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Chapter 753: Mia!

Chapter 753: Mia!
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People who wore the same white clothes like the old man all gathered over to the old man. They all looked to be in despair. Green Moon Palace was known for their art of beast training. Over half of the hundreds were from Green Moon Palace this time, but now they were going to lose the most in this hunt.

People all unconsciously gathered around together, preparing for the battle of death which was about to come.

They knew that they would eventually lose their lives, but they still wanted to fight till the last second. Nobody wanted to give up before it ended.

The old man shouted, "Everyone, come over! Gather our power and listen to my order. The last fight, it is our last strike and our last sound we will leave in this world. Do not hand your fate to luck! Do your best on this strike!"

"We are not going to catch the fish now. We are going to kill it before the last second comes. It is in the weakest moment. As long as any of us successfully hit it, it dies! All we need is to…" As he spoke, even he didn't believe in what he just said. That was something impossible to do! He knew it!

Everybody near him was showing a face of grief. They knew it was hopeless, but they still shouted in response, "Yes!"

With a flickering light in his eyes, the old man turned to Ye Xiao and said, "Young man, I should have asked more about your background, but today is a special day… We are all going to die together. I guess I should just leave everything else aside."

He paused and then went on, "You… You are such an unlucky man. You are going to die on the first day you come up to this world… Look how fate plays you…"

He sighed.

As the old man said so, over two hundred people around him all looked at Ye Xiao at the same time with strange looks. [This guy just came up here? Why would he land in this place?]

[I can't believe there is such a sad story in the world…]

[His life is even worse than mine…]

[His life is worse than any of ours!]

[Well, to die with somebody even unluckier than us, we should be happier to embrace it! We are not the worst after all.]

Ye Xiao was speechless again!

[Can't you stop mentioning anything about luck again?]

[I am having the bad luck that I have never had before! I am dying for it now! Great! Once the stupid fish becomes a dragon, even if I am as powerful as I used to be back then, a master in Dao Origin Stage, I still cannot defeat it. And look how weak I am now?]

[Is this really my destiny?]

[Isn't it too… tragic?]

At the moment, the rainbow gate suddenly descended faster, like a big mountain falling down from the sky!

The next moment, it stopped right there, dozens of meters high from the surface of the ice river.

Under the suppression, nobody on the ice dared to move a bit!

They couldn't even move their fingers, not to mention the attempt to catch the fish. They all looked so desperate on the face…

The fish was bound to become a dragon. The world had recognized it, and nothing would go wrong.

With a sound, the red shadow escaped from the ice.

They all saw it clearly. It was a small fish with golden scales, the same size as a human hand.

In the sunlight, it shined with splendid glows, like a rainbow, rising from the ice. - Shoot! - It just jumped out fast. It was faster than anybody could imagine. The rainbow gate was about half a hundred meters away, yet it seemed able to reach the gate immediately after rushing out the ice!

It would only take it one second! That was all!

Everybody closed their eyes in despair.

However, at the very moment, a voice sounded, "Erhuo!"

While Ye Xiao spoke, he felt his chest was hit. A stream of great power shot out from his chest.

Erhuo kicked on his chest so hard and rushed out like lightning! A great reverse impact nearly broke Ye Xiao's ribs.

A white shadow shot out in an extreme speed, even faster than lightning!

It was Erhuo!

It burst in energy!

[Heavens and hell! I just saw a delicious fish! How can I let it go away in front of my eyes?]

[Look at that fish. Look at the golden scales… It must be very delicious!]

[I will not let it run away!]



After just a shout, Erhuo had already turned around and come back from the rainbow gate!

It turned out the Golden Scale Dragon Fish wasn't the fastest creature in this world. At least not with Erhuo living in here. Even though Erhuo rushed out later, it caught up with the fish and got it! It got the fish in the mouth!

It was a simple move, and all that mattered was speed. Nothing special. While the fish was about to touch the rainbow gate, Erhuo bit it on the tail and dragged it back!

That was accurate!

Right after Erhuo got the fish in its mouth, it kicked on the rainbow gate to rush back. However, that rainbow gate was not something ordinary. It wouldn't allow any creature to touch it freely.

Even though Erhuo was talented and spiritual, it was still in its infancy stage. Its hind feet were burned by it. The pain drove it crazy as it started to run back to the ground as fast as it could. A white shadow, having the red shadow in it, made a great rainbow of white and red. It moved even faster than earlier.

Erhuo was panicking.

The fish was moving in an extreme speed in Qing-Yun Realm. Erhuo ran to it in an extreme speed and caught it in its mouth. After its feet was burnt, it ran back with a speed even faster than anything in the world. It was the fastest anyway. It was difficult to describe with language!

Erhuo was moving faster than anybody could recognize towards Ye Xiao and hit on him.

Ye Xiao didn't know things would go this way. He sat on the floor and kept his mouth opened. He was shocked. He couldn't believe Erhuo could be that horribly fast.

Before he realized it, he felt something fishy in his mouth.

There seemed to be something in his mouth. He unconsciously bit it…


Erhuo shouted with anger.

It was the Golden Scale Dragon Fish! Ye Xiao just bit off the fish's head!