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Chapter 754: Accidentally!

Chapter 754: Accidentally!
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Although Erhuo had bitten the fish in its mouth, it didn't have time to swallow it before getting burned on the feet by the rainbow gate. It slightly loosened its mouth because of the pain and it gave the fish chance to struggle. However, Erhuo was so fast. The fish couldn't get out of it. When Erhuo hit Ye Xiao, the fish accidentally fell into Ye Xiao's mouth.

Ye Xiao felt it quite fishy at the beginning, but soon it wasn't fishy anymore. It became a stream of warmth, rushing down to his throat, running into the dantian and turning into countless streams of qi. After just a while, the qi disappeared in his bones and muscles.

He only felt indescribable comfort!

The inner core of Golden Scale Dragon Fish was exactly in the head. Ye Xiao actually swallowed the entire fish head.

Erhuo was stunned. It tried so hard to get the fish back, yet half of it was eaten by Ye Xiao. It kept whining in anger and regret. [Why would I be so careless! I should have bitten it tight. How could it get into Master's mouth? Fine. If he didn't bite it, it might have fled away. My feet got hurt. I might not be able to catch it again anyway. At least I can have the other half…]

As it thought so, it didn't want the rest of the fish to be snatched by Ye Xiao, so it opened its mouth and swallow the fish immediately. Its eyes were lit up all of a sudden.

"Meow~" It looked completely satisfied, no longer angry.

[He just ate the head and it is not the most delicious part… The best part is the pure essence in the fish's body, now in my stomach…] Erhuo felt satisfied about it, as if it had taken the advantage.

In fact, the inner core was the most valuable part for human. The pure essence was also something great, but Ye Xiao wouldn't be able to digest it…

The pure essence was actually the most useful part for a spiritual creature like Erhuo!

That made the best use of both things. No matter how valuable something was, it should always be used in the proper way.

After everything that accidentally happened, Ye Xiao and his cat both got what they need. What a happy ending.

They both got the best they could!

It was truly… unexpected!

Suddenly, the rainbow gate exploded and broke into a mass of colorful clouds filling the sky. After a while, it disappeared with nothing left.

Ye Xiao felt a bit pricking all of a sudden.

He looked around and found the others all staring at him with greediness in the eyes. Greediness aside, there were also anger, surprise, confusion… All in all, these people showed all kinds of emotions, except happiness.

They all stared at Ye Xiao.

They were free from death now, in a way that none of them could believe.

They worked so hard yet got nothing.

It was never a simple operation to hunt the Golden Scale Dragon Fish. People would have to risk their lives for it, and all those sects had been sending their men to check on this area for thousands of years… It cost a lot…

Every one hundred years, they made a substitution for the former group. Some of the people particularly worked around the river as a long time scout!

All they had done was for the fish in the myth.

All that supported them was the tiny possibility to catch the Golden Scale Dragon Fish.

Now it finally showed up, yet it ended up in the mouth of somebody new in the world! He just swallowed it!

No matter what, he saved everybody though.

If he didn't get the fish, everybody died.

Now what should they do?

No matter what they wanted to do, they gathered around Ye Xiao, staring at him, with complex emotions in the eyes. Nobody talked.

Those from Cold Moon Palace had been around Ye Xiao for some time. Now, they were also staring at him with strange looks.

The old man with white beard showed complex expressions in the eyes at the beginning, but then it changed into a friendly expression. "Young man, you have just come to this world. I am sure you will need somewhere to live. You and I, we are destined to meet each other. Why don't you join Cold Moon Palace?"

The others were all shocked. The old man continued with a warm smile, "I am old. I have wasted a lot of my life. I don't think I can ever achieve any greater. However, I am still one of the ten grand disciples in Cold Moon Palace. I can make a good recommendation of you to the elders in our sect. It should be enough to give you a bright future. I am quite certain."

He kept talking to Ye Xiao, "No matter how talented you are, you have to find yourself a shelter in Qing-Yun Realm, which can protect you from harm. You must find a safe place before any effort to improve yourself… I am not trying to scare you. Today, you have eaten the Golden Scale Dragon Fish. You will definitely become target of all martial forces in Qing-Yun Realm… Please, think about it. Do not put yourself in danger."

The others all understood what this old man wanted.

The fish was eaten by Ye Xiao.

No matter how angry they were, there was nothing they could do to change the fact!

The inner core got into Ye Xiao's mouth and became part of his energy in the body immediately. Even if they swallow Ye Xiao alive, they could never get anything from it anymore…

The inner core of the fish could only be absorbed once.

The energy could either be absorbed by the dragon or the person who swallowed it. They had no second chance.

In Ye Xiao's Jing and Mai, there was full of the energy from Golden Scale Dragon Fish. Even if they ate Ye Xiao alive… it was just a little bit better than meat.

The energy was bonded to the soul. Once he died, the energy would return to the nature.

That meant there was nothing they could do to get the power from Ye Xiao.

However, if Ye Xiao went to their sect, they would have a powerful associate in the martial world, a superstar who had an unlimited potential!

No matter in which sect, as long as Ye Xiao kept cultivating, he would become at least the great guardian of the sect eventually!

If he could do even better than that, he would become the real dominator…

Thinking about that, everybody's eyes were filled with fever.