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Chapter 752: Unlucky Dude!

Chapter 752: Unlucky Dude!
Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

They knew they were all going to die. All they did was just stared at the rainbow gate with wide opened eyes.

They knew that once the rainbow gate was fully formed, they would lose their lives.

However, there was nothing they could do, even though the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish was just right under the ice where they were stepping on. They couldn’t even break the ice.

As long as the rainbow gate was settled, the fish would get through the gate fast and become a dragon immediately. They didn’t have the capability to stop it at all!

Everybody knew that the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish was horrible. It was strong enough to kill anybody in Qing-Yun Realm, however, it was a story from ten thousand years earlier. The common thought they had was that even though it was horrible, it was just a fish. They couldn’t imagine how horrible it could be. Since there was a person who captured it, they could do it too!

That was what they had in mind!

However, at this moment, when the fish was about to become a dragon, they deeply felt the horror from it.

They felt despair. [Am I really going to die here today?] They all had the same thought.

The suppression from the sky was getting heavier. Some of them couldn’t even breathe smoothly.

The rainbow gate was gradually showing up and descending.

The people didn’t do anything. They knew it was just wasting time. They were standing there, waiting for the sentence of fate.

Even gods couldn’t save them!

Well, not really... especially if anybody could catch the fish after it rushed out the ice and before it reached the gate!

However, the fish was too fast…

Everyone was certain that nobody in this world could move that fast to catch the fleeting Golden-scaled Dragon Fish!

It was just an idea that could never be done!

Nobody was able to do that!

"We are done for!" An old man, who was dressed in the white clothes of Green Moon Palace, stood beside Ye Xiao, looked up at the rainbow gate, and sighed with a pale face.

There was a pattern of a moon on his chest, nearly appearing to be a full moon. Apparently, he must be in an important position in his sect. He was Dao Origin Stage, so absolutely, he should be part of the first league in Qing-Yun Realm.

At the moment, no matter how powerful he was, he looked gloomy, with pale face and glazed eyes.

Ye Xiao smiled bitterly and said, "You are done… What about me?"

He didn’t want to be pessimistic. Reality was cruel. That bloody fish was too fast. Even Xiao Monarch in his prime days couldn’t catch it. Death was getting closer, yet there was nothing he could do but just smile bitterly!

[Heavens! Why do I have to live in such a bitter life. I have just come back from death. Why do I have to encounter such a deadly situation when I just returned to my homeland!]

[Why is it always so unlucky for me?]

[It can’t be more tragical, can it?]

[Erhuo… Erhuo… Can you…]

Erhuo slightly curled its body in Ye Xiao’s arms. Its two hind legs had stood on Ye Xiao’s chest… Its eyes were widely opening. It was so concentrated, looking forward at the red shadow under the ice.

[Delicious food!]

[Don’t you run away!]

That old man looked at Ye Xiao and found that he was so weak. [He is so damn weak… How dare he come to this place? What a miracle! Such a trash didn’t get frozen to death in here!]

"Where are you from? What sect?" the old man frowned and asked. "You have good talent. You actually survived the coldness in here with your pathetically low cultivation capability. Your masters must be fools. How could they let you be here? That is suicide! Don’t they care about their young generations anymore?"

Ye Xiao bitterly smiled. "Elder, I am from not from any sect here. I don’t have a sect… Well… In fact, I am not even from Qing-Yun Realm. I just came from the lower realm today… And… I landed here unluckily…"

The old man was shocked. "What? You just came up to this world? …"

He checked Ye Xiao’s cultivation status and didn’t feel any trace of Qing-Yun Realm. He suddenly felt better. [Somebody f*cked up even worse than me.]

He didn’t feel that bad thinking about Ye Xiao.

That was human.

When one feels despair in life, to find somebody living even worse would be a relief… Even though the old man knew they were all going to die, he still felt better to know the existence of Ye Xiao.

That was such an indescribable status of mind!

He knew it was wrong to gloat, but he couldn’t resist the relief and comfort from it. That was the dark side hidden in human’s heart.

However, nobody should blame such a thought. Nobody could think better than this old man. They are all human beings after all! Nobody is a saint!

After thinking for a while, the old man laughed. He tapped on Ye Xiao’s shoulder and said, "Well, then you must feel even worse than we do now. It is your first day here yet you have to face such a thing, which wouldn’t happen twice in ten thousand years… We at least have lived in Qing-Yun Realm for many years… Hmmm. You probably don’t know the story of this fish. I don’t have time to tell you everything. I guess you will have to be a man who die with questions…"

Ye Xiao felt ten thousand alpacas running over his heart shouting rough words. He really didn’t think he would give that old man the last chance to gloat.

He was speechless, thinking about how unlucky he was.

He landed in the center of the hunting area and then the rainbow gate was formed…

He couldn’t even flee! He just fell to the head of the death!

[What makes me angry the most is that I f*cking know the story about this place and this bloody fish. I am well aware of it! You people came here to seek death, but I never wanted to come!]