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Chapter 751: Thousands Meter Ice; Golden Dragon!

Chapter 751: Thousands Meter Ice; Golden Dragon!
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Ye Xiao didn’t want to stand in those men’s way. Those men were all stronger than Ye Xiao in cultivation. They didn’t dare to recklessly operate their true spiritual qi, in case it would lead to any worse situation, otherwise, they would have slapped Ye Xiao to death, because he stood there stupidly and didn’t even help chasing the fish!

It was lucky for Ye Xiao that they didn’t have time to deal with him at this very moment.

These men wanted to catch the fish at the beginning, but now they did it for survival.

There was a cold light that appeared deep inside Ye Xiao’s eyes.

Most of these men looked familiar to him. Their clothes, their movements, their martial arts…

Some of them wore blue. They must be Saint Sunlight Sect’s people… Some wore in black with pattern of stars on the clothes. They must be people of Saint Starlight Sect…

Those were hundreds of people of the three factions.

Other than that, there were some ladies dressed in long and white clothes. They were dressed just like Wenren Chuchu. They must have come from Misty Cloud Palace. Some others were dressed in white clothes with red ribbons, who were from Virtuous Flower Palace. There were also ladies from Ice Cloud Palace, who were dressed in white clothes with silver stripe… Almost every martial force in Qing-Yun Realm had their people in here.

Surely, there were also some rogue cultivators. Everyone of them was powerful in cultivation!

Ye Xiao glanced over them. He found that the weakest of them was in Dream Origin Stage. The strongest ones were at least Dao Origin Stage, but he wasn’t able to figure out how powerful they really were by just watching.

However, those strongest figures in Qing-Yun Realm were not here.

That was reasonable.

It was such a benefit to catch the fish, but it was too difficult to succeed. The risk was too big. Failure meant death, so even the strongest cultivators in the world didn’t want to risk their lives in here. They were after all mainstays of their own sects. Once they died, their sects would fall with them.

Nobody dared to take the risk.

That was why those real powerful figures would never join such a hunt.

Even though these men were not the strongest in the world, they were strong enough to shock Ye Xiao.

However, these strong cultivators were all desperately fighting for survival at the moment.

Some of them even started to feel despair.

- Crack! -

- Crack, crack! -

The sound came from under the river. It was the water getting frozen.

The sound was like the steps of death, getting closer and closer!

As the cold qi was getting denser, many of the weaker ones were covered by frosts on the hair. The ice was getting more and more solid, and the river was being frozen fast!

The ice was only several meters thick. After just an hour, it became dozens of meters thick. The ice was going down deeper and faster.

The red shadow was still fleeting under the water, not slowing down even a bit. It became faster and faster.

After a while, something happened. It was thundering loudly in the sky!

- Boom! -

In the sky, the air was moving. A mass of colorful cloud was moving over fast from far away.

"No! The colorful cloud has appeared!" An old man with white beard looked worried. "The rainbow gate is showing up! Guys! We have to do something!"

"Our lives are all in danger! Let’s do whatever we can now!" Somebody jumped up and the sword in his hand emitted a long sword light striking down on the ice.

It was the first time somebody made an attack to the ice. Before this, they were all afraid to affect the gathering of the spiritual qi and tried not to be knocked down by the fish. Nobody wanted to interrupt the fish during the dragonization stage, however, they were losing their chance to live. They couldn’t hesitate any longer!

- Crack! -

The ice was cracked. That red shadow was exactly moving towards the crack. The sword strike exactly blocked the way of the fleeting red shadow.

Did the sword strike made a great contribution?

The man who made this strike died because he had used every bit of his spiritual qi. He fell down as the strike was made, however, what he had done was meaningful. It slowed down the fish a little bit after all.

That could change the result!

It brought hope to everybody else.

A great hope!

Countless sword lights kept striking down like rainstorm. Suddenly, the ice on the river was ruined into pieces.

However, even so, the red shadow was still fleeting among the attacks like nothing changed. It didn’t even stop moving.

The attacks of all these powerful cultivators which were made with full efforts, that could destroy the entire river, actually didn’t even touch the fish a bit.

The ice was hit into many pieces, but then started to become whole again after the sound of cracking. The ice river was back to what it looked like.

There were many cracks inside the ice. Those were marks of the attacks. They made the ice look colorful and dazzling.

The ice was actually getting denser after reformed.

Those who were stronger than others among those people tried to attack again, but it was just a waste of power!

After a while, from deep in the water, some strange sound came out. It made people feel sour in the teeth.

The river… was fully frozen!

The surface was over a dozen meters higher than the bank. That was such a wonderful scene!

From the surface to the bottom, from the riverhead to the estuary, the river became a giant long crystal!

Many of those people didn’t give up yet. They kept striking on the ice crazily, but nothing happened. They wouldn’t stop, even if they could just make the rainbow gate to show up later. However, the river was all frozen. They were completely hopeless now. No matter what kind of attack they tried, nothing happened. All they could do was to make a few white and small scallops on the ice.

The ice was even harder than steel now!

Time never waited. The splendid colorful cloud had arrive above the ice river.

At the same time, an invisible force from the sky was getting stronger as it suppressed down on everyone.

The rainbow gate was about to appear in people’s sight.

It was coming.

"We are done for!"