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Chapter 750: Coveted

Chapter 750: Coveted
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Whoever ate the inner core of the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish would get a great boost in cultivation. One year of cultivation would yield ten years worth!

After the beginning period, one year cultivation could bring one hundred years gain compared to others in the same level!

Other than that, there was another great benefit from the inner core. No matter in what level one was, with the inner core, there would be no bottleneck problem during the cultivation process!

To the cultivators in Qing-Yun Realm, that was a lure that nobody could resist.

Nobody could say no to it.

However, if the fish became dragon, then those who had tried to hunt it on the ice river would be killed by it.

It would absorb the spiritual power from them, and nobody would be able to survive.

No matter how strong they were, or how noblest they were.

No exception!

To the golden dragon that had been transformed from a Golden-scaled Dragon Fish, any other living forms were nothing but ants!

Ye Xiao was one of the local people in Qing-Yun Realm. Surely, he wasn’t strange to this story. He remembered it, and he bitterly smiled. He never expected to encounter such a thing right after he returned to this world.

The Golden-scaled Dragon Fish had shown up several times in the history, yet only one was captured. Once it was turned into a dragon, those who had hunted it would die in its stomach.

Sometimes, even the innocent who were about one hundred miles around would die too.

Many of them were Dao Origin Stage cultivators!

It meant too much to successfully capture the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish! Since someone had succeeded once, it certainly could be done again!

Even though people all knew it might cost their lives to make the attempt, there were still lots of them betting on it.

Right now, those men running on the river were definitely a part of it.

However, it was also a lucky thing for Ye Xiao. He just returned to Qing-Yun Realm, and he met a Golden-scaled Dragon Fish in its dragonization stage. He even couldn’t believe it…

Was it good luck or bad luck?

The luckiest thing was that he stood right at the center of the area the fish moved.

Well, he was facing death!

He might get eaten by a fish!

Those who were chasing after the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish were all highly concentrated on the red shadow under the water.

Nobody even paid attention to Ye Xiao. None of them even saw his face…

At the moment, something was moving inside Ye Xiao’s clothes. A small and snow white head showed up.

Erhuo had been sleeping in Ye Xiao’s clothes since the lightning strike trial. Now, it was awake, and its ears flipped and then stood straight up!

Its eyes suddenly lit up. It kept looking at the red shadow moving in the water, stunned.

It was so serious, even its whisker didn’t move a bit.

If Ye Xiao looked at it, he could find a long shiny line of saliva hanging on Erhuo’s mouth…

That was too obvious.

Erhuo was excited!

[What did I just see? That is… Miamiamiamia! … Something good!]


It was thrilled.

Ye Xiao finally felt it. He looked down at it and saw its face. It was staring at the red shadow in the water.

He was enlightened.

As time was passing by, spiritual qi in the world gathered around. The cold qi was getting denser too.

The ice under his feet was turning thicker. If the ice was this thick earlier, he wouldn’t have fallen into the water!

It was apparently the second day of the dragonization stage to the fish.

The next day, the entire river would be frozen and the fish would become a golden dragon.

When it became a dragon, all people around there would die!

Hundreds of people kept running on the river. They were getting nervous.

If they couldn’t catch the fish before the river was frozen, they lost!

Everybody would die!

No exception.

The red shadow was still fleeting everywhere. It didn’t look tired at all. The water was almost fully frozen, yet the fish was still moving fast and smoothly.

It seemed hurried but clear-minded. It moved like a lightning in the water, fast and strong.

The fish apparently didn’t really care about the men on the ice!

It was certain that nobody could catch it.

It might not be as powerful as it had been earlier, but it was still the fastest thing in the world. That was its fastest speed!

Even lightnings couldn’t be faster than it in this moment.

The people on the river would eventually become its food! That was what it believed!

The Golden-scaled Dragon Fish was a spiritual creature bred by sky and earth. No matter how powerful they were, no matter how many people they had, they couldn’t catch it. It could only be captured by luck. The only person who had caught a Golden-scaled Dragon Fish did it by a lucky chance. He fell into the river, just like Ye Xiao. A Golden-scaled Dragon Fish had just burst out ninety percent of its energy to freeze the river and the river was just about to be fully frozen. The man luckily hit the fish and caught it by luck. That was how he became a legend and a myth in this world!

However, it wouldn’t happen twice. The river was about to be fully frozen, and the rainbow gate was about to appear. The fish was nearly there! It was sure nothing could go wrong!

As long as it successfully became a dragon, it could withdraw all the spiritual energy back and also absorb the spiritual qi from those men!

Whoever dared to make the attempt to catch it should prepare to be captured by the dragon!

A man fled over to Ye Xiao. That man seemed to be in a panic. Ye Xiao was pushed one more time and staggered backward a few steps.