Yun Realm. The fish might stop moving, but it was the most dangerous. Nobody could capture it at this time, unless anybody wanted to die!

The latter phase was the last three days in the dragonize stage. The three days was the most important time. The first day, the fish would became smaller and smaller, until it became the size of a hand of a man. The second day, it would gather all energy it could gather and then burst ninety percent of the power to freeze the river.

The dragonize trial would only start when it was in the frozen river. A gate of rainbow would appear. The last day, the fish would break out the ice and enter the rainbow gate. Once it landed on the rainbow, it would become a golden dragon!

The moment when it got pass the rainbow, it would withdraw the energy from the river back to itself to make the river running again. That water would then breed new Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. The golden dragon would leave this world and enter the upper realm.

That was the story.

In another world, when someday the river was fully frozen, it meant a Golden-scaled Dragon Fish was about to dragonize. At that moment, it was its weakest moment in its life.

That was the only chance to catch it.

To catch a Golden-scaled Dragon Fish and eat the inner core of it was a great fortune. It would grow a seed to aid the great power inside the human body. Besides, the energy of the inner core would stay in the body to be digested bit by bit.

At the end, the ten thousand years spiritual qi would be fully absorbed!

That was such a shortcut to the upper realm!

Ten thousand years spiritual power!

Ten thousand years cultivation!